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Westers, Harry. / [1974] Atlantic salmon rearing in Michigan: brood stock rearing / Harry Westers, James Copeland.
Westers, Harry. / [1973] Atlantic salmon rearing in Michigan: Harry Westers, James Copeland.
Hazzard, A. S. / [1945] An attempt to establish the Medora whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis medorae) by transfer of adults from Lake Medora to Lake Fanny Hooe and Manganese Lake, all in Keweenaw County. (Fisheries research report: 994)
Brown, C. J. D., and R. C. Ball. / [1939] An attempt to take lake trout from Birch Lake, Cass County. (Fisheries research report: 547)
Beyerle, G. B., and J. E. Williams. / [1966] Attempted control of bluegill reproduction in lakes by the application of copper sulphate crystals to spawning nests. (Fisheries research report: 1711)
Trautman, M. B. / [1935] The attempted introduction of Pacific salmon in Lake Erie waters. (Fisheries research report: 298)
Hnath, John G. / [1988] Attempts to detect enteric redmouth (ERM) in chinook salmon fingerlings: John G. Hnath, Julia Zischke, and Mark Du Charme.
Washburn, G. N. / [1943] Attempts to secure marked rainbow trout from the Rifle River. (Fisheries research report: 917)
Fenske, J. L. / [1983] Attitudes and attributes of anglers who fish for trout in Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 1916)
Carl, L. M. / [1977] Attitudes and behavior of anglers fishing for salmon on Michigan streams. (Fisheries research report: 1848)