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Peck, J. W., and R. G. Schorfhaar. / [1991] Assessment and management of lake trout stocks in Michigan waters of Lake Superior, 1970-87 (Fisheries research report: 1956)
Nuhfer, A. J. / [1989] An assessment of River Rouge quality using the index biotic integrity. (Fisheries research report: 1962)
Lorantas, R. M. / [1983] Assessment of the channel catfish fishery in Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron. (Fisheries research report: 1908)
Thomas, Michael V. / [1995] An assessment of the Clinton River Walleye population: Michael V. Thomas.
Leonardi, Joseph M. / [2000] An assessment of the Huron River walleye population: Joseph M. Leonardi and Michael V. Thomas.
Fielder, D. G. / [1987] An assessment of the introduction of summer steelhead into Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 1948)
Haas, Robert C. / [2003] An assessment of the potential use of Gambusia for mosquito control in Michigan: Robert C. Haas, Michael V. Thomas, and Gary L. Towns.