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Title: The Agreement of the associated ministers in the county of Norfolk and city and county of Norwich concerning publick catechizing, and their resolutions to revive it in their severall congregations together with some explanatory discourses annexed, declaring the particular grounds, moving to the agreement expressed in the severall articles : to which is also subjoyned, an exhortation to the members of their respective congregations, exciting them to a submission and mutuall assistance of their ministers in this method of instruction.
Publication info: London : Printed for Joseph Crawford, and are to be sold at his shop ..., 1659.
subject: [Catechetics]
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Title: Two briefe treatises The one containing matter of perswasion and expostulation concerning catechisme with certaine positions of like consideration. The other, touching peace betweene the minister and his people: as likewise the lawfulnesse, and dutie of the ministers presenting (if need require) outward disobedience vnto his ministerie.
Author: C. P., fl. 1616.
Publication info: London : Printed by W. Stansby for William Butler, and are to be sold at his shop in S. Dunstanes Church-yard in Fleetstreet, 1616.
subject: [Catechetics -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: Catechizing Gods ordinance: or A short treatise concerning that [brace] ancient approved soul-edifying singularly necessary [brace] exercise of catechizing. Delivered in sundry sermons at Botolphs Aldgate, London.
Author: Crofton, Zachary, 1625 or 6-1672.
Publication info: London, : Printed by E. Cotes for Tho. Parkhurst, at the Three Crowns over against the great conduit at the lower end of Cheapside, 1656.
subjects: [Sermons, English -- 17th century] [Catechetics -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: Some helpes for young schollers in Christianity as they are in vse & taught; partly, at the examination before the communion: and partly, in the ordinarie catechisme euery Sabboth day, in the new kirk of Salt-Preston..
Author: Davidson, John, ca. 1549-1603.
Publication info: Edinburgh : Printed by Robert VValdegraue, Printer to the Kings Maiesty., 1602..
subjects: [Church of Scotland -- Prayer-books and devotions -- English -- Early works to 1800] [Catechisms, English -- Early works to 1800] [Catechetics -- Church of Scotland -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: A sermon of catechizing thought fit for affinity of subject to be annexed to this treatise of the (Practicall use of infant-baptisme)
Author: Ford, Simon, 1619?-1699.
Publication info: London : Printed for John Rothwel ..., 1655.
subject: [Catechetics (Canon law) -- Sermons]
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Title: The necessitie and antiquitie of catechizing. By IF.
Author: I. F., fl. 1617.
Publication info: London : Imprinted [by B. Alsop] for R. M[eighen], 1617.
subject: [Catechetics -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: An exhortation to catechizing:: the long neglect whereof is sadly lamented. And the speedy reviving as earnestly desired.
Author: London (England). Provincial Assembly.
Publication info: London : Printed by T.R. and E.M. for Samuel Gellibrand at the signe of the Ball in Pauls Church-yard, 1655.
subjects: [Catechisms, English] [Catechetics]
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Title: Saving faith set forth in three dialogues: or Conferences: 1 2 3 between Christ and a publican. Pharisee. Doubting beleever. Whereunto is added tvvo sermons one of them preached before the Parliament the other before the Lord Mayor of the City of London. By Vavasor Powell, minister of the Gospell.
Author:  Powell, Vavasor, 1617-1670.
Publication info: London : Printed by Robert Ibbitson for Livewell Chapman, at the Crown in Popes-head Alley, 1651.
subjects: [Faith] [Christian life] [Catechetics] [Catechisms, English]
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Title: Milke for children, or, A plain and easie method teaching to read and write together with briefe instructions for all sorts of people ... : as also an appendix of prayer
Author: Thomas, Lambrocke.
Publication info: London : Printed for N. Brooks, 1654.
subjects: [Catechetics -- Church of England] [Catechisms, English] [Reading (Elementary) -- Early works to 1800]
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