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Title: Pronosticacyon of maistre Ioh[a]n Thibaulte astrologyer to the emperoures Maieste, and to my Lady. [et]c. The yere of our lord god. M. CCCCC. xxx. calculed vpon thorizont of the towne of Antwerpe, co[n]teynynge the foure parties of the yere, and the influences of the newe mones, with theyr quartres, firste and last, and of peas, of w[arre], [and] of syckenesses of this yere, [and] of dy[uer]s countres, and the reuolucion of the kynges, and prynces, and the influence of .ii. eclipses of this present yere. [et] cetera.
Author: Thibaut, Jean, d. ca. 1545.
Publication info: [London : R. Wyer?], [1530]
subjects: [Almanacs, English -- Early works to 1800] [Astrologer -- Early works to 1800]
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