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Title: The apprentices of Londons petition presented to the Honourable Court of Parliament. Humbly shewing unto them the manifold abuses of their apprentiship, how the Frenchmen, Dutch, and Walloones, doe deprive them of their ancient customes, and former liberties in their trade. Describing also the bloody proceedings of the papists in Ireland, and to vindicate their masters losses by the Protestants there persecuted. Likewise in devoting the prelates, and lordly bishops, which insult too much over the whole clergie, as the whole kingdome besides. As also speaking of the Jesuites, that were condemned. Subscribed, and presented with the names of above 30000. apprentices.
Publication Info: London : Printed for John Greensmith, 1641.
subjects: [Apprentices -- England -- London -- Early works to 1800] [Ireland -- History -- Rebellion of 1641 -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: A briefe and true relation of the great disorders and riot attempted and committed upon the house of Thomas Hubbert Esquire, (one of His Maiesties justices of the peace for the county of Middlesex) in Moore-fields on the 21. day of March last, (being the Lords day.) And of the chiefe passages and occurrences concerning the same, set forth and published by the said justice, for the better satisfying of misinformed people. And vindicating the city apprentices from the scandalous aspersion cast upon them, of being either the first promoters of it, or chiefe actors in it.
Publication Info: London : Printed by I.C. and are to be sold by Henry Overton, at his shop in Popeshead-Alley., [1647]
subjects: [Hubbert, Thomas -- Early works to 1800] [Riots -- England -- Early works to 1800] [Apprentices -- England -- London -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: Commune concilium tentum die veneris primo die Iunij, anno Regni Regis Henrici octaui, &c. decimo octauo in præsentia Iohannis Allen Maioris, Gulielmi Butler militis, Iohannis Milborne militis, ... At this common councell, it is agreed, granted, ordained, and enacted, that if hereafter any free-man or freewoman of this citie, take any apprentice, ...
Author: City of London (England). Court of Common Council.
Publication Info: [London] : Printed by VVilliam Iaggard, printer to the Honourable Citie of London, 1617.
subjects: [Apprentices -- England -- London -- Law and legislation -- Early works to 1800] [London (England) -- History -- 17th century -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: An additionall ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament:: concerning dayes of recreation, allowed unto schollers, apprentices and other servants. Die Lunæ 28 Junii. 1647. Ordered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, that this ordinance be forthwith printed and published. Jo. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.
Author: England and Wales.
Publication Info: London : printed for John Wright at the Kings Head in the old Bayley, 1647.
subjects: [Recreation -- Law and legislation -- England] [Hours of labor -- England] [Apprentices -- England]
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Title: By the Queene. Where the Queenes most excellent Maiestie, being giuen to vnderstand of a very great outrage lately committed by some apprentices, and others being masterlesse men, and vagrant persons, in and about the suburbs of the citie of London, ...
Author: England and Wales. Sovereign (1558-1603 : Elizabeth I)
Publication Info: Imprinted at London : By the deputies of Christopher Barker, printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie [i.e. B. Norton and J. Bill, ca. 1618] 1590.
subjects: [Rogues and vagabonds -- England -- Early works to 1800] [Apprentices -- England -- Early works to 1800] [England -- Proclamations -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: A Friendly dialogue between two London-apprentices, the one a Whigg, and the other a Tory concerning the late address to my lord mayor, to which is added a letter that was sent (by an unknown hand) to the principal managers of it.
Publication Info: London : Printed for Richard Janeway ..., 1681.
subjects: [Apprentices -- England] [Great Britain -- History -- Charles II, 1660-1685] [Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 1660-1688] [London (England) -- History -- 17th century]
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Title: A vindication of the loyal London-apprentices against the false and scandalous aspersions of Richard Janeway in his lying mercury published June 14.
Author: J. M., London apprentice.
Publication Info: [London : s.n., 1681]
subjects: [Apprentices -- England -- London] [Broadsides -- England -- London -- 17th century]
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Title: Londons glory or, The histor[y] of the famous and valiant London-prentice: being an account of his parentage, birth and breeding together wi[th] many brave and heroick exploits perform'd by him throughout the course of his life; for the honour of London, and the whole ... nation.
Author:  J. S. (John Shirley), fl. 1680-1702.
Publication Info: [London : printed by W.O., sold by E. Tracy, 1700?]
subjects: [Apprentices -- England] [Character sketches]
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Title: A declaration of William Lenthall, Esquire; Speaker of the Honorable House of Commons.: Shewing the grounds and reasons which moved him to absent himselfe from attending the service of the House on Fryday the 30th of July, 1647.
Author:  Lenthall, William, 1591-1662.
Publication Info: London : Printed by M.S. for George Whittington, 1647.
subjects: [Apprentices -- England] [Great Britain -- Politics and government] [Lenthall, William, -- 1591-1662] [England and Wales. -- Parliament. -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: The apprentices vvarning-piece.: Being a confession of Peter Moore, formerly servant to Mr. Bidgood, apothecary in Exeter, executed there the last assises for poysoning his said master. Wherein is observed such lamentable expressions proceeding from him, as may produce a trembling to all who reade or heare thereof, and be a warning to such leud servants who walk the same steps, lest they receive the same punishment.
Author:  Moore, Peter, d. 1641.
Publication Info: London : Printed, and are to be sold by Henry Walker, 1641.
subjects: [Apprentices -- England] [Murder -- England] [Last words] [Moore, Peter, -- d. 1641]
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Title: An outcry of the youngmen and apprentices of London: or, An inquisition after the lost fundamentall lawes and liberties of England.: Directed (August 29. 1649.) in an epistle to the private souldiery of the Army, especially all those that signed the solemne ingagement at Newmarket-Heath, the fifth of Iune, 1647. But more especially to the private souldiers of the Generalls Regiment of Horse, that helped to plunder and destroy the honest and true-hearted English-men, trayterously defeated at Burford the 15. of May, 1649. Signed by Charles Collins, Anthony Bristlebolt, William Trabret, Stephen Smith, Edward Waldgrave, Thomas Frisby, Edward Stanley, VVilliam VVhite, Nicholas Blowd, John Floyd in the nameand [sic] behalf of themselves, and the young-men and apprentices of the City of London. Who are cordiall approvers of the paper, called, The agreement of the free people, dated May 1. 1649. and the defeated Burford-mens late vindication, dated the 20. of August, 1649.
Publication Info: [London : s.n., 1649]
subjects: [Levellers] [Apprentices -- England] [Great Britain -- History] [Burford (Oxfordshire, England) -- History]
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Title: The oath to be ministred by the Master and Warden of the Apotheca[ri]es unto every apprentice of the said Company.
Author: Society of Apothecaries, London.
Publication Info: [London : s.n., 1670?]
subjects: [Apprentices -- England -- London -- Early works to 1800] [Pharmacists -- England -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: Relief of apprentices wronged by their masters how by our law it may effectually be given and obtain'd, without any special new act of Parliament for that purpose.
Author: Socrates Christianus, d. 1706.
Publication Info: London : Printed by H. Clark..., 1687.
subject: [Apprentices -- England -- London]
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Title: A letter to the loyal apprentices in and about London and Westminster,: for their making of a noble, extraordinary, rejoycing prossession, on Monday the eleventh of April, 1698 : being His Majesties coronation day, in congratulation of His Majestys safe return home; : and for the honourable, firm, and lasting peace.
Author:  Stampe, Anthony.
Publication Info: London : Printed for E. Whitlock, near Stationers-Hall, 1697.
subjects: [Apprentices -- England] [Parades -- England] [Broadsides -- 17th century. -- London (England)] [William -- King of England, -- 1650-1702]
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Title: The honour of London apprentices: exemplified, in a briefe historicall narration; containing many heroicall actions done by (some in particular, the rest in generall) prentices of the most renowned, and (in that regard) truly honourable City of London, both at home and abroad. In long, fore-past, present, and moderne times.
Author: A well-Wisher to What Himselfe Once Was.
Publication Info: London, : Printed by B.A., 1647.
subject: [Apprentices -- England -- London -- Poetry -- Early works to 1800]
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