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Ramsey, John, Minister of East Rudham. / [1661] Zimri's peace: or, The traytor's doom & downfall.: Being the substance of two sermons preached at Apethorp in the county of Northampton. By John Ramsey Master of Arts, and minister of East-Rudham in the connty [sic] of Norfolk.
La Roche-Guilhen, Mlle de (Anne), 1644-1707. / [1692] Zingis a Tartarian history / written in Spanish ; and translated into English by J.M. ...
Horton, Thomas, d. 1673. / [M.DC.LVI. 1656] Zion's birth-register: unfolded in a sermon to the native-citizens of London. In their solemn assembly at Pauls on Thursday the VIII. of May, A.D. M.DC.LVI. / By Thomas Horton D.D.
Humble seeker of truth and peace. / [1653] Zion's sad tears, for Nineveh's just fears. Or, Hours of mourning, for yeers of sinning; Being some few directed observations of divine mercy, & sinful returns: with an humble offering towards regulation of land and maritime affairs. By a humble seeker of truth and peace.
Sedgwick, William, 1609 or 10-1669? / [1642] Zions deliverance and her friends duty: or The grounds of expecting, and meanes of procuring Jerusalems restauration.: In a sermon preached at a publicke fast, before the Honourable House of Commons. By William Sedgvvicke, minister of Farnham in Essex.
Calver, Edward, fl. 1649. / [1649] Zions thankfull ecchoes from the clifts of Ireland. Or the little Church of Christ in Ireland, warbling out her humble and gratefull addresses to her elder sister in England: and in particular, to the Parliament, to his Excellency, and to his army, or that part assigned to her assistance, now in her low, yet hopefull condition.