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Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. / [1654] The vvalls of Ierico razed down to the ground. Or, An answer to a lying book, called the Quaking principles dashed in peices [sic]: wherein one called Henoch Howett, which goes under the name of an Anabahtist [sic], doth falsely accuse, and maliciously belye us; his seven principles which he calls ours, I shall lay down, and what we own is vindicated, and what he hath belyed the truth in, is turned upon his own head. / By one who is zealous for the name of the Lord of Hostes, called Edward Burrough.
[1672] The vvandering virgin: or, The coy lass well fitted. Virgins whoae coyness & disdain does prove the fatal ruine of cemented love, learn, and beware, lest you like me cry out I'le find my love, or search the world about to the tune of, Cloris awake, or The loving chambermaid.
Lipsius, Justus, 1547-1606. / [1672] VVar and peace reconciled, or, A discourse of constancy in inconstant times containing matter of direction and consolation against publick calamities / written originally in a foreign language and translated for the benefit of the gentrie of this nation.
Taylor, Christopher, ca. 1615-1686. / [1655] A vvarning from the Lord to this nation.:
Harwood, John. / [1655] A vvarning from the Lord, to the town of Cambridge.:
One that feares God, and honors his King. / [Printed in the yeere. 1649] A vvarning-peece to the Commons, Commissioners, Army ge, nerall [sic], which now sit as judges on His Majesties sacred person, in the behalfe of the whole kingdome. Written by one that feares God, and honors his King, and prayeth for the peace of England.
Traheron, Bartholomew, 1510?-1558? / [Imprinted Anno. D. 1558] A vvarning to England to repente and to tvrne to god from idolatrie and poperie by the terrible exemple of Calece, giuen the 7. of March. Anno. D. 1558. By Benthalmai Outis.
Russel, Robert, fl. 1692. / [1695?] A vvarning to England: or, The nations looking-glass. Wherein they may plainly see what are those good things, that are with-held by the sins of the nations. Also, vvhat are those national sins, which withold good things from us. Some of these have been lately endeavoured to be surprest by act of Parliament. To which is added, An earnest exhortation, to break off our sins by a timely repentance, least the Lord break forth in wrath against us. By Robert Russel, in Sussex, author of the Book of the unpardonable sin against the Holy Ghost. Licensed according to order.
Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [M.DC.XXV. 1625] A vvarning to the dragon and all his angels
Harwood, John. / [1662] A vvarning to the rulers in Surrey, &c.: with a true relation of some of the passages at Kingston sessions, set forth for the prevention of false reports.
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1655] A vvarning to the world that are groping in the dark, after sects, opinions, and notions, which are all with the Light condemned; and by the children of Light declared against. By G: Fox.
One that feares God, and honors his King. / [Printed in the yeere. 1649] A vvarning-peece to the Commons, Commissioners, Army ge, nerall [sic], which now sit as judges on His Majesties sacred person, in the behalfe of the whole kingdome. Written by one that feares God, and honors his King, and prayeth for the peace of England:
Scortreth, George, b. 1612 or 13. / [1657] A vvarning-piece for the slumbring virgins. Or, An alarm to the friends of the bridegroom,: in some awakening meditations upon Christ's own watch-word, Matth. 26.41. Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation, &c. / By Geo: Scortreth, preacher of the Gospel in Lincoln.
Pickering, Robert, 17th cent. / [1641. i.e. 1642] VVarranted tydings from Jreland.: Written by Master Robert Pickering, secretary unto the Right Worshipfull, Sir Simon Harcourt, Sergeant-Major of all the horse troops there arrived. From Corke, January 16, 1461 [sic].
Warwick, William. / [1648] VVarwickshire petition to the Parliament delivered Aug. 17. 1648. With the answer.:
[1677] A vvatch for a wise mans observation.
[printed in the year 1659] VVater upon the flame:: by XX. queries propounded in the spirit of love and meeknesse, to the serious consideration of all Gods people; principally to the fifth monarch men, commonly so called. / By one that loveth the truth, and all good men; and one that neither hath, nor ever had, nor never intendeth to have the least place of profit, or worldly advantage by any change of government whatsoever.
Batt, Timothy, 1613-1692. / [1648] The vvaters of Marah sweetned. A thanks-giving sermon. Preached at Taunton, in the county of Somerset, May 11. 1647. for the gracious deliverance of that poore towne from the strait and bloody siege. / By T.B. Master of Arts, and a minister of the gospel in that county.
Sydenham, Humphrey, 1591-1650? / [an. Dom. 1630] VVaters of Marah, and Meribah: or, the source of bitternes, and strife, sweetned and allayed: by way of aduice, refutation, censure, against the pseudo-zelots of our age: by Humphrey Sydenham, master of arts, late fellow of Wadham Colledge in Oxford.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1645] The vvay of the churches of Christ in New-England, or, The vvay of churches walking in brotherly equalitie, or co-ordination, without subjection of one church to another measured and examined bythe golden reed of the sanctuary, containing a full declaration of the church-way in all particulars / by Mr. J. Cotton ...
Culverwell, Ezekiel, 1553 or 4-1631. / [1623] The vvay to a blessed estate in this life. By Ezekel Culuervvel.
Spencer, Benjamin, b. 1595? / [1659] The vvay to everlasting happinesse: or, the substance of christian religion methodically and plainly handled in a familiar discourse dialogue-wise: wherein, the doctrine of the Church of England is vindicated; the ignorant instructed, and the faithfull directed in their travels to heaven. By Benjamin Spencer, preacher of the word of God at Bromley neer Bow in Middlesex.
Purnell, Robert, d. 1666. / [1653] The vvay to heaven discovered: and, the stumbling-blocks (cast therein by the world, flesh, and devill) removed. Or, The ready way to true happines:: leading to the gate of full assurance. With a word of reproof to the scattered, discontented Members of the late Parliament. And a word of advise to the present supreme authority of England. / By Robert Purnell.
Phillips, Nicholas. / [1681] The vvay to heaven most clearly discovered and the manner how to walk in this way exactly described. With a brief vindication of the Church of England against all her enemies. By Nicholas Philips, late chaplain to his Majesty's garrison in the Isles of Silly.
Waker, Nathaniel. / [1655] The vvay to life and death.: Laid down in a sermon, 1629. before the Lord Major of London then being. / By N. Waker M.A. late minister of Jesus Christ at Lawndon in Buckinghamshire. Now published for the reasonableness of the advice therein given, touching the five controverted points, viz. predestination, general redemption, freewill, conversion, and perseverance of the siants. Directing a safe way for the practice of private Christians, as confessed by the disputants on both sides.
Whittle, Robert, d. 1638. / [1620] The vvay to the celestiall paradise Declaring how a sinner may be saued, and come to life euerlasting. Contained in three bookes.The first second third sheweth that a sinner may be saued, & come to life euerlasting. By faith, apprehending Christ for his iustification, & applying to himselfe the promises of the Gospell made in Iesus Christ. Repentance, hauing his sins washed away in the bloud of the lambe Iesus Christ. Prayer, calling vpon God in the name of Iesus Christ. By Robert Whittell, minister of the Gospell.
Strong, William, d. 1654. / [1647] The vvay to the highest honour.: Presented in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable House of Peeres, in the Abbey Church at Westminster, at their late solemne monthly fast. Feb. 24. 1646. / By William Strong, one of the Assembly of Divines. Published by order of the House of Peeres.
White, John, 1575-1648. / [1647] A vvay to the tree of life discovered in sundry directions for the profitable reading of the Scriptvres : wherein is described occasionally the nature of a spirituall man, and, in A digression, the morality and perpetuity of the Fourth Commandment in every circumstance thereof, is discovered and cleared / by Iohn White ...
Reeve, Edmund, d. 1660. / [1648] A vvay unto true Christian unitie the worship of God in spirit and in truth : together vvith many spirituall benefits therein received now in this life and everlastingly ...
Sennerts, Daniel, 1572-1637. / [1637] The vveapon-salves maladie: or, A declaration of its insufficiencie to performe what is attributed to it. Wherein also is described, 1. The severall wayes of making the weapon-salve. 2. The manner of vsing it. 3. Reasons of confirmation to justifie it. 4. Arguments of confutation to overthrow it. By the learned and judicious physitian Daniell Sennertus, Doctor and publique professor at Wittenberg. Translated out of his 5th. booke, part. 4. chap. 10. Practicæ medicinæ.
Abbot, Robert, 1560-1618. / [1608] A vvedding sermon preached at Bentley in Darby-shire vpon Michaelmasse day last past anno Domini. 1607. Wherein is set forth the bond and preseruation. ... By R. Abbot ...
Crompton, William, 1599?-1642. / [1632] A vvedding-ring, fitted to the finger of euery paire that haue or shall meete in the feare of God: or, That diuine circle of heauenly loue, wherein man and wife should walke all their dayes The posie whereof is an expression of a good husbands kindnesse toward his vertuous wife, with her retaliacion of like affection.
Sheppard, S. (Samuel) / [1652] The vveepers: or, the bed of snakes broken.: Wit vitiated, and made a pander to wickednesse; instanced in a pack of knaves (calling themselves servants to the late King) worthy the anger of the present age; and the wonder and indignation of all posterity. Six cupping-glasses, clapt to the cloven feet of the six dæmons, who govern the times by turns from Munday to Saturday annually. / By S.S.
[1643] The VVelch embassadour, or the happy newes his vvorship hath brought to London.: Together with her thirteene articles of acreements, which her propounds to all her cousens in her countiies [sic] and her cities to consider of.
Morgan, Shon ap. / [1642] The VVelch-mans warning-piece.: As it was delivered in a sermon in Shropshire at the assembly when the resolution was agreed upon. And now pnblished [sic] for the cood of all her countrymen in these parts. By Shon ap Morgan. In the anti-prelatian yeer. 1642. Wherein her gives Kot thanks, that her was no beshit.
[1577] The vvell of wisedome, conteining chiefe and chosen sayinges vvhiche may leade all men to perfect and true vvisedome, as vvell to Godvvard as to the vvorlde Gathered out of the five bookes of the olde testament, especially belonging to vvisedome, that is to say, the prouerbes of Salomon, Ecclesiastes, Canticum, Sapientia and Ecclesiasticus, and bestowed in usuall common places in order of A. B. C. By T. C.
Morgan, Shinkin ap. / [1649] The VVelsh doctor: or, The VVelsh-man turned physitian, being a new way to cure all diseases in these distracted times of ours,: viz. 1. You shall see by this book that her have skill in all the 12. signs, and knowledge of all the humors, and likewise of her sences in folks podies [sic]. ... 8. Her will do more admirable cures then her cozens in the Colledge of Physitians can do by her Galen and her Hypocrates; ... / By Shinkin ap Morgan, Professor of te [sic] medicall arts and sciences.
Morgan, Shinkin ap. / [Printed for the good of her countrey-men, this present year, 1647] The VVelsh physitian,: her new way to cure all kind of disease in her churches and common-wealths. 1. Her undertakes to cure perfectly all diseases in her she-cousens. 2. Her will undertake to make all omens that are barrons be as pig as her can tumble in two or three nights. 3. Her professes to restore her cosens maiden-heads, and virginities in a small space, and with much facilities. ... /
[Printed in the yeare. When her did her enemy jeere, 1642 i.e. 1643] The VVelsh-mans postures, or, The true manner how her doe exercise her company of souldiers in her own countrey in a warlike manners with some other new-found experiments,: and pretty extravagants fitting for all Christian podies to caknow.
[Printed in the yeare, of his cosen Taffies carier, 1646] The VVelsh-mans propositions to the Arch-Bishop of Yorke,: commander in chiefe before Conovvay Castle in VVales. With their new lawes, and orders of warre propounded by them, and a motion for peace.
[1584] The vvelspring of wittie conceites containing, a methode, asvvell to speake, as to endight (aptly and eloquently of sundrie matters: as (also) see great varietie of pithy sentences, vertuous sayings, and right morall instructions ... Out of Italian, by W. Phist. student.
Taylor, John, 1580-1653. / [22. Sept. 1647] VVestminster Fayre, newly proclaimed.: My muse thus venters [sic] to open her ware, and bids you welcome to Westminster Fayre. Wherein, votes, orders, ordinances, this September, are to be sold, with many a rotten Member, a Parliament man; I need say no more: a close committee-man that loves a w- a sequestrator; sure the Devill's not worse then an excise-man, far a greater curse: only a pursuivant, to make hell full, the country poore, the city a meere gull. T'is but a penny, in: too small a fee, to sell you spectacles, these strange sights t'see.
Kinde Kit of Kingstone. / [1620] VVestward for smelts. Or, the vvater-mans fare of mad-merry vvestern wenches whose tongues albeit like bell-clappers, they neuer leaue ringing, yet their tales are svveet, and will much content you. VVriten by Kinde Kit of Kingstone.
[Printed in the yeare 1660] VVhat if the King should come to the city? More questions concerning new matters of weight, being some of those humors which many conceit, being lately composed in a pleasant new ditty, what if the King should come to the city.
A. J. B. / [Printed, 1642] VVhat kinde of Parliament vvill please the King; and hovv vvell he is affected to this present Parliament· Gathered out of his owne papers, by A.J.B.
City of London (England). / [1655] VVhereas at the open generall quarter sessions of the publick peace holden for the city of London, at the Guildhall of the same city on Munday the three and twentieth day of Aprill, in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred fifty and five; ...
[1570?] VVhether it be a mortall sinne to transgresse ciuil lawes which be the commaundementes of ciuill magistrates. The iudgement of Philip Melancton in his epitome of morall philosophie. The resolution of D. Hen. Bullinger, and D. Rod. Gualter, of D. Martin Bucer, and D. Peter Martyr, concernyng thapparrel of ministers, and other indifferent thinges.
T. T., Sacristan & Catholike Romanist. / [Anno M. DC. XXXII. 1632] The vvhetstone of reproofe. A reprouing censure of the misintituled safe way: declaring it by discouerie of the authors fraudulent proceeding, & captious cauilling, to be a miere by-way drawing pore trauellers out of the royall & common streete, & leading them deceitfully in to a path of perdition. With a postscript of advertisements, especially touching the homilie & epistles attributed to Alfric: & a compendious retortiue discussion of the misapplyed by-way. Author T.T. Sacristan & Catholike Romanist.
W. I., fl. 1601. / [1601] The vvhipping of the satyre
Walwyn, William, 1600-1681. / [1646] A vvhisper in the eare of Mr. Thomas Edwards minister.: By VVilliam VValwyn marchant. Occasioned by his mentioning of him reproachfully, in his late pernitious booke, justly entituled the Gangræna.
Scholler of Oxford. / [1642 i.e. 1643] A vvhisper in the eare. Or A discourse between the Kings Maiesty, and the high court of Parliament.: Concerning a pacification, and conditions of peace. / By a scholler of Oxford, and a Citizen of London.
May, George, gent. / [1662] The VVhite-Powder Plot discovered, or, A prophetical poeme wherein is most elegantly revealed the secret combination of Hell and Rome, against the interest of true religion, and more particularly against the late King of blessed memory, and kingdom of England. Written before the late unhappy wars broke forth, and too sadly verified in them, which yet the author scarce lived to see. Also a prophetical rapture concerning the future extent of this British Empire into Italy. By George May, gent.
[1589] The vvhole and true discourse of the enterprises and secrete conspiracies that haue bene made against the person of Henry de Valois, most Christian king of Fraunce & Poland. Wherupon followed his death by the hand of a young Iacobin frier, the first day of August, 1589. Whereby the enemies of the Crown, thought to haue reduced & brought all Fraunce to their will & deuotion. Together with the assembly that the king before his death made of the princes of the blood, lordes and gentlemen that were in his armie, with the heads of the straungers, to whom he declared his last will. Englished out of the French copie, printed at Caan in Normandie.
Tompkins, Nathaniel, d. 1643. / [1643] The vvhole confession and speech of Mr. Nathaniel Tompkins,: made upon the ladder at the time of his execution, on Wednesday the fifth of July; 1643. Together with the manner of his coming to execution. July 5. 1643. It is this day ordered by the committee of the House of Commons in Parliament concerning printing, that the confession of Nathaniel Tompkins be printed by Peter Cole. Iohn White.
Bunny, Edmund, 1540-1619. / [1576] The vvhole summe of Christian religion, giuen forth by two seuerall methodes or formes the one higher, for the better learned, the other applyed to the capacitie of the common multitude, and meete for all: yet both of them such, as in some respect do knit them selues together in one. By Edmund Bunny Bacheler of Diuinitie.
M. P. (Martin Parker), d. 1656? / [1629] The vvhoremongers conuersion, and his exhortation to's worshipfull friend, to leaue haunting whores; from his words this wasptenn'd: and at his request, which makes the author bolder: it is to be sung like The maunding souldier.
A. G., fl. 1619. / [Published by allowance of superiours. Anno M. DC. XIX. 1619] The vviddoves mite cast into the treasure-house of the prerogatiues, and prayses of our B. Lady, the immaculate, and most glorious Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. With reasons why we are to haue great confidence in her prayers. Whereunto is annexed, A prayer, for the loue of God, made in contemplation of the passion of Christ our Sauiour.
Cragge, William, 1595 or 6-1636. / [1622] The vvidovves ioy. Or Christ his comfortable saluation to a comfortlesse widow being obseruations no lesse profitable then comfortable for the losse of our deceased friends. By W.C.
Whitrowe, Joan. / [1694] The VVidow VVhiterows humble thanksgiving for the Kings safe return With an account of John Hall's vision upon the first day of the eleventh month, 1693/4. And also a letter to a friend concerning John Hall's message with a letter from Jamaica concerning the earthquake that happen'd there; a warning to the inhabitants of the earth, to fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgments are come Licensed, D.P. April 18.
Aylett, Robert, 1583-1655? / [1653] A vvife, not ready made, but bespoken, by Dicus the Batchelor, and made up for him by his fellow shepheard Tityrus. In four pastorall eglogues.
Rogers, Nehemiah, 1593-1660. / [1632] The vvild vine: or, An exposition on Isaiah's parabolicall song of the beloued: Isa. 5. 1,2,3, &c. By Nehemiah Rogers, pastor of Messing in Essex.
Crompton, William, 1599?-1642. / [1679] A vvilderness of trouble leading to a Canaan of comfort, or, The method and manner of God's dealing with the heirs of heaven in the ministry of the Word wherein is shewed how the Lord brings them into this trouble, supporteth them under it, and delivereth them out of it, so that none finally miscarry / by W. Crompton ...
E. F. (Edward Ford), fl. 1630?-1660. / [1647. i.e. 1646] VVine and women or A briefe description of the common courtesie of a curtezan. Written solely for the benefit of immodest and intemperate youth.
Gallobelgicus. / [1629] VVine, beere, and ale, together by the eares A dialogue, vvritten first in Dutch by Gallobelgicus, and faithfully translated out of the originall copie, by Mercurius Britannicus, for the benefite of his nation.
B. S., Gent. / [1644?] A vvinters tale, told to such as have wit to understand it, and worth to reward it. / Published by B.S., gent., to seek a parallell.
Barnes, Thomas, Minister of St. Margaret's, New Fish Street, London. / [1624] The vvise-mans forecast against the evill time By Thomas Barnes. Preacher of the VVord at St Margretts, in New-Fish-streete. London.
Juvenal. / [1675] The vvish, being the tenth satyr of Juvenal, peraphrastically rendered in pindarick verse by a person, sometimes fellow of Trin. Col. Dublin.
[1656] VVit and drollery,: joviall poems. Never before printed. / By Sir J.M. Ja:S. Sir W.D. J.D. and other admirable wits.
[1647] VVit and vvealth contending for preheminence:: in a different dialogue between Wat Witty-pole and Davy Rich.
VVit bought at a dear rate. Being a relation of the misery one suffers by being too kind hearted: wishing all people to beware of that undoing quality; and to be frugal and saving, that in aged years, their life may be as comfortable, as in youth it was pleasant and folly. To the tune of, Turn love, I prethee [sic] love turn to me.
Gayton, Edmund, 1608-1666. / [1656 i.e. 1655] VVit revived: or, a new and excellent way of divertisement, digested into most ingenious questions and answers. / By Asdryasdust Tossoffacan.
Wither, George, 1588-1667. / [Printed in the yeare of our Lord, 1643] VVithers remembrancer: or, Extracts out of Master Withers his booke, called, Britains remembrancer. Worthy of the review and consideration of himselfe, and all other men.
Ufflet, John, b. 1603. / [1659] VVits fancies, or, Choice observations and essayes collected out of divine, political, philosophical, military and historical authors / by John Ufflet ...
James I, King of England, 1566-1625. / [1643] VVittie obseruations gathered from our late soveraign King James in his ordinarie discourse.:
Biddle, Ester. / [166-?] VVo to thee town of Cambridge, thy wickedness surmounteth the wickedness of Sodom ...:
Purcas, William. / [1624?] The vvofull lamentation of William Purcas, vvho for murtherin [sic] his mother at Thaxted in Essex was executed at Chelmsford. To the tune of, The rich merchant.
R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. / [1655] A vvoman forbidden to speak in the church the grounds examined, the mystery opened, the truth cleared, and the ignorance both of priests and people discovered / written by a friend of the truth whose name in the flesh is Richard Farnworth.
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1656] The vvoman learning in silence: or, The mysterie of the womans subiection to her husband· As also, the daughter prophesying, wherein the Lord hath, and is fulfilling that he spake by the prophet Joel, I will poure out my spirit upon all flesh, &c. / Given forth by George Fox.
Fox, Margaret Askew Fell, 1614-1702. / [1667] VVomens speaking justified, proved and allowed of by the Scriptures all such as speak by the spirit and power of the Lord Iesus : and how women were the first that preached the tidings of the resurrection of Jesus and were sent by Christ's own command before he ascended to the Father, John 20:17.
[1651] The VVonder of our times:: being a true and exact relation of the body of a mighty giant dig'd up at Brockford Bridge neer Ipswich in Suffolk, this present November 1651. his height 10, foot. his head as big as half a bushell; with a description of severall parts of his body, and manner of his interring. Certified in a letter from a gentleman in the country, to his brother (a merchant) in London.
[anno Dom. 1659] The vvonder of vvonders, or, a true relation of a late strange and miraculous accident that happened to one that dyed in the ship called, the Dunbar, who after he had been buried one shore above five daies, rise again, and standing upright in his grave, called to the fleet with a shrill voice at noon-day, telling them the events that should happen to all those ships that went towards the sound. With the several speeches made by him, to the wonderful astonishment and admiration of divers of the fleet, who were both hearers and eye-witnesses, and will justifie the truth of this great miracle. With a great and strange apparition of two armies that appeared in the north of England on Thursday last, with the exact manner of their engaging one another at noon-day with the thundring noise both of great and small shot:
Billy, Himbert de, ca. 1544-ca. 1630. / [1604] A vvonderful prognostication or prediction for these seuen yeeres insuing shewing the strange and wonderfull comets and meatuors, beginning this present yeere, 1604 / written in French by the Lord of Billy ...
James, Christian. / [1690] A vvonderful prophesie declared by Christian James, a maid of twenty years of age (late daughter to Daniel James) ... ; contrived into meeter by L.P. to the tune of In summer time.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626. / [1622] The vvonderfull mysterie of spirituall growth Describing the necessitie, nature, manner, measure, and markes thereof. As also, laying downe necessarie rules for the wise discerning of the same. And resoluing many speciall cases of conscience incident hereunto, tending to the comfort of distressed spirits, and so to the attaining of perfect holinesse. Diuided into two bookes.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1648] VVonderfull predictions declared in a message,: as from the Lord, to his Excellency Sr. Thomas Fairfax and the Councell of his Army. / By John Saltmarsh preacher of the Gospell. His severall speeches, and the manner of his death. December 29. 1647. This narrative concerning Mr. Saltmarsh hath been sent to the Army; and there perused, corrected, and made perfect, to be printed and published for the kindgomes satisfaction. Imprimatur, Gilbert Mabbot.
L. P. (Laurence Price), fl. 1625-1680? / [1635] A vvonderfull vvonder, being a most strange and true relation of the resolute life, and miserable death of Thomas Miles, who did forsweare himselfe, and wished that God might shew some heavie example upon him, and so it came to passe for as hee sate at his meate hee choked himselfe, and died in short space after, which hapned the 8. of August last, 1635. and being ript up by the chirurgions of S. Bartholomewes Hospitall, was found to have a gub of meate sticking fast in his throate, which was the cause of his death. Written to warne all rash swearers to forsake their evill wayes, which God grant we may. To the tune of, Aime not too high, &c.
Churchyard, Thomas, 1520?-1604. / [1602] The vvonders of the ayre, the trembling of the earth and the warnings of the world before the Iudgement day. Written by Thomas Churchyard esquire, seruant to the Queens Maiestie.
[1613] The vvonders of this windie winter By terrible stormes and tempests, to the losse of liues and goods of many thousands of men, women and children. The like by sea and land, hath not beene seene, nor heard of in this age or the world.
M. P. (Martin Parker), d. 1656? / [1635?] The vvooing maid, or A faire maid neglected, forlorne and reiected, that would be respected: which to have effected, this generall summon she sendeth in common, come Tinker, come Broomman, she will refuse no man. To the tune of, Il'be the dad out.
Penington, Isaac, Sir, 1587?-1660. / [Anno Dom. 1650] A vvord for the common vveale tending towards the begetting and continuing, a right vnderstanding and good opinion betweene the Parliament and the people.: And towards the laying a firme foundation of constant peace and good will towards each other. / By Isaac Penington, Esquire.
Cary, Mary. / [1647] A vvord in season to the kingdom of England. Or, A precious cordiall for a distempered kingdom.: Wherein are laid down things profitable, and usefull for all, and offensive to none that love the truth and peace. / By the meanest of the servants of Jesus Christ, M. Cary.
[1646] A vvord in season: or motives to peace, accomodation, and unity, 'twixt Presbyterian and Independent brethren: Drawn from necessity of duty, necessity of expediency, and from the possibility of atchieving.
Walwyn, William, 1600-1681. / [1646] A vvord more to Mr. Thomas Edwards minister,: by William VValwyn marchant. Concerning the nationall covenant.
Floyd, John, 1572-1649. / [anno M.DC.XXIII. 1623] A vvord of comfort. Or A discourse concerning the late lamentable accident of the fall of a roome, at a Catholike sermon, in the Black-friars at London, wherwith about fourscore persons were oppressed. Written for the comfort of Catholiks, and information of Protestants, by I.R. p
Tomlinson, William. / [1653] A vvord of reproof to the priests or ministers, who boast of their ministery and ordinances, and yet live in pride, disdain, persecution, &c.: Shevving what such are; and how little cause they have to exclaim against those who separate from them. As also a word to the papists discovering their foundation to be carnal and sandie. In a letter sent to some supposed priests or Jesuites in the north, by William Tomlinson.
[1659] A vvord of seasonable and sound counsell: laid down in severall proposals, which takes in very much of the sense and agreement of the good people of these nations, both touching the work, and touching the sutable work-men thereunto, which the wonderful appearance and providences of the righteous Lord, seemes to point at in this our day. Humbly tendered and presented unto those that are in eminent place in this juncture of affaires, both in a civill and in a military capacity. / By divers well affected persons to the general peace, prosperity and liberty of these nations, inhabiting in and about the city of Westminster. As an essay in order to a well grounded vnity, peace, and settlement, &c.
R. S. / [printed in the year 1663] A vvord to Dr. VVomocke. Or, A short reply to his pretended resolution of Mr. Croftons position concerning ministers use of an imposed liturgie. To which is annexed, a blow at Jerubbaal redivivus: discovering his weakness and errours in defence of his groundless secession from solemn publick worship ministred by the English liturgie. By R.S. the publisher of reformation not separation.
T. W. / [1648] A vvord to England touching their fastings· Sent in a letter, from a godly Christian to his private friend, to be presented to the publicke view of the magistrates, ministers, and people of this Kingdome.
Bridge, William, 1600?-1670. / [in the year, 1679] A vvord to the aged. By Mr. Will. Bridge, sometime fellow of Emanuel Colledge in Cambridge, and late preacher of the Word of God at Yarmouth. I commend this to be reprinted as a profitable and serious discourse. James Allen.
One whom the world calls a Quaker. / [Printed in the year, 1661] A vvord to the fifth-kingdom-men. In a letter to one of them vvritten from the light within him. By one whom the world calls a quaker.
Holcroft, Francis, 1629?-1693. / [printed in the year 1668] A vvord to the saints from the watch tower. By a faithful embassadour, in bonds for the gospel divers years. F. H.
[1683] A vvord to the true blew Protestants, or, those of the thorough reformation:
Fuller, Francis, 1637?-1701. / [1685] VVords to give to the young-man knowledg and discretion, or, The law of kindness in the tongue of a father to his son by Francis Fuller ...
[Printed in the year. 1658] The vvork of affliction opened in a sermon, preached at the funerall. of Mrs Elisabeth Harvey.
[1615] VVorke for cutlers. Or, A merry dialogue betweene sword, rapier, and dagger. Acted in a shew in the famous Vniuersitie of Cambridge.
Richardson, Charles, fl. 1612-1617. / [1616] A vvorkeman, that needeth not to be ashamed: or The faithfull steward of Gods house. A sermon describing the duety of a godly minister, both in his doctrine and in his life. By Charles Richardson, preacher at S. Katharines, neere the Tower of London.
Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637. / [1640 i.e. 1641] The vvorkes of Beniamin Ionson. The second volume.: Containing these playes, viz. 1 Bartholomew Fayre. 2 The staple of newes. 3 The Divell is an asse
James, I, King of England, 1566-1625. / [Anno 1616] The vvorkes of the most high and mightie prince, Iames by the grace of God, King of Great Britaine, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. Published by Iames, Bishop of Winton, and deane of his Maiesties Chappel Royall.
S. W. / [printed in the year MDCLIX. 1659] VVorks of darknes brought to light, or A glance on the mystery of iniquity,: carried on in these three nations by the Iesuits, to the utter subversion of religion and government, and an attempt to subject us to popish tyranny: with proposals to prevent the same. By S.W.
Tell-Troth, Thomas. / [Printed in the year, 1647] VVorks of darkness brought to light. Or A true representation to the whole kingdome of the dangerous designes driven on by sectaries in the army:: as also laying down the unreasonableness of their demands, which if not granted, they refuse to disband. Together with VII. new queries propounded to the army.
Jeanes, Henry, 1611-1662. / [1649] The vvorks of heaven upon earth, or, The eccellencie of praise and thanksgiving in part displayed in a sermon, inlarged into a treatise, preached at Taunton in the county of Somerset May 11. 1648, being the day set apart for the annuall commemoration of the deliverance of that town, by the reliefe which they received on May 11. anno 1645 / by Henry Jeanes ...
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [1625] The vvorks of Ioseph Hall Doctor in Diuinitie, and Deane of Worcester With a table newly added to the whole worke.
Jenkins, David, 1582-1663. / [MD CXLVIII 1648] The vvorks of that grave and learned lavvyer Iudge Ienkins, prisoner in Newgate.: Upon divers statutes, concerning the liberty, and freedome of the subject. With a perfect table thereto annexed.
Bridge, William, 1600?-1670. / [1649] The vvorks of William Bridge, sometime fellow of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge, now preacher of the Word of God at Yarmouth. The third volumn. [sic] Viz. 1. The spiritual life, and in-being of Christ in all believers. 2. The woman of Canaan.
Bridge, William, 1600?-1670. / [1649] The vvorks of William Bridge, sometime fellow of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge: now preacher of the Word of God at Yarmouth. The second volumn. [sic] Viz. 1. Grace for grace; or, The overflowing of Christs fulness received by all saints. II. The spiritual actings of faith through natural impossibilities. III. Evangelical repentance.
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [an. 1681] The vvorld that now is; and the vvorld that is to come: or The first and second coming of Jesus Christ. Wherein several prophecies not yet fulfilled are expounded. By Han. Knollys, a servant of Jesus Christ. Rev. I. 19.
Lilly, William, 1602-1681. / [1647] The vvorld's catastrophe, or Europes many mutations untill, 1666.: The fate of Englands monarchy untill its subversion. Government of the vvorld under God by the seven planetary angels; their names, times of government. An exact type of the three suns seen in Cheshire and Shropshire, 3 April 1647. Their signification and portent, astrologically handled. / By VVilliam Lilly student in Astrologie: who is, amicus patria, & veritas amator. To which is added, A whip for Wharton.
Kitchener, Nathanael, d. 1620. / [1616] The vvorlds assises. Or A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the tenth day of Iuly 1614. being the Sunday before the end of Trinity terme. By Nathanael Kitchener, student in diuinitie, and preacher of Gods word at Grauenhurst in Bedfordshire:
Greene, John, fl. 1641. / [1641] The vvorlds riddle and the saints blisse
[between 1678-1681] The vvorlds vvonder. Giving an account of two old men, lately known and seen in the city of Tholouze in France, who declare themselves to be above a thousand years old a peice [sic], and preach repentance to the world; telling what shall happen for these nine years following, and when the world shall end. Tune of, My bleeding heart.
Munda, Constantia. / [1617] The vvorming of a mad dogge: or, A soppe for Cerberus the iaylor of Hell. No confutation but a sharpe redargution of the bayter of women. By Constantia Munda.
[1643] VVorse & vvorse, or, A description of their desperate condition who shall presume to take the nevv oath or covenant
Partington, Thomas. / [1641] VVorse and worse nevves from Ireland: being the coppy of a letter read in the House of Parliament, the 14. of this instant moneth of December, 1641. Wherein is contained such unheard-of cruelties, committed by the papists against the Protestants, not sparing age nor sex, that it would make a Christians heart to bleede.
Dyke, Jeremiah, 1584-1639. / [1636] A vvorthy communicant: or, A treatise, shewing the due order of receiving the sacrament of the Lords Supper. By Ier. Dyke, minister of Epping, in Essex
Procter, Thomas. / [1607] A vvorthy vvorke profitable to this whole kingdome. Concerning the mending of all high-waies, as also for waters and iron workes. By Tho: Procter Esquire.
Row, James, 17th cent. / [anno Dom. 1650] The vvound's o' the Kirk o' Scotland in her head, heart, hands, and feet;: held forth in a sermon preach't at Edinburgh by Mr James Rew. [sic]
Bridge, William, 1600?-1670. / [1642. i.e. 1643] The vvounded conscience cured, the weak one strengthned, [sic] and the doubting satisfied By way of answer to Doctor Fearne. Where the main point is rightly stated, and objections throughly answered for the good of those who are willing not to be deceived. By William Bridge, preacher of Gods Word. It is ordered this 30. day of January, 1642. by the committee of the House of Commons in Parliament, concerning printing, that this answer to Dr. Fearnes book be printed. John White. The second edition, correced and amended. Whereunto are added three sermons of the same author; 1. Of courage, preached to the voluntiers. 2. Of stoppage in Gods mercies to England, with their [sic] remedies. 3. A preparation for suffering in these plundering times.
R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. / [Printed in the year, 1653] VVritten by one, whom the world calls a Quaker, Joh.17.2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Verses: