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Warren, Thomas, 1616 or 17-1694. / [1654] Vnbeleevers no subjects of iustification, nor of mystical vnion to Christ,: being the sum of a sermon preached at New Sarum, with a vindication of it from the objections, and calumniations cast upon it by Mr. William Eyre, in his Vindiciæ justificationis. Together with animadversions upon the said book, and a refutation of that anti-sidian, and anti-evangelical errour asserted therein: viz. the justification of infidels, or the justification of a sinner before, and without faith. Wherein also the conditional necessity, and instrumentality of faith unto justification, together with the consistency of it, with the freness of Gods grace, is explained, confirmed, and vindicated from the exceptions of the said Mr. Eyre, his arguments answertd [sic], his authorities examined, and brought in against himself. By T. Warren minister of the Gospel at Houghton in Hampshire.
Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647. / [1638] The vnbeleevers preparing for Christ. By T.H.
Bownd, Nicholas, d. 1613. / [1628] The vnbeliefe of St. Thomas the Apostle laid open for the comfort of all that desire to belieue. Whereunto is added a comfortable treatise for all that are afflicted in soule or body. The first armeth vs against despaire in the houre of death; the second against impatience vnder the crosse. By Nicholas Bound, Doctor in Diuinitie.
Almond, Oliver. / [Anno DC.XXIII. sic, i.e. 1623] The vncasing of heresie, or, The anatomie of protestancie. Written and composed by O.A.
Brown, Ignatius, 1630-1679. / [1678] An vnerrable church or none being a rejoynder to the unerring, unerrable chvrch against Dr. Andrew Sall's repley entituled The catholic apostolic Church of England / written by J.S. ...
I. S. / [1675] The vnerring and vnerrable church, or, An answer to a sermon preached by Mr. Andrew Sall formerly a Iesuit, and now a minister of the Protestant church / written by I.S. and dedicated to His Excellency the Most Honourable Arthur Earl of Essex ...
T. W. (Thomas Wilcox), 1549?-1608. / [1581] The vnfouldyng of sundry vntruths and absurde propositions latelye propounded by one I.B. a greate fauourer of the horrible heresie of the libertimes.
[1646] An vnhappy game at Scotch and English. Or A full answer from England to the papers of Scotland.: Wherein their Scotch mists and their fogs; their sayings and gaine-sayings; their juglings, their windings and turnings; hither and thither, backwards and forwards, and forwards & backwards again; their breach of Covenant, Articles, & treaty, their King-craft present design, against the two houses of Parliament, & people of England, their plots and intents for usurpation and government over us and our children detected, discovered, and presented to the view of the world, as a dreadfull omen, all-arme, and warning to the kingdome of England.
Matthieu, Pierre, 1563-1621. / [1632] Vnhappy prosperitie expressed in the histories of Ælius Seianus and Philippa the Catanian¨ Written in French by P: Mathieu and translated into English by Sr. Th: Hawkins.
Gaffarel, Jacques, 1601-1681. / [1650] Vnheard-of curiosities concerning the talismanical sculpture of the Persians; the horoscope of the patriarkes; and the reading of the stars. Written in French, by James Gaffarel. And Englished by Edmund Chilmead, Mr. of Arts, and chaplaine of Christ-Church Oxon.
H. P. / [1641] Vnitie, trvth and reason presented in all humility petition-wise to the honourable, the knights, citizens and burgesses, for the Commons House of Parliament / by some moderate, and peace-desiring ministers, for the more happy and certaine reconciling of the church-differences.
Mayo, John. / [1630] The vniuersall principle the common iustice of the world, and the royall law of love : deliuered in a sermon at the assises in Dorchester, the 23. day of Iuly, anno Dom. 1629 / by I.M. ...
Howe, Obadiah, 1615 or 16-1683. / [1648] The Vniversalist examined and convicted, destitute of plaine sayings of Scripture or evidence of reason in answer to a treatise entituled The University of Gods free grace in Christ to mankind / by Obadiah Howe, Pastor of Stickney in Lincoln-shire.
Evans, John, minister of Gods word. / [1634] The vniversall medicine: or The vertues of the antimoniall cup. Collected out of the experiments, and observations of the most famous, learned, and best approved philosophers, and physicians, that have written of that subject. By Iohn Evans minister, and preacher of Gods Word.
Moore, Thomas, Senior. / [Printed in the yeer of the patience and forbearance of our Lord. 1646] The vniversallity of God's free-grace in Christ to mankind.: Proclaimed and displayed from 1 Tim. 2.6. and Hebr. 2.9. according to their genuine sense. That all might be comforted, encouraged; every one confirmed and assured of the propitiation and death of Christ for the whole race of mankind, and so for himself in particular. / Through urgent importunity, written by Thomas Moore.
French, Nicholas, 1604-1678. / [1676] The vnkinde desertor of loyall men and true frinds [sic]
Henderson, Alexander, 1583?-1646. / [Printed in the yeare 1641] The vnlavvfulnes and danger of limited prelacie,: or Perpetuall precidencie in the Church, briefly discovered.
Diggs, Dudley, 1613-1643. / [1643] The vnlavvfulnesse of subjects taking up armes against their soveraigne in what case soever together with an answer to all objections scattered in their severall bookes : and a proofe that, notwithstanding such resistance as they plead for, were not damnable, yet the present warre made upon the king is so, because those cases in which onely some men have dared to excuse it, are evidently not now, His Majesty fighting onely to preserve himselfe and the rights of the subjects.
Owen, Lewis, 1572-1633. / [1628] The vnmasking of all popish monks, friers, and Iesuits. Or, A treatise of their genealogie, beginnings, proceedings, and present state. Together with some briefe obseruations of their treasons, murders, fornications, impostures, blasphemies, and sundry other abominable impieties. Written as a caueat or forewarning for Great Britaine to take heed in time of these romish locusts. By Lewis Owen.
Hull, John, 1569 or 70-1627. / [1602] The vnmasking of the politique atheist By I.H. Batcheler of Diuinitie.
Fiennes, Nathaniel, 1607 or 8-1669. / [1642] Vnparallel'd reasons for abollishing episcopacy. 1. It will assure his Majesties authority royall. 2. Increase his revenue. 3. Settle a good union in his Majesties owne kingdomes, and between them and other reformed churches. 4. Cause a good understanding betweene his Majesty and his people. By N. F. Esquire.
Bradshaw, William, 1571-1618. / [1614] The vnreasonablenesse of the separation Made apparant, by an examination of Mr. Iohnsons pretended reasons, published an. 1608. Wherby hee laboureth to iustifie his schisme from the church assemblies of England.
Yonger, William, b. 1572 or 3. / [1621] The vnrighteous iudge, or, Iudex cretensis, the iudge of Crete a sermon preached within the iurisdiction of the arch-deaconry of Norwich, at a generall court, in April last past, 16. 1621 / by Mr. Yonger of South-Walsham.
Horton, Thomas, d. 1673. / [1661] The vnrighteovs Mammon exchanged for the true riches or A sermon, preached at the funeral of William Adams Esq in the parish church of St. Lawrence Iury on Tuesday. Septemb. 3. 1661. By Thomas Horton. D.D.
Wight, Thomas, of Market St., Herts. / [1659] Vnto those people who are called Baptists.
Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667. / [1655] Vnum necessarium. Or, The doctrine and practice of repentance.: Describing the necessities and measures of a strict, a holy, and a Christian life. And rescued from popular errors. / By Jer. Taylor D.D.