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[1655] Tvrne over behold and wonder.:
Lauder, George, b. ca. 1600. / [1639] Tvveeds teares of joy, to Charles great Brittains king.
Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni, 1463-1494. / [1589] Tvvelve rules, and vveapons concerning the spirituall battel. Together with a briefe exposition vpon the sixteene Psalme: with two most worthie epistles, written in Latin by that most worthy and noble gentleman Iohn Picus Earle of Mirandula. And translated into English for the benefite of all good Christian souldiers in the spirituall battaile.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1620] Tvvo and tvventie lectures vpon the fiue first chapters of Ieremiah With prayers annexed, at the end of euery lecture: by Master Iohn Caluin. Which being faithfully collected form him as hee vttered them in Latine, in the schooles of Geneua, were afterwards translated into French: and now newly turned out of French, into English, with a table at the end, containing the summe and scope of euery lecture.
Edgar, Thomas, lawyer. / [M.DC.L. 1650, i.e. 1649] Tvvo charges, as they were delivered by T.E. Esquire, justice of the peace for the county of Suffolke. The one at Easter publick quarter-sessions of the peace, held at Ipswich in that county: on Friday, April the 6. 1649. The other upon the opening or first publick sitting upon the Commission of Sewers, at Woodbridge in the liberty of St. Etheldred in the same county: on Wednesday, Sept. 5. 1649. before two substantiall juries, good freeholders & others of that county. Wherein appeares the necessity of government, and of steps and degrees in it: and the duty and great trust in those in publique imployment not to desert the present government.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [August 16, 1642] Tvvo declarations of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament the one concerning His Majesties late proclamation for the suppressing of the present rebellion ... : the other for the raising of all power, and force ... to leade against all traitors, and their adherents ...
Philanactos, Demophilus. / [Printed in the yeare 1648] Tvvo epitaphs, occasioned by the death of Sr Charles Lucas, and Sr George Lisle, basely assassinated at Colchester.:
Russell, John, d. 1688. / [1634] The tvvo famous pitcht battels of Lypsich, and Lutzen wherein the ever-renowned Prince Gustavus the Great lived and died a conquerour: with an elegie upon his untimely death, composed in heroick verse by John Russell, Master of Arts, of Magdalene Coll. in Cambridge.
[1639] Tvvo famous sea-fights. Lately made, betwixt the fleetes of the King of Spaine, and the fleetes of the Hollanders. The one, in the West-Indyes: the other, the eight of this present moneth of February, betwixt Callis and Gravelin. In the former, the Hollander suffered. In the latter the Spaniard lost. Two relations not vnfit for these times to animate noble spirits to attempt and accomplish brave actions.
Hacket, Roger, 1559-1621. / [1607] Tvvo fruitful sermons, needfull for these times whereof the one may be called, A mariage present; the other, A sickemans glasse. Compiled by Roger Hacket, Doctor in Diuinitie.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1560?] Tvvo Godly and notable sermons preached by the excellent and famous clarke, master Iohn Caluyne, in the yere. 1555 The one concernynge pacience in aduersitie: The other touchyng the most comfortable assurance of oure saluation in Chryste. Iesu. Translated out of Frenche into Englyshe.
Tynley, Robert, 1561 or 2-1616. / [1609] Tvvo learned sermons. The one, of the mischieuous subtiltie, and barbarous crueltie, the other of the false doctrines, and refined hæresis of the romish synagogue. Preached, the one at Paules Crosse the 5. of Nouember, 1608. The other at the Spittle the 17. of Aprill. 1609. In the first, are examined diuers passages of that lewde English libell, written by a prophane fugitiue, against the Apologie for the Oath of Allegeance. In the seconde, are answered many of the arguments published by Rob. Chambers priest, concerning popish miracles; and dedicated (forsooth) to the Kings most excellent Maiestie. By Robert Tynley, Doctor of Diuinitie, and Archdeacon of Ely.
[1676] Tvvo letters concerning the East-India Company
Gifftheil, Ludwig Friedrich, d. 1661. / [1643] Tvvo letters directed to the mighty ones of England, Scotland, and Ireland, but especially to the King, concerning these present calamities and commotions of warre:: being great and present judgements denounced against these kingdomes, / by Lodovvick Frederick Gifftheyl. Who, for the space of these nineteen years last past, hath travelled through all Germany, Denmarke, Sweden, France and England, denouncing unto the E65erour, and all kings, princes, generals and commanders of armies, from time to time, the approaching judgement of the Lord, for their cruell effusion of Christian blood, contrary to the expresse word of God, and the example of Christ and his Apostles in the New Covenant of grace and peace; of all which his said denunciations they have from time to time, found the truth by wofull experience.
Lilburne, Robert, 1613-1665. / [1651] Tvvo letters from Col. Robert Lilburne.: The one to the Honourable William Lenthall Esquire, Speaker of the Parliament. The other to his Excellency the Lord Generall. Containing the particulars of the totall rout and overthrow of the Earl of Derby, and the forces under his command in Lancashire on the 25 of August 1651. By the Parliament forces under the said Colonel Robert Lilburne. Imprimatur Hen. Scobel Cleric. Parliamenti.
[1647] Tvvo letters from the agents of the five regiments of horse, the one to the whole souldiery of the Army, the other to some who sent unto them, to receive further information and satisfaction.
[1649] Tvvo letters from the presbytery of Carrick-Fergus, to the Lord Ards, and his ansvver to the first of them
[1642] Tvvo letters from tvvo chief officers under the command of the Earle of Ormond Particularly relating their good and happy successe in their late expedition.
Osborne, Richard, fl. 1648. / [1648] Tvvo letters sent by Mr. Richard Osburn (late attendant on his Majesty in Carisbrook Castle),: touching a design to poyson or make away his Majesty. Which letter were read in the House of Peers and communicated to the House of Commons, June 20. 1648. With an answer to the said letters, and a narrative of the whole designe.
Scotland. Parliament. / [1649] Tvvo letters the one to his Excellency the Lord Fairfax, the other to Lieutenant General Cromwell, from the Commissioners of the kingdom of Scotland now residing at London.
[1603] Tvvo letters: One written by a Protestant to his brother being a Papist, to withdraw him foorth of the countrie of the Papists, who was partly by him perswaded, but that his wealth made him peremptorie, wherupon he tooke occasion to vvrite this letter, to moue him rather to make choice of the kingdome of God, then the riches of the vvorld. The other written by Master Ramon, a minister of the word of God, being prisoner in the citie of Valencia, to his wife being in London, to comfort her; who after suffered for the gospell. Translated out of French
Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [1653] Tvvo letters:: the one to subtile papist: the other to a zealous Presbyterian. In both which the authour conceives he hath said enough to keepe any man from the Roman Church, in the generall of religion, and from the Presbyterian congregation in the particular of the eucharist, or the Lords Supper: because St Paul saies, 1 Cor. 11. 16. Wee know no such custome, neither the Church of God. By T. Swadling, D.D.
N. B., sequestred minister of Jesus Christ. / [1648] Tvvo meditations 1. Of death. 2. Of life eternal / by N.B., a sequestred minister of Jesus Christ.
[1595] Tvvo notorious murders one committed by a tanner on his wiues sonne nere Horne-church in Essex, the other on a grasier nere Ailsburie in Buckinghamshire : with these is intermixt another murdrous intending fellonie at Rislip in Middlesex, all done this last month.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [Novemb. 7. 1645] Tvvo ordinances of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, the one, for compositions for warships in the Court of Wards and Liveries, and for signing of bills, and passing of them under the Great Seal. The other, for taking away the fifth part of delinquents [sic] estates, formerly granted by an ordinance of Parliament, for maintaining of the wives and children of delinquents.
[Printed in the yeere, 1647] Tvvo petitions from the agents to ten regiments of horse and foot: and of the life-guard, under the conduct of his Excellencie Sir Thomas Fairfax; to the supreame authority of this nation, the Commons assembled in Parliament: in behalfe of themselves and all other the free-born people of England. Presented in their names by the Lord Grey an honest member of the House of Commons together with an agreement of the people grounded upon the principles of common right and freedome, for the Parliaments concurrence thereunto. Also the votes of the House upon the said papers thereunto annexed.
City of London (England). / [1647] Tvvo petitions from the city of London one to the army, the other to the House of Lords. Concerning the late Lord Mayor, Sir John Geyre, Alderman Bunce, and others, who were ingaged in the bloody murther at Guild-Hall. With the representation of the officers of the army, (of their resolution) to the Parliament, therein. October 12. 1647. These petitions of the city of London, with the resolutions of the army, are appointed to be printed and published by the authority of the licenser, appointed by the House of Peeres, according to an ordinance of both Houses of Parliament. Imprimatur, G.M.
[1647] Tvvo petitions of divers free-men of England, inhabitants in the city of Bristoll, and in the adjacent parts.: The one presented to the Honourable House of Commons, upon the 2. of September, 1647. Together with their answer thereunto. The other to his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, at his head-quarters at Kingston. Both signed with many thousand hands.
[printed January 12. An. Dom. 1641 i.e 1642] The tvvo petitions of the Buckingham-shire men delivered the XIth of January one to the Peers, the other to the House of Commons, in the behalfe of Mr. Hampden, burgesse for their shire, &c. They being 4000. that came on horseback to deliver them. And also a relation of the free and voluntary offers of the trayned bands of the City of London; of the masters of shippes, mariners and seamen; of the aprentices of London; of the trayned bands of Southwarke, and of the watermen upon the Thames to defend the King and Parliament against malignant councells and plots of Papists.
[August 2. 1647] Tvvo petitions of the sequestred clergie of England and Wales. One, to the King's most excellent Majestie: the other, to Sir Thomas Fairfax. With the declaration of the generall, and his Councell of Warre thereupon. As also, his Majesties proclamation against intruding into other mens cures, and detaining their tythes.
[1647] Tvvo petitions to the Generals excellency, one from the county of Hartfordshire, concerning the papers of the five regiaments. And the other from Rutland, concerning tythes. Also a declaration about North-VVales, and the taxes and assessements; an order concerning his Excellencies life guard. Some votes presented to the Generall Councell. The Generalls letter to Mr. Speaker, for the keeping of promises, and ingagements, upon articles approved. Novemb. 1. 1647. These papers are examined, and printed, and published according to the ordinance of both Houses of Parliament. Imprimatur, G. Matt.
Tindall, Humphrey, 1549-1614. / [1644] Tvvo prophecies full of wonder and admiration.: Made by Humphrey Tindall Vicar of Wellin [sic] two hundred yeares past: and after his death, found in his study, with his name subscribed thereunto. And some sixty years since coppied out by a worthy gentlem [sic] and ever since kept private. Foretelling many strange accidents which shall befall to this kingdom.
Pecke, Richard. / [1632] Tvvo sermons delivered at St. Peters in Exeter. By Rychard Pecke, Master of Arts, and minister of Gods word, at Columpton in Devon:
Gumbleden, John, 1598 or 9-1657. / [1657] Tvvo sermons first, an angel, in a vision, appeareth to a souldier. Acts. 10. 3, 4. He saw in a vision, evidently, &c. Second, a saviour, in mercy, appeareth to a sinner. Matth. 11. 28. Come unto me, all, &c. Preached before the University, at Oxford, some years since: by John Gumbleden B.D.
King, Henry, 1592-1669. / [1627] Tvvo sermons preached at VVhite-hall in Lent, March 3. 1625· and Februarie 20. 1626. By Henry King, D.D. one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinarie
Meredeth, Richard, 1559-1621. / [1606] Tvvo sermons preached before his Maiestie, in his chappell at Whitehall the one, the xi. of Februarie, the other the xxv. of same moneth. By Richard Meredeth, one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinarie.
Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. / [Anno 1610] Tvvo sermons preached before the Kings Maiestie at Whitehall. Of the birth of Christ The one on Christmas day anno 1609. The other on Christmas last anno 1610. By the Bishop of Elie his Maiesties almoner.
Smith, Henry, 1550?-1591. / [1610] Tvvo sermons preached by Master Henry Smith: with a prayer for the morning thereunto adioyned. And published by a more perfect copy then heeretofore
Haywood, William, 1599 or 1600-1663. / [1642] Tvvo sermons preached in the parish church of St. Giles in the fields, by way of preparative upon the Articles of the Creed by VVilliam Haywood ...
Valentine, Thomas, 1585 or 6-1665? / [1647] Tvvo sermons preached:: one before the Right Honorable House of Lords, on their publick fast, May 26. 1647. The other, before the Honorable House of Commons, on their publick fast, in Margarets Church in Westminster, Septemb. 29. 1647. / By Thomas Valentine one of the Assembly of Divines, and minister in Chalfort in the county of Bucks.
Gifford, George, d. 1620. / [1597] Tvvo sermons vpon 1. Peter 5. vers .8. and 9 Wherein is shewed that the diuell is to be resisted only by a stedfast faith, how soeuer he commeth either against soule or body: and that whosoeuer hath once attained the true and liuelie faith, it can neuer be vtterly lost, but he is sure to get the victorie. By M. George Giffard, Preacher of the worde of God at Mauldon in Essex.
Scull, John, minister of the word. / [1624] Tvvo sermons, upon that great embassie of our Lord and Sauiour Iesus Christ recorded by his Euangelist, Saint Matthew, Chap. 10.V.16. Preached by Iohn Scull, an humble professor and minister of the word.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1628] Tvvo sermons: the one preached before the iudges of assize at Oxford. The other to the Vniuersitie. By Robert Harris
Lovell, Robert, curate of Allhallowes, Barking. / [1621] Tvvo soveraigne salves for the soules sicknesse deliuered in certaine sermons at Hurst-church in the county of Berkes, neere Reading. By Robert Lovell, then minister and preacher of Gods word in the same parish.
Saye and Sele, William Fiennes, Viscount, 1582-1662. / [1641] Tvvo speeches in Parliament of the right honourable William, Lord Vicount Say and Seale: Mr. of his Majesties Court of Wards and Liveries, and one of his Majesties most honourable Privie Councell, the first upon the bill against bishops power in civill affaires and courts of judicature. The other a declaration of himself touching the liturgie, and separation.
Pym, John, 1584-1643. / [1641] Tvvo speeches made by Iohn Pymm Esquire; the one after the articles of the charge against the Earle of Strafford were read. The other, after the articles of the articles of the charge against Sir George Ratcliffe were read.
Dyke, Jeremiah, 1584-1639. / [1635] Tvvo treatises the one of Good conscicnce [sic]; shewing the nature, meanes, markes, benefits, and necessitie thereof. The other The mischiefe and misery of scandalls, both taken and given. Both published. by Ier: Dyke, minister of Gods Word at Epping in Essex.
Dyke, Daniel, d. 1614. / [1618] Tvvo treatises. The one, a most fruitfull exposition vpon Philemon: the other, the schoole of affliction. Both penned, by the late faithfull minister of Gods Word, Daniel Dyke, Bachelor in Diuinitie: published since his death by his brother, I.D. minister of Gods Word
Dyke, Daniel, d. 1614. / [1616] Tvvo treatises. The one, of repentance, the other, of Christs temptations. Both penned, by the late faithfull minister of Gods worde, Daniel Dyke, Batchelour in Diuinitie. Published since his death by his brother ID. minister of Gods word
Cottesford, Thomas. / [1589] Tvvo very Godly and comfortable letters, written ouer into England The one to a Godly and zealous Lady: wherin the Annabaptists errour is confuted and the sinne against the Holye Ghoste plainly declared. The other an answer to a Godly merchants letter: written for his comfort, being greeued with the heauye burden of sinne wherin is declared the true confession of sinne: Written by T.C.