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Mason, Margery. / [1679] The tickler tickled, or, The observator upon the late tryals of Sir George Wakeman, &c. observed by Margery Mason, spinster.
Beverley, Thomas. / [1692] Tidings of peace, or, Acure [sic] for the many evills that happen in the world about religion in a discourse of the new Jerusalem ...
Scot, Patrick. / [1623] The tillage of light¨ Or, A true discouerie of the philosophicall elixir, commonly called the philosophers stone. Seruing, to enrich all true, noble and generous spirits, as will aduenture some few labors in the tillage of such a light, as is worthy the best obseruance of the most wise. By Patrick Scot, Esquire.
Symons, Henry, M.A. / [1658] Timåe kai timåoria, A beautifull swan with two black feet, or, Magistrates deity attended with mortality & misery affirmed & confirmed before the learned and religious Judge Hales, at the assize holden at Maidstone, July 7, 1657, for the county of Kent / by Henry Symons ...
Carpenter, John, d. 1621. / [1588] Time complaining, giueth a most godly admonition, and very profitable instruction to England in this our dangerous tyme Whereunto is added a comfortable prayer to be vsed in this tyme. By Iohn Carpenter.
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [1658] The time of finding shewing when the Lord will be found and by whom, and when there will be no time of finding : also the persons are describ'd who shall not finde the Lord though they seek him with tears : likewise some reasons why the Lord hath suffered his work and good old cause to be stopt, and how it shall certainly be reviv'd again : also something is here shewed about the manner how it shall be reviv'd, and the time when / by John Canne.
H., C. / [16--?] [Time's] darling: or, [a love] worth liking; [...]men, abroad and at home, at bed and [...]mpany. [...]ell mee so; or, Loves tide.
Dugdale, Gilbert. / [1604] The time triumphant declaring in briefe, the ariual of our soueraigne liedge Lord, King Iames into England, his coronation at Westminster: together with his late royal progresse, from the Towre of London throâugh the Cittie, to his Highnes manor of White Hall. Shewing also, the varieties & rarieties of al the sundry trophies or pageants, erected ... With a rehearsall of the King and Queenes late comming to the Exchaunge in London. By Gilbert Dugdale.
Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637. / [1623] Time vindicated to himselfe, and to his honors. In the presentation at Court on Twelfth Night. 1622..
Culverwell, Ezekiel, 1553 or 4-1631. / [1635] Time vvell spent in sacred meditations. Divine observations. Heavenly exhortations Serving to confirme the penitent. Informe the ignorant. ... And, cherish the true-hearted Christian. By that late able, painefull, and worthy man of God, Ezechiel Culuervvel, minister of the Word.
Browne, Edward. / [Printed in the yeer, 1643. ] Time well spent. Or, Opus iræ & labor benevolentiæ. In eight books. Viz, A compendious retractation for bookmaking, a godly zealous prayer, for peace and salvation a warning piece for England, a lamentable complaint, a patheticall apology, a potent vindication, a paradox, and the authours disaster for bookmaking, with his ship in division ... 11. May. 1643. Whereas Edward Browne ... hath presenteed to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty and the lords and commons in Parliament two petitions wherein is briefly described the miserable condition of this distracted kingdome as well as his own particuler grievances, it is therefore ordered that not onely his desire therein shall be granted, but that his time well spent in print shall be forthwith published ...
Worthy member of Parliament. / [1680] A time-serving speech spoken once in season by a worthy member of Parliament ; and now thought fit to be reprinted to prevent the occasion of having it respoken.
[1642] The time-troubler crept in at the window,: disturbing and molesting the Church of God, by false heresies and ill opinions, sprung from his stirill braine, sowne by the devill, reapt by his wicked heart, put into the barne of his evill conscience. Discussed of betweene two loving friends, R. and L. this present yeere, 1642. Wondering at the time.
Officer out of Scotland. / [1659] Timely advice from the major part of the old souldiers in the army, to all the rest of our fellow souldiers wherein is held forth the politically intended destruction of the whole souldiery by our new masters / from an officer out of Scotland.
D. S. / [1700?] A timely warning to rash and disobedient persons: or, A strange and wonderful relation of a young gentleman that sold himself to the devil for twelve years to have power of being revenged on his father and mother, and now his time being expired, he lies in a sad and deplorable condition, to the amazement of all spectators. With the substance of a sermon upon this unhappy accident; also a prayer for the grace of God against temptation. By D. S. And now published as a monument of divine vengrance, to drive hard-harted and stubborn sinners to a speedy repentance.
Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [1651] Of times and seasons, their mystery by the Lady Eleanor.
Sheppard, S. (Samuel) / [1646] The times displayed in six sestyads:: the first [brace] a Presbyter, an Independent. The second [brace] an Anabaptist and a Brownist. The third [brace] an Antinomian and a Familist. The fourth [brace] a Libertine and an Arminian. The fift [brace] a Protestant and eke a Papist. All these dispute in severall tracts, and be divulgers, as of truth, so fallacie. The sixt [brace] Apollo, grieves to see the times so pester'd with mechanicks slavish rimes.
[Printed in the yeare, 1641] The times dissected. Or, A learned discourse of severall occurrences very worthy of speciall observation,: to deter evill men, and incourage good.
[Printed in the yeare, 1642] The Times dissected. Or, A learned discovrse of severall occvrrences very worthy of speciall observation, to deter evill men, and incourage good.
Willis, Humphrey. / [Printed in the yeare, 1647] Times vvhirligig, or the blew-new-made-gentleman mounted. Written by a faithfull servant and true lover of his countrey, Hum. Willis, Esquire.
Graile, Edmond, b. ca. 1577. / [printed in the year, 1699] Timothy's lesson: or, a summary relation of the historical part of Holy scripture plainly and familiarly comprized in metre, for the help of memory, and instruction of the ignorant. By E.G. Master in Arts, and physician of the hospital of St. Bartholomew, of the foundation of Queen Elizabeth, of the city of Gloucester.
Touchstone, Timothy. / [1679] Timothy Touchstone his reply to Mr. Christian's letter written in vindication of the great worth and innocence of the Earl of Danby.
Touchstone, Timothy. / [1679] Timothy Touchstone's reply to Sir Anonymus, at Mr. Christian's lodgings, at the sign of the naked devil, between Hamden and Danby-Houses
Tresilian, Thomas. / [1697] The tinners greivances, or, A true narrative shewing the reasons of the continual fall of the price of tin and likewise the many hardships the tinners have a long time laboured under : together with their present deplorable condition / by an adventuring tinner.
[1643] 'Tis a plaine case gentlemen::
Graye, Isaac. / [1654] Tithes a curse to all nations but Canaan,: and a disturbance, and vexation to all people but the Hebrevvs. Clearly demonstrated in the case of Isaack Graye, now a prisoner, for the non-payment of tithes in the counter of great Woodstreet, London. Exposed to publick view for the discovering of the cruelties, persecutions, and oppressors of those that stand for it's maintainance.
Morris, William, d. 1680. / [1680] Tithes no gospell ordinance, nor ever instituted of God for the maintenance of a gospell ministry but ended, with the Leviticall preisthood [sic], and abollished by the offering up of Christ proved by Scripture. As also, the Levitticall and scripturall tythers with the vnscripturall tythers compared; and the moderation of the one, and insatiable avarice of the other manifested. By William Morris.
Turner, John. / [1659?] Tithes proved unlawfull to be paid unto ministers, for, or towards their maintainance both by divine and humane right ...
Bowne, Martin. / [1646] Tithes re-mounted and advanced by the VVord of God, for the ministers of the Gospell. Proving, that tithes are due to the ministers of the Gospell, as to the priests and Levites under the law. In answer to a late scandalous and seditious pamphlet intituled, The ordinance of tithes dismounted. Dedicated to the right honourable the Lord Mayor. / By Martin Bovvne. Imprimatur. John Dovvname.
Spelman, Henry, Sir, 1564?-1641. / [1646?] Tithes too hot to be touched certain treatises, wherein is shewen that tithes are due, by the law of nature, scripture, nations, therefore neither Jewish, Popish, or inconvenient / written by Sr. Henry Spelman ... ; with an alphabeticall table.
Carew, George, Esq. / [1659] The title and [i]nterest of Jeremy Elwes Esq. and other creditors of VVilliam Courten, to several mannors and lands within the counties of Worcester and Gloucester, asserted against the issue in taile of the said William Courten, and the trustees at Drury-house : faithfully stated, and printed for the satisfaction of all persons concerned : with some arguments raised thereupon, objections answered, and ten queries left to further resolves, together with the several proceedings and transactions therein duly set forth / by George Carevv ...
Jenkin, Robert, 1656-1727. / [1690] The title of an usurper after a thorough settlement examined in answer to Dr. Sherlock's Case of the allegiance due to sovereign powers, &c.
[1654] The title of Sir Thomas Dawes Kt Thomas Cromwell, and Humfrey Walrond, esqs; and Josias Tully, gent.: to certain improved lands in the West and North Fenns in the county of Lincoln, together with the objections, and an answer to the same, as it now depends in Parliament.
Cook, Aurelian. / [1685] Titus Britannicus an essay of history royal, in the life & reign of His late Sacred Majesty, Charles II, of ever blessed and immortal memory / by Aurelian Cook, Gent.
Solier, François. / [M. DC. XLIV. 1644] Titus; or The palme of Christian courage: to be exhibited by the schollars of the Society of Iesus, at Kilkenny, anno Domini 1644.