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J. S. / [1656] Syllogologia; or, An historical discourse of parliaments in their originall before the Conquest, and continuance since.: Together with the originall growth, and continuance, of these courts following, viz. [brace] High Court of Chancery, Upper Bench, Common-Pleas, Exchequer, Dutchy, and other inferiour courts now in use in this Commonwealth.
Manning, Mr. (Francis), fl. 1688-1716. / [MDCXCV 1695] Sylvana a pastoral lamenting the death of our most gracious Queen Mary, of blessed memory / by Mr. Manning.
Salgado, James, fl. 1680. / [1681] Symbiåosis, or, The intimate converse of Pope and Devil attended by a cardinal and buffoon to which is annexed the pourtrait of each, with a brief explication thereof / by James Salgado ...
Ditton, George. / [1650 i.e. 1649] Symbolum apostolicum.:
Mullinax, John. / [1660] Symplegades antrum, or The rumpant story impartially relating their tyrannical dealings, and clymacterical downfall. Together with a congratulation of his most sacred Majesty in his most happy reign. By John Mullinax Dr. in Physick.
Smith, Francis, fl. 1657-1689. / [1660] Symptomes of growth & decay to godlinesse: in LX. signs of a living and dying Christian. With the causes of decay, and remedies for recovery. / By Francis Smith.
Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707. / [1661] Syn theō, Consilium hygiasticum: pro illustriss. excellentissq. heroë, Dno. Johanne Luca, Marchione Durazzo, extraordinario serenissimæ reip. Genuensis oratore, ad augustissimum Carolum II, Magnæ Britanniæ regem, honorificentissimèmisso, & ab eodem paritèr excepto, anno hoc, Æræ Christi nati MDCLXI.
Prideaux, John, 1578-1650. / [1656] Syneidēsilogia ̇or, The doctrine of conscience,: framed according to the points of the catechisme, in the Book of Common-Prayer. / By the Right Reverend Father in God, John Prideaux, late Lord Bishop of Worcester, for the private use of his wife.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1654. i.e. 1653] Synkrētismos. Or Dis-satisfaction satisfied.: In seventeen sober and serious queries, tending to allay the discontents, and satisfie the scruples, of persons dis-satisfied about the late revolution of government in the Common-Wealth, and to guide every mans feet into the way of his duty, and the publique peace. Proposed by J.G. a cordiall friend, and well-willer to the interest of all men, consistent with the publique peace and safety.
Quick, John, 1636-1706. / [1692] Synodicon in Gallia reformata, or, The acts, decisions, decrees, and canons of those famous national councils of the reformed churches in France being I. a most faithful and impartial history of the rise, growth, perfection and decay of the reformation in that kingdom, with its fatal catastrophe upon the revocation of the Edict of Nants in the year 1685 : II. the confession of faith and discipline of those churches : III. a collection of speeches, letters, sacred politicks, cases of conscience, and controversies in divinity, determined and resolved by those grave assemblies : IV. many excellent expedients for preventing and healing schisms in the churches and for re-uniting the dismembred body of divided Protestants : V. the laws, government, and maintenance of their colleges, universities and ministers, together with their exercise of discipline upon delinquent ministers and church-members : VI. a record of very many illustrious events of divine providence relating to those churches : the whole collected and composed out of original manuscript acts of those renowned synods : a work never be extant in any language.
Gibson, Edmund, 1669-1748. / [1672] Synodus Anglicana, or, The constitution and proceedings of an English convocation shown from the acts and registers thereof to be agreeable to the principles of an Episcopal church.
Prideaux, John, 1578-1650. / [1661] A synopsis of councels. By John Prideaux, late Regius Professour of Divinity at Oxford, and Bishop of Worcester.
Roberts, Francis, 1609-1675. / [An. Dom. 1645] A synopsis of theology or divinity.: Drawn up by Francis Roberts, M.A. minister of the gospel, for the benefit of his flock.
Morgues, Matthieu de, sieur de Saint-Germain, 1582-1670. / [Printed in the Yeare, 1643] A synopsis, or contact view, of the life of John Armand, Cardinall of Richlieu,: great favorite and minister of state to Lewis the 13th. King of France. To bee engraven on his tombe. First written in Latine, and now verbatim rendered English.
Tomlinson, William. / [1684] A synopsis, or, Short view of essential Christianity: in part, in which the first fruits unto God, (or saints) in the Apostles dayes lived. : According to the doctrine of Christ ... : With some explications or enlargements thereupon. : Tending to the edification, comfort, and refreshing of all sorts of people ... / By William Tomlinson ...
Hibbert, Henry, 1601 or 2-1678. / [1662] Syntagma theologicum, or, A treatise wherein is concisely comprehended, the body of divinity, and the fundamentals of religion orderly discussed whereunto are added certain divine discourses, wherein are handled these following heads, viz. 1. The express character of Christ our redeemer, 2. Gloria in altissimis, or the angelical anthem, 3. The necessity of Christ's passion and resurrection, 4. The blessed ambassador, or, The best sent into the basest, 5. S. Paul's apology, 6. Holy fear, the fence of the soul, 7. Ordini quisque suo, or, The excellent order, 8. The royal remembrancer, or, Promises put in suit, 9. The watchman's watch-word, 10. Scala Jacobi, or, S. James his ladder, 11. Decus sanctorum, or, The saints dignity, 12. Warrantable separation, without breach of union / by Henry Hibbert ...
Ward, John, fl. 1698-1709. / [1695] Synthesis et analysis. Vulgo algebra.
Hammon, George. / [1658] Syons redemption, and original sin vindicated:: wherein are these particulars largely handled and discovered. I. That sprinkling of water in the name of the father, son and Holy Ghost is not baptism, ... II Infants not the subjects appointed by God to be baptized, ... III That the second death was never threatned to be inflicted upon Adam ... IV A clear and large discourse as touching Gods decree, of election and reprobation. V A large exposition upon the ninth chapter to the Romanes, ... VI A brief disproof of the unlawfulness of the paying or receving of tithes, ... VII The ordination of the national ministery examined and disproved. VIII The answer of objections against the Jews return out of their captivity ... IX A clear discovery of the glorious effects (or that which will be effected) under the sound of the seventh trumpet. X A full discovery of Judah and Israels glory to be enjoyed in their own land, ... Published for the instruction and comfort of all that wait for the appearing of the Lord Jesus and Zions redemption. Being an answer to a book of Mr. Hezekiah Holland, sometimes preacher in Sutton-Valence in Kent. By George Hammon pastor to the Church of Christ, meeting in Biddenden in Kent.
Perrinchief, Richard, 1623?-1673. / [1661] The Syracusan tyrant, or, The life of Agathocles with some reflexions on the practices of our modern usurpers.
R. W. (Robert Wilmot), fl. 1568-1608. / [1601] Syrophænissa or, the Cananitish womans conflicts in twelue seuerall tractats discouered, sectio prima. At Horndon on the hil, in the countie of Essex. 1598. Dulcescit Christus, amarescit mundus R.W.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [1700] The system of grace, and free-will as 'tis held in the Catholick Church, and the Church of England; proposed, and vindicated. In a visitation sermon. By Stephen Nye.
Worlidge, John, fl. 1660-1698. / [1675] Systema agriculturæ, the mystery of husbandry discovered treating of the several new and most advantagious ways of tilling, planting, sowing, manuring, ordering, improving of all sorts of gardens, orchards, meadows, pastures, corn-lands, woods & coppices, as also of fruits, corn, grain, pulse, new-hays, cattle, fowl, beasts, bees, silk-worms, &c. : with an account of the several instruments and engines used in this profession : to which is added Kalendarium rusticum, or, The husbandmans monthly directions, also the prognosticks of dearth, scarcity, plenty, sickness, heat, cold, frost, snow, winds, rain, hail, thunder, &c. and Dictionarium rusticum, or, The interpretation of rustick terms, the whole work being of great use and advantage to all that delight in that most noble practice.
Worlidge, John, fl. 1660-1698. / [1688] Systema horti-culturæ, or, The art of gardening in three books ... / by J. Woolridge, gent.