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J. L. / [April 20. 1654] A small mite, in memory of the late deceased (yet still living, and never to be forgotten) Mr. William Erbery.: Being 1. An acrostick on the letters of his name. 2. An elegie on his death, or worthy living fame. Whereunto are added two new songs: the one being some brief touches on the 12 chapter of the Revelation, more fully to be enlarged in the experimental Christian. The other, touching the doing away of sin through the Lord Christ in our souls, and the dostroying [sic] all our mental enemies: with other remarkable passages. Some are dead that seem alive: but Erbery's worth shall still survive.
Whistler, Henry. / [1657] A small present to a Roman Catholique in opposition to his present hear-say tradition, as not agreeable to the rule of faith ... / by Henry Whistler, Bac. Theol.
Potter, William. / [1655] A small table to find the day of the month for ever. Which may be graven upon a piece of coine, the case of a watch, a tobaccho-box, or any such like. Very usefull for men of all sorts and qualities, to carry about them. Invented, and at first intended onely for private use, by W. Potter.
Shewen, William, 1631?-1695. / [1679] A small treatise concerning evil thoughts and imaginations and concerning good thoughts and heavenly meditations ... / by W. S.
Smart, quack doctor. / [1665?] Smart's aurum purgans.:
Holland, John, porter. / [1651] The smoke of the bottomlesse pit. Or, A more true and fuller discovery of the doctrine of those men which call themselves Ranters:: or, the Mad Crew. / By John Holland porter, an eye and ear witnesse. Licensed and entred according to order.