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Salgado, James, fl. 1680. / [1682] The slaughter-house, or, A brief description of the Spanish Inquisition, in a method never before used in which is laid open the tyranny, insolence, perfidiousness, and barbarous cruelty of that tribunal, detected by several examples and observations / gathered together by the pains and study of James Salgado, a converted Spanish priest ...
Marino, Giambattista, 1569-1625. / [1675] The slaughter of the innocents by Herod written in Italian by the famous poet, the cavalier Marino, in four books ; newly Englished.
Broke, Thomas, fl. 1570. / [1569?] A slaunderous libell (cast abroad) vnto an epitaph set forth vpon the death of D.E. Boner, with a reply to the same lying libell, by T. Broo:
Jenkyn, William, 1613-1685. / [1647] A sleeping sicknes the distemper of the times:: as it was discovered in its curse and cure. In a sermon preached before the Right Honourable the House of Peeres in the Abby-Church at Westminster upon the 27th of January, the day appointed for their solemne and publicke humiliation. / By William Jenkyn Minister of Gods Word at Christ-Church London.
J. B. (James Bradshaw), 1636?-1702. / [1667] The sleepy spouse of Christ alarm'd, or, A warning to beware of drowsiness vvhen Christ calls, lest he withdraw in a discontent being the sum of some sermons upon Cant. 5th, and the beginning / by J. B., minister of the Gospel ; recommended in a preface by Nath. Vincent.