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[1589] A Skeltonicall salutation, or condigne gratulation, and iust vexation of the Spanish nation that in a bravado, spent many a crusado, in setting forth an armado England to invado.
Guilpin, Edward. / [1598] Skialetheia. Or, A shadowe of truth, in certaine epigrams and satyres
Bahia (Brazil : State). Secretaria das Minas e Energia. Diretoria de Distribuição. / [1656] The skilful physician containing directions for the preservation of a healthful condition, and approved remedies for all diseases and infirmities (outward or inward) incident to the body of man ... whereunto is added experimented instructions for the compounding of perfumes, also for the chusing and ordering of all kinds of wines, both in preserving the sound, and rectifying those that are prick'd : never before imparted to publick view.
Joannes Baptista Guardano Lodovico puncto. / [1638] The skilfull mountebanke. Or, Come, and I'le cure you. It hath not so much power as patience, yet 'tis a playster for all sores. By Ioannes Baptista Guardano Lodovico puncto. A Frenchified Italian, and borne in Bucklersberry.
J. C. (John Cheyney) / [1676] A skirmish made upon Quakerism being a brief confutation of a most gross principle or point of doctrine published and maintained by one William Penn, a Quaker, in a certain book entituled Quakerism a nick-name for old Christianity, subverting religion and all duty both to God and man / by J.C.
Haydock, Roger, 1643-1696. / [1676] The skirmisher confounded being a collection of several passages taken forth of some books of John Cheyney's, who stiles himself the author of the skirmish upon Quakerism : in which is the baseness, wickedness, contradictions, lyes, hypocrisie, unbelief, confusion and blasphemy of that skirmishing priest discovered, and he laid open to the view of every one who shall read with a single eye / collected by ... Roger Haydocke.
Hollister, Dennis, d. 1676? / [1656] The skirts of the whore discovered, and the mingled people in the midst of her.: In a letter sent by Denys Hollister to the independent baptiz'd people, who call themselves a Church of Christ in Bristol, but are found to be a synagogue of Satan, in answer to a charge brought to him from them by some of their members, and by him ... published. Together with another letter written by him to Thomas Ewens, a teacher among them, ... referring to his speaking among his people of having Sarah Latchet a servant of Jesus, once a member among the Baptists, sent to Bridewell, and whipt for testifying to them in the name of the Lord in their meeting the second day of the ninth moneth. 1655. And likewise an answer to 16 antiqueries directed to the people called Quakers, which answer was sent to Thomas Ewens, from whom the antiqueries were received, though Iohn Pendarviss a long time after published the antiqueries by the name of Queries, without the answer to them, or taking the least notice of it in a book entituled Arrows against Babylon which hath occasiond the presenting of the one, and the other, now to the view of those who read, and understand, to judge of the whole, and of their unfaire and deceitfull dealing.