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[1683] Sh------ ghost to Doctor Oats in a vision concerning the Jesuits and lords in the Tower.
Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654. / [1646] Shadowes without substance, or, Pretended new lights: together, with the impieties and blasphemies that lurk under them, further discovered and drawn forth into the light: in way of rejoynder unto Mr Iohn Saltmarsh his reply: entituled Shadowes flying away. Wherein nothing lesse is shewed to have been performed, then what the title page importeth; or the preface promiseth. As also, divers points of faith and passages of Scripture are vindicated and explained. / By Thomas Gataker, B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith. Published by authority.
[Anno Dom. 1683] Shaftsbury's ghost to Doctor Oats. In a vision, concerning the Jesuits and Lords in the Tower:
[1684] Shall I, shall I? no, no
[1684?] Shall I? Shall I? No, no. A wanton lad and comely lass did once together meet; tho she seem'd coy her heart he won with complements most sweet. Tune of, The doubting virgin.
Sanders, Jonathan. / [1681] The sham-indictment quash'd being a true account of what passed at the Old-Baily the 20th of May, 1681, when the minister of Alhallows-Barkin, London, answered to Mr. Whitaker's indictment : together with some just reflections upon a libel called, The birth and burning of St. Michael, &c., lately published / by a lover of the loyal parish of Barkin.
[1688] The Sham prince expos'd in a dialogue between the popes nuncio and bricklayers wife, nurse to the supposed Prince of Wales.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1697?] The shame and humiliation of the Quakers in a remarkable judgment of [...]tuation, already begun upon some of [...]stinate ministers of their second days meeting. With a fair warning and kind admonition to the rest, who are sincere, and desire to escape the snare of deceit, to beware of them. 1. A brief account of the beginning and progress of the difference between George Keith and the other Quakers, and of their meeting at Turners-Hall, April 29, 1697.
Edmonds, David, fl. 1652. / [1652] A sharp arrovv darted against the anabaptists, &c. being an apology, or defence of the visible church upon Earth, and an objection to all such persons as doe rebaptize men and women, and against being covered at the divine exercise of preaching the word of God to the people, as also against those that deny to say the Lords Prayer / David Edmonds.
Line, Francis, 1595-1675. / [1650] A sharp, but short noise of warr, or, The ruine of Antichrist by the sword of temporall warr, hinted.: Written, by Francis Lin,
Pigot, John. / [1643] The sharpnesse of the svvord: or, Abners plea for accommodation.: A sermon lately preached by John Pigot, curate of St Sepulchres, London.
Pead, Deuel, d. 1727. / [1696] Sheba's conspiracy and Amasa's confederacy, or, A modest vindication of the national association entred into by the Honorable House of Commons, Feb. 25th, 1695 being a sermon preach'd in the parish-church of St. James Clarkenwell, March 29th / by D. Pead ...
Stillingfleet, John, 1630 or 1-1687. / [1663] Shecinah, or, A demonstration of the divine presence in the places of religious worship being an essay, tending to promote piety, prevent apostacy, and to reduce grosly deluded souls, first to their right wits, then to the right waies, of Gods publick instituted worship / by John Stillingfleete ...
Wood, James, 1608-1664. / [1680] Sheperdy spiritualiz'd or, The improvement of a shepherd's life to soul-advantage. By James Woode, an unworthy follower of the great shepherd of souls
[ca. 1635] The shepheard and the king, and of Gillian the shepheards vvife: with her churlish answers: being full of mirth and merry pastime. To the tune of Flying fane [sic].
Oxley, Thomas. / [1609] The shepheard, or A sermon, preached at a synode in Durisme Minster, vpon Tuesday, being the fifth of April. 1608. By Thomas Oxley, Master of Artes, and preacher of Gods word.
J. R. (Joseph Rutter), fl. 1635-1640. / [1635] The shepheards holy-day. A pastorall tragi-comædie. Acted before both their Maiesties at White-Hall, by the Queenes Servants. With an elegie on the death of the most noble lady, the Lady Venetia Digby. Written by J.R.
[ca. 1617] The Shepheards lamentation: to the tune of The plaine-dealing woman.
Bayly, Richard, fl. 1640. / [1640] The shepheards starre, or The ministers guide. By Richard Bayly late minister of Crawley in Sussex
Brathwaite, Richard, 1588?-1673. / [1621] The shepheards tales
Laney, Benjamin, 1591-1675. / [1668] The shepherd, or, The pastoral charge and obedience due to it instituted by God as a necessary means to preserve the sheep from straying.
Ellyson, Thomas. / [1646] The shepherds letters: 1 To his soveraigne lord King Charles his sacred Majesty. 2 To the renowned noble princes, grand-sonnes to great James of famous memory, late west-emperour of the world, Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice. 3 To all the late bishops, doctors, and ministers reputed malignants in the kingdomes of England and Scotland give these.
L. P. (Laurence Price), fl. 1625-1680? / [1652] The shepherds prognostication: fore-telling, the sad and strange eclipse of the sun, which wil happen on the 29. of March this present year 1652. Which eclipse will begin about eight of the clock in the fore-noon, and so continue till past the hour of eleven; which will be is dismallest day that ever was known since the year 33. when our savior Christ suffered on the cross for the sins of mankind. At which time, the seas did roare, the earth did quake, the graves did open, the temple rent from the top to the bottom, Luk. 23. 45. And there was a darknesse over all the land. This prediction also fore-tells of many strange presages and passages which will follow after that horrible eclipse of the sun, and what wil insue. With a perfect way whereby to avoid the insuing danger. By L.P.
Bradshaw, Thomas, fl. 1591. / [1591] The shepherds starre now of late seene, and at this hower to be obserued merueilous orient in the East: which bringeth glad tydings to all that may behold her brightnes, hauing the foure elements with the foure capitall vertues in her, which makes her elementall and a vanquishor of all earthly humors. Described by a gentleman late of the right worthie and honorable the Lord Burgh, his companie & retinue in the Briell in North-holland.
[1681] The Sheriffs case whether, and how they may lawfully qualifie themselves for their holding the office, according to the Act for Corporations.
Wagstaffe, Thomas, 1645-1712. / [1691] Sherlock against Sherlock. The master of the temple's reasons for his late taking the oath to their Majesties, answered, / by the rector of St. George Botolph-Lane. With modest remarks on the doctors celebrated notions of allegiance to soveraign powers.
Streater, John, fl. 1650-1670. / [Printed in the year, 1659] A shield against the Parthian dart, or, A word to the purpose, shot into Wallingford-House.: Answered in defence of the present actions of state here in England, that produced the late change of government. By J.S.
Anderson, Anthony, d. 1593. / [1581] The shield of our safetie: set foorth by the faythfull preacher of Gods holye worde A. Anderson, vpon Symeons sight, in hys Nunc dimittis. Seene and allowed
Horne, Robert, 1565-1640. / [1625] The shield of the righteous: or, The Ninety first Psalme, expounded, with the addition of doctrines and vses. Verie necessarie and comfortable in these dayes of heauinesse, wherein the pestilence rageth so sore in London, and other parts of this kingdome. By Robert Horn, minister of Gods Word.
Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623. / [1620] The shielde and revvarde of the faithfull. Or a meditation vpon Genesis 15. chap. vers. 1. Written by Philip of Mornay Lord of Plessis-Marly and faithfully translated according to the last French copie.
Shone, Shinkin ap. / [1654] Shinkin ap Shone her Prognostication for the ensuing yeer, 1654.: Fore-telling what admirable events are like to fall out in the horizon of Little Britain beyond Mawburn Hills, and in all other places in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. As also a true storie of the beginning of the Welsh-men, their rise and progresse, and how they came first to inhabit the Welsh mountains, never heretofore discovered either in print or writing, and even now published for the comfort and consolation of aul her countreymen now living, and for the nenefot of posterity. Likewise an astrological prediction, concerning the gazing star, seen by thousands of people in and about London, the 22. and 23 of February 1653.
Brasse, Samuel. / [1653] A ship of arms Vseful for all sorts of people in this woful [sic] time of war / fashioned by a plain country-farmer, Samuel Brasse ...
Cradock, Edward. / [Anno. 1572] The shippe of assured safetie wherein wee may sayle without danger towards the land of the liuing, promised to the true Israelites: conteyning in foure bokes, a discourse of Gods prouidence, a matier very agreable for this time, vvherof no commo[n]ly knovven especiall treatise hath bene published before in our mother tong. What great varietie of very necessarie and fruitfull matier is comprysed in this worke, conuenient for all sortes of men, by the table of the chapters follovving after the præface, ye may perceyue. Compyled by Edward Cradocke, doctor and reader of diuinitie in the Vniuersitie of Oxford.
Rolle, Samuel, fl. 1657-1678. / [1667] Shlohavot, or, The burning of London in the year 1666 commemorated and improved in a CX discourses, meditations, and contemplations, divided into four parts treating of I. The sins, or spiritual causes procuring that judgment, II. The natural causes of fire, morally applied, III. The most remarkable passages and circumstances of that dreadful fire, IV. Counsels and comfort unto such as are sufferers by the said judgment / by Samuel Rolle ...
Jenkyn, William, 1613-1685. / [1654] A shock of corn coming in in its season.: A sermon preached at the funeral of that ancient and eminent servant of Christ VVilliam Gouge, Doctor of Divinity, and late pastor of Black-Fryars, London, December the 16th, 1653. With the ample and deserved testimony that then was given of his life, by William Jenkyn (now) pastor of Black-Fryars, London.
Rigbey, Richard. / [1695 ] The shooe-maker's triumph: being a song in praise of the gentle-craft, shewing how royal princes, sons of kings, lords, and great commanders, have been shooe-makers of old, to the honour of this ancient trade; as it was sung at a general assembly of shooe-makers, on the 25th of Octob. 1695, being St. Crispin· To the tune of, The evening ramble, &c. / Written by Richard Rigbey, a brother of the craft.
[1700] A short abstract of a case which was last sessions presented to the Parliament: being a true relation of the rise and progress of the East-India Company shewing how their manufactures have been, are, and will be prejudicial to the manufactures of England, and what endeavours have been used for and against any restrictions. Together with some remarks and query's thereon.
Chamberlen, Hugh. / [1696] A short abstract of Doctor H. Chamberlen's proposal to the honourable House of Commons, the last sessions. And also of Mr. John Briscoe's present printed proposal, compared together ...
[1689?] A Short abstract of the reasons against passing the bill of forfeitures by way of inquiry.
[1700] A short account how the kingdom of Denmark became hereditary and absolute, by a difference betwixt the Lords and Commons. Published as a warning to other nations.
Westmacott, William. / [1694] A short account of Blurton-Spaw-Water, with some plain directions, and necessary rules for the more efficacious drinking of it.
[1689] A Short account of French cruelties in a letter from Heidelburgh, June 17 1689.
Waller, William, Gent. / [1693] A short account of Sir Carbery Pryse's lead-work given in the first of June, 1693. by William Waller, steward there.
Godfrey, Michael, d. 1695. / [1695] A short account of the Bank of England.
Ravenhill, W. L. D. / [MDCLXXX1X 1689] A short account of the Company of Grocers from their original : together with their case and condition (in their present circumstances) truly stated : as also how their revenue is settled for payment of their charities, and provision made for the well-governing their members and mystery, to preserve a succession in their society : designed for information of all, and benefit of the members, and for satisfaction and encouragement of their friends and benefactors.
[1713] A short account of the expiring Parl--m-nt.
[1681] A short account of the late Presbyterian and Shaftburian-plot, seasonably discovered and now published for the satisfaction of all inquisitive and impartial readers
Bolton, John, 1599-1679. / [1671] A short account of the latter end and dying words of Francis Howgil, who dyed a prisoner for the testimony of Jesus, in Appulby the twentieth day of the eleaventh moneth, 1668
[1696] A Short account of the manifest hand of God that hath fallen upon several marshals and their deputies who have made great spoil and havock of the goods of the people called Quakers in the island of Barbadoes for their testimony against going or sending to the militia : with a remarkable account of some others of the persecutors of the same people in the same island, together with an abstract of their sufferings.
[1690?] A short account of the mineral waters lately found out in the city of Canterbury
N. N. / [1690] A short account of the present state of New-England, Anno Domini 1690
Percy, James, 1619-1690? / [1674] A short account of the proceedings of James Percy late of Ireland, inpursuance of his native right to the earldome of Northumberland as cousin and next heir male to Jocelin Percy late and last Earl deceased, who at his coming into England, was informed, that the countess was with child, which prevented him from entring his claim until the third of Feb 1671. And then understanding the contrary, entred in at Whitehall at the signet office, and hath used all honourable and justifyable endeavours to accomplish his just dues for three years and upwards, as followeth.
Royal College of Physicians of London. / [1697] A short account of the proceedings of the College of Physicians, London, in relation to the sick poor of the said city, and suburbs thereof, with the reasons which have induced the College to make medicines for them at the intrinsick value
[1698?] A short account of the process and trial at the instance of His Majesty's advocate by special order of His Majesty's privy council against Thomas Frazer of Beaufort and Captain Simeon Frazer his son and their complices for the crimes of treason and other crimes contained in their inditement.
Bray, Thomas, 1658-1730. / [1700] A short account of the several kinds of societies, set up of late years, for carrying on the reformation of manners, and for the propagation of Christian knowledge
[1697] A short account of the true state of the case of the Suedish Merchant-fleet lately brought up, on their voyage from France, by Admiral Rooke, and sent into Plimouth.
L. T. / [1681] A short account, or state of Mr. Sheridan's case before the late House of Commons in a letter to J.T.
Cooke, Edward, fl. 1658-1670. / [1658] A short accovnt of the vniust proceedings of the Court of Kingstone upon Thames in a tryal between Richard Mayo, priest and E. Burrough, the 31 of the fifth moneth, 1658.
Morgan, John, fl. 1588. / [1588] A short analysis of a part of the second chapter of S. Iames, from the 14. verse to the end of the same. With a briefe confutation of the Rhemists annotations therevpon written. By Iohn Morgan. 1588.
Yates, John, d. ca. 1660. / [1621] A short and briefe summe of saving knowledge consisting of the creed, ten Commandements, Lords prayer and the sacraments. And is made profitable introduction to the larger art of divinitie, composed by the methodicall tables of A.R. and published by I.Y.
Graie, H. / [Anno. 1588] A short and easie introduction to Christian faith conteining the summe of the principles of religion, necessary to be knowne of all before they presume to receiue the sacrament of the Lords Supper: set downe in questions and answers, and distinguished into chapters. By H. Graie.
Clapham, Jonathan. / [Printed, anno Dom. 1656] A short and full vindication of that sweet and comfortable ordinance, of singing of Psalmes. Together with some profitable rules, to direct weak Christians how to sing to edification. And a briefe confutation of some of the most usual cavils made against the same. Published especially for the use of the Christians, in and about the town of Wramplingham in Norf. for the satisfaction of such, as scruple the said ordinance, for the establishment of such as do own it, against all seducers that come amongst them; and for the instruction of all in general, that they may better improve the same to their spiritual comfort and benefit. / By Io. Clapham, M.A. and minister of Christ there.
Raymond, George, A.M. / [1700] A short and plain account of religion for the instruction of families, by being often read in them : recommended especially to those under his charge / by Geo. Raymond ...
[1668] A Short and plain catechism instructing a learner of Christian religion what he is to believe and what to practice
Bulkelly, John. / [1697] Short and plain directions for the observation of the Lords day as they were delivered in a sermon in the church of Mallow, in the diocess of Cloyne : suited to the capacity of the common people / by John Bulkelly, M.A. and rector of Cloyne.
Balmford, James, b. 1556. / [1593] A short and plaine dialogue concerning the vnlawfulnes of playing at cards or tables, or any other game consisting in chance. Offered to the religious consideration of all such as make conscience of all their waies.
More, William, 17th cent. / [1645] A short and plaine tractate of the Lords Supper grounded upon I Cor. II, 23, &c. / by VVilliam More ...
Wiseman, Samuel. / [1667] A short and serious narrative of Londons fatal fire with its diurnal and nocturnal progression, from Sunday morning (being) the second of September, anno mirabili 1666, until Wednesday night following : a poem : as also London's lamentation to her regardless passengers.
One that hath lately been in His Majesties service in that country. / [1669] A short and strange relation of some part of the life of Tafiletta the great conqueror and emperor of Barbary by one that hath lately been in His Majesties service in that country.
Rodrâiguez, Alfonso, 1526-1616. / [Permissu superiorum 1630] A short and sure way to heauen, and present happines. Taught in a treatise of our conformity with the will of God. Written by the Reuerend Father Alfonsus Rodriguez of the Society of Iesus, in his worke intituled, The exercise of perfection and Christian vertue. Translated out of Spanish.
Pemble, William, 1592?-1623. / [Anno Domini 1629] A short and svveete exposition vpon the first nine chapters of Zachary. By William Pemble.
[1689] A short and true accompt of the present state of the East-India Companies stock, as it now lies before the honourable House of Commons.
Willoughby de Eresby, Peregrine Bertie, Baron, 1555-1601. / [1589] A short and true discourse for satisfying all those vvho not knovving the truth, speake indiscreetly of hir most excellent Maiestie, of the Lord Willughby Gouernour of hir Maiesties succours in the vnited prouinces of the Low countries, and of all the English nation: by occasion of a strange placcat of the 17. of April 1589. the new stile, put foorth by certaine particular persons (as is said) vnder the name of the General States of those vnited prouinces. By which discourse, euery one is praied and required to speake well and honorably of th'actions of those estates generall lawfully assembled. Together with an extraict of the authentique euidences and proofes for the chiefe poincts of this discourse, whereunto they are directed by respectiue quotation of page and line
[1647] A short and true narrative of the departure from England, sicknesse, and death, of that late worthy knight, Sir Philip Stapleton,: attested under the hands of foure of those gentlemen that went with him. With a briefe character of his person, &c.
[1694] A Short and true relation of intrigues transacted both at home and abroad to restore the late King James
[1698] A short and true state of the case, repleating to the election for the Burrough of Corsse Castle, in the Isle of Purbeck, and County of Dorset, which was on the 4th of August, 1698.
Ling, John. / [Printed in the yeare 1648] A short ansvver of Iohn Ling to the 16. quæres of Ioseph Heming, about Christmas.: Wherein all the care that can be is taken to avoyd expence of paper, so much having beene spoyled already ...
[1656] A short ansvver to a pamphlet, entitled, The case of VVilliam Bentley printer at Finsbury near London: touching his right to the printing of Bibles and Psalms.
[1688] A short answer to a large paper, intituled, A continuation of brief and modest reflections, &c.
Partridge, John, 1644-1715. / [168-] A short answer to a malicious pamphlet called, A reply written by John Gadbury, the King of England's juggler, and astrologer in ordinary to the Pope, to help on the work.
Monson, John, Sir, 1600-1683. / [1678] A short answer to several questions proposed to a gentleman of quality by a great minister of state not unfit for these times of our continuing divisions, though written when a general indulgence of all opinions was endeavoured to be obtained : shewing the authors judgement concerning the publick exercise of several religions and forms of worship, either upon pious or prudential grounds, under one and the same government : as they may relate both to discipline and doctrine, ceremonials or essentials in worship.
Languet, Hubert, 1518-1581. / [1588] A short apologie for Christian souldiours wherein is conteined, how that we ought both to propagate, and also if neede require, to defende by force of armes, the Catholike Church of Christ, against the tyrannie of Antichrist and his adherentes: penned by Stephanus Iunius Brutus, and translated into English by H.P. for the benefite of the resolution of the Church of England, in the defence of the gospel.
Pittilloh, Robert, 1621?-1698. / [Anno Dom. 1652] A short brotherly examination of a sermon. At first preached by Mr Salomon Saffery, and after published in print; intituled, Part of a discourse, tending only to invite those that believe in Christ, to be conformable to him by baptisme. But intending to disswade from infant-baptisme. / By Robert Pittillok, a Scottish man.
R. C. (Richard Crane) / [1660] A short, but a strict account taken of Babylons merchants vvho are now forcing the sale of their old, rusty, cankered ware upon the people of these nations : and a stretching them out by their line (which as they say) is the Scriptures in the New Testament, as they call themselves Christian ministers : also a comparing them with those that spake them forth as their examples that all people may see with whom they run paralel [sic] / by one that hath fed upon the whores flesh these many years handed to him by these merchants and their brethren, but now witnesseth it in him consumed by fire, Richard Crane.
Learned divine. / [Printed in the yeare 1647] A short but full discourse of the power of parliaments: and how far their intrusted power may extend. As also the great interests of the King therein, acknowledged heretofore in all ages. Sent from the army to a worthy friend in London, and writen there by a learned divine, who upon some high imployments hath been conversant late amongst them.
Sedgwick, Obadiah, 1600?-1658. / [1647] A short catchisme being a briefe instruction of the most ignorant before the receiving of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper / by Obadiah Sedgewick.
Bury, Edward, 1616-1700. / [1660] A short catechism containing those fundamental points of religion, the knowledge of which is necessary to salvation / compiled for the examination of communicants, before they be admitted to the sacrament ... by E. Bury.
Ball, John, 1585-1640. / [1630] A short catechisme contayning the princples [sic] of religion : verie profitable for all sorts of people.
[1660] A Short catechisme for all the Kings Majesties loyal subjects,: fitting to be used by all families, within this kingdome of England. Together with divers papers for the preservation of his majesty King Charles the Second.
T. P., fl. 1624. / [1624] A short catechisme for householders. By T.P.
[1645] A short catechisme for the instruction of the inhabitants of S.M.: For the better preparation of the sacrament of the Lords-Supper. The first part.
Coxe, Richard, d. 1596. / [1620] A short catechisme Very necessary, for the plaine vnderstanding of the principall points of Christian religion. Meet to be practised of all Christians before they bee admitted to the Lord's Supper By Richard Cox.
Balmford, James, b. 1556. / [1607] A short catechisme, summarily comprizing the principall points of Christian faith, somewhat corrected and augmented by Iames Balmford Minister
[1647] A short catechisme,: or The examination of communicants concerning their knowledge before they be admitted to the sacrament of the Lords Supper, being according to the rules in the ordinance of Parliament, (Octob. 20. 1645.) the heads whereof are these: viz. 1. Concerning God. 2. Concerning man. 3. Concerning the mediatour. 4. Concerning the application of Christ and his benefits by faith, and what faith is. 5. Concerning those who do truly repent. 6. Concerning a godly life. 7. Concerning the sacraments, and more fully concerning the Lords Supper. 8. Concerning the state of men and women after death. With an appendix containing some questions and answers for the further unfolding the doctrine of the sacraments. It is desired that the Scripture-proofs be perfectly learned.
Bagshaw, Edward, d. 1662. / [1648] A short censure of the book of W.P. entituled, The University of Oxfords plea, refuted
Well-wisher to His Majesty. / [1681] A short compend or a description of the rebels in Scotland in anno 1679 by a well-wisher of His Majesty ...
[1646] A short conference between a scrupling Presbyterian, and a Puritan concerning maintenance for the gospel ministrie wherein dialogue-wise is lovingly argued; whether tythes, or any other stinted proportion of mens estates, may now under the gospel be required by the ministers, or pay'd by the people, by vertue of any expresse warrant, or good consequence from scripture. with a letter to the Assembly of Divines.
[1540] A short cronycle wherin is mencioned all the names of all the kings of England of the mayers, [and] sheriffes of the cytie of Londo[n] of diuers and many notable actes and thi[n]ges done in [the] sith the time of kige henry [the] fourth.
Massey, Edward, Sir, 1619?-1674? / [Printed in the yeare, 1649] A short declaration by Colonel Edward Massie, (one of the imprisoned Members of the House of Commons; lately a prisoner at S. James's-house, Westminster; under the power of the sword, in the hands of that rebellious Army under the command of the Lord Fairfax) for his vindication.: Together with his protestation against the illegall and tyrannicall proceedings of the said Army. January 19. An. Dom. 1648
Westminster Assembly / [July 25. 1645] A short declaration of the Assembly of Divines, by way of detestation of this abominable and blasphemous opinion, that God is, and hath an hand in, and is the author of the sinfulnesses of his people; mentioned in a book intituled, Comfort for believers, about their sins and troubles. Together with the orders of both Houses of Parliament for the burning of the said book by the hand of the common hangman.
Scotland. Parliament. / [1643] A short declaration of the kingdom of Scotland for information and satisfaction to their brethren of England concerning the present expedition into England.
Brend, William, d. 1676. / [1662] A short declaration of the purpose and decree of the everlasting counsel of Gods heavenly host concerning his royal seed, and noble off-spring, the eternal plant of his own renown, the everlasting covenant of light, and of the arraignment of all that wilfully oppose and fight against it, at the barr of Gods righteous judgement : with a warning to them to repent, and to fear and dread the infinite, eternal God, who will undoubtedly set up His Son, His light, life, spirit, and seed over all to reign in the pure dominion and authority in the kingdoms of men.
Milbourne, Luke, 1649-1720. / [1688] A short defence of the orders of the Church of England, as by law establish'd, against some scatter'd objections of Mr. Webster of Linne by a presbyter of the diocess of Norwich.
Byfield, T. (Timothy) / [1699] A short description and vindication of the true sal volatile oleosum.Of the ancients wherein 'tis prov'd the great medicine of the spirits; and consequently, an universal remedy. By T. Byfield, M.D.
[ca. 1555] A short description of Antichrist vnto the nobilitie of Englande, and to all my brethren and contreymen borne and dwelling therin, with a warnynge to see to, that they be not deceaued by the hypocrisie and crafty conueyaunce of the clergie.
Aynsloe, John, d. 1693. / [1672] A short description of the true ministers and the false how they differ in their call, ministry, doctrine, and fruits that any that are desirous may know the one from the other : also, something concerning the apostacy ... which was in the Apostles dayes ... : something furthur concerning the true ministers of Jesus / testified by one that hath been a true witness of all that he has here written, J. Aynsloe.
Corderoy, Jeremy, b. 1562 or 3. / [1604] A short dialogue, wherein is proved, that no man can be saved without good vvorkes
[1681] A Short directory for the great necessary and advantagious duty of self-examination whereby a serious believer may every evening examine himself.
[1699] A short discourse (recommended to all our English divines) concerning the death of the witnesses in general, and the two witnesses in particular: plainly shewing, first, the chief and true reason of their death. Secondly, the manner how they are to be slain. Thirdly, the place where. Fourthly, the time when. Fifthly, by whom they are to be slain. Sixthly, the true reason why they are overcome, and why in particular by a war. Seventhly, who they are, and that they have already been slain. The conclusion.
[1699] A short discourse (recommended to all our English divines): concerning the death of the witnesses in general, and the two witnesses in particular; : plainly shewing ...
E. L. / [1696] A short discourse about our keeping our money shewing that our money may be kept among ourselves, and yet our confederates strongly assisted, by a descent upon France / by E.L.
Robinson, Henry, 1605?-1664? / [1649] A short discourse between monarchical and aristocratical government. Or a sober perswasive of all true-hearted Englishmen, to a willing conjunction with the Parliament of England in setting up the government of a common-wealth.: By a true Englishman, and well-wisher to the good of this nation.
Croft, Herbert, 1603-1691. / [1688] A short discourse concerning the reading His Majesties late declaration in the churches set forth by the Right Reverend Father in God Herbert Lord Bishop of Hereford.
[1659] A short discourse concerning the work of God in this nation,: and the duty of all good people, both governors and governed, in this their day.
Bold, S. (Samuel), 1649-1737. / [1697] A short discourse of the true knowledge of Christ Jesus to which are added some passages in the reasonableness of Christianity &c. and its vindication : with some animadversions on Mr. Edward's reflections on the reasonableness of Christianity and on his book entituled Socinianism unmask'd / by S. Bold.
Yelverton, Henry, Sir, 1566-1629. / [1662] A short discourse of the truth and reasonableness of the religion delivered by Jesus Christ wherein the several arguments for Christianity are briefly handled ... : unto which is added A disquisition touching the Sibylls and Sibylline writings wherein the objections made by Opsopæus, Isaac Casaubon, David Blondel, and others are examined ... / by another hand.
Holland, John, d. 1722. / [1696] A short discourse on the present temper of the nation with respect to the Indian and African company, and of the Bank of Scotland also, of Mr. Paterson's pretended fund of credit / by J.H.
[1689?] A Short discourse shewing the great inconvenience of joyning the plantation charters with those of England in the General Act of restoration, and the necessity of having for them a particular act: humbly offered to the Parliament on the occasion of that bill : wherein is contained a full answer to a late pamphlet intituled, New-England vindicated, &c. / by a true lover of his country, and a hearty wisher of the prosperity of the said plantations.
Oliphant, Charles, d. 1719. / [M.DC.XC.IX 1699] A short discourse to prove the usefulness of vomiting in fevers, by plain reasoning and the authority of the best physicians, ancient and modern. By Charles Oliphant, doctor of Medetine:
[First printed in 1677, and now reprinted ... Dec. 29, 1688] A Short discourse upon the designs, practices, & counsels of France in a letter to a friend.
[Anno 1660] A short discourse upon the desires of a friend:: wherein, upon observation of the late governments and revolutions, it is made evident, what alone can be the perfect settlement of this nation, and the composure of all differences.
Bray, Thomas, 1658-1730. / [1699] A short discourse upon the doctrine of our baptismal covenant being an exposition upon the preliminary questions and answers of our church-catechism, proper to be read by all young persons in order to their understanding the whole frame and tenor of the Christian religion and to their being duly prepared for confirmation with devotions preparatory to that apostolick and useful ordinance / by Thomas Bray, D.D.
Friend and servant to both. / [1642] A short discourse, tending to the pacification of all unhappy differences, between His Majesty and His Parliament shewing the meanes whereby the same may speedily be done, and that it rests in His Maiesties sole power to effect it : presented to the consideration of all those that love the truth and peace / by a Friend and servant to both.
[Printed in the yeare 1642 i.e. 1643] A Short discourse, tovching the cause of the present unhappy distractions; and distempers in this Kingdome, and the ready meanes to compose, and quiet them.:
Gallimore, Francis, 1628 or 9-1698. / [1694] A short discourse. Or, serious reflections and meditations on some particular texts of scripture Being the substance of several sermons preached in a country congregation. Wherein is shewed, first, the blessedness of those that keep Gods Commandments. And secondly, the happiness of such as mind their creator betimes, very briefly and succinctly handled. Written by F.G. master of arts, and chaplain to the right honourable Robert Earl of Scarsdale.
Nelson, Thomas, fl. 1580. / [1586] A short discourse: expressing the substaunce of all the late pretended treasons against the Queenes Maiestie, and estates of this realme, by sondry traytors: who were executed for the same on the 20. and 21. daies of September last past. 1586. VVhereunto is adioyned a godly prayer for the safetie of her Highnesse person, her honorable counsaile, and all other her obedient subiects. Seene and alowed.
Story, John, d. 1681. / [1664] A short discovery of certain truths of God according as they are revealed through the manifestation of the eternal light of the Son of righteousnesse, which are, a reply against two things in an epistle, and, an answer to certain queries contained in a book, intituled Christian queries, to quaking Christians, subscribed by one J.B. : also queries propounded, to be answered by the authour of the same book, or any other / by John Story.
Quintyne, Michael. / [Ann. Dom. 1645] A short discovery of the mystery of iniquitie. To which is added also, a brief discovery of the falso holinesse of nations, their instituted or church state, and what appertains thereunto: set forth for the good of all that love truth in the inward parts. / By Mich: Quintyne.
Bayly, William, d. 1675. / [1659] A short discovery of the state of man before the fall, in the fall, and out of the fall againe : wherein is also laid open the ignorance and error of Robert Hall, preacher at Colebrooke in Buckinghamshire, and Edmund Board, of the same town, a professor ... / by W.B.
Monson, John, Sir, 1600-1683. / [1647] A short essay of afflictions, or, Balme to comfort if not cure those that sinke or languish under present misfortunes, and are not prepared in these unsetled times to meet all events with constant and equall tempers written from one of His Majesties garrisons as a private advise to his onely sonne, and by him printed to satisfie the importuniry of some particular friends.
Dixon, Robert, d. 1688. / [1681] A short essay of modern divinity, by Robert Dixon. D.D.
Simpson, William, M.D. / [1678] A short essay towards the history and cure of fevers particularly of this new autumnal-fever. Humbly proposed to the consideration of the Royal Society, and the Colledge of Physicians, in order to the improvement of physick, and thereby th[e] benefit of our countrey-men. By W. Simpson Doctor in Physick.
Church of Scotland. General Assembly. Commission. / [1651] A short exhortation and warning, to the ministers and professours of this Kirk from the Commission of the Generall Assemblie.
Howesoun, John. / [Anno Dom. 1600] A short exposition of the 20. and 21. verses of the third chapter of the first epistle of S. Iohn. Containing a very profitable discourse of conscience, and of al the actions, sortes, and kinds thereof, wherby euery man may easily know his estate, wherein hee standeth in the sight of his God, and whether his conscience be good or euill, with all things also belonging either to get a good conscience, or else to releiue it out of trouble, being grieued and wounded, as in the epistle to the reader is more specially mentioned, and in the discourse itselfe clearely expressed.
[Anno 1604] A short forme of thankesgiving to God, for staying the contagious sickenes of the plague: to be used in common prayer, on Sundayes, Wednesdayes and Fridayes / Set forth by authoritie.
[1690?] A short historical account,: concerning the succession to the crown of Scotland: : and the estates disposing of it upon occasion as they thought fit.
Trenchard, John, 1662-1723. / [MDCXCVIII 1698] A short history of standing armies in England
Nedham, Marchamont, 1620-1678. / [1661] A short history of the English rebellion compiled in verse by Marchamont Nedham, and formerly extant in his weekly Mercurius pragmaticus.
Whitaker, Edward. / [1681] A short history of the life and death of the act made the 35th of Elizabeth, cap. I intituled, An act to retain the Queen's Majesties subjects in their due obedience : as also, the act commonly called the Conventicle act ... : wherin it plainly appears by the several records, that both the said acts are expired, and have no force in law / ... by E.W.
[1694] A short history of the succession of the Kings and Queens of England, from William the Conqueror, to His present Majesty King William, the III. to the imperial crowns of these realms of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland; is briefly illustrated and declared.
Church of England. General Synod. Commission. / [1648] A short information from the Commission of the General assembly concerning the declaration of the honourable court of Parliament, lately emitted to the Kingdom.
Church of Scotland. General Assembly. Commission. / [1648] A short information from the Commission of the Generall Assembly concerning the declaration of the honourable court of Parliament lately emitted to the Kingdome.
Kirkwood, James, fl. 1698. / [1690?] A short information of the plea betwixt the town council of Lithgow, and Mr. James Kirkwood school-master there, whereof a more full account may perhaps come out hereafter.
Scultetus, Abraham, 1566-1624. / [M.D.C.XX. 1620] A short information, but agreeable vnto Scripture: of idol-images¨ Made vnto the Christian congregation at Prague, when as, by his Royall Maiesties most gracious command, the Castle-church there, was clensed from all images, on Sonday the twelfth of December, in the yeare 1619. By Abraham Scultetus. Faithfully translated according to the high Dutch copie printed at Heidelberge, by Gotthard Vœgeliu, 1620.
Gawton, Richard. / [1612] A short instruction for all such as are to be admitted to the Lords Supper
Abercromby, Christopher. / [M DC XCI i.e. 1691] A short instruction for the better understanding and performing of mental prayer
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1549] A short instruction for to arme all good Christian people agaynst the pestiferous errours of the common secte of Anabaptistes. Compiled by mayster Iohn Caluine
Pearston, Thomas. / [1590] A short instruction vnto Christian religion briefly noting our profession, exercise, and obedience required of vs in this life. By Thomas Pearston.
Lily, William, 1468?-1522. / [1621] A short introduction of grammar generally to be vsed: compiled and set forth for the bringing vp of all those that intend to attaine to the knowledge of the Latine tongue.
Thimelthorpe, C. / [1581] A short inuentory of certayne idle inuentions the fruites of a close and secret garden of great ease, and litle pleasure. By C.T.
Paravicino, Pietro. / [1666] A short Italian dictionary, expounded into English in the which is contained all the words that are used in the Italian tongue ending in the vowel (e) ...
Smith, William, d. 1673. / [1664] A short manifestation of the main end of outward government.:
Durnovariæ, J. D. / [1661] Short meditations on, with a briefe description of the life and death of Oliver Cromwell. Written by J.D. Durnovariæ.
[1659] A Short method of physick shewing the cure of fourty-five severall diseases which are the generall and most inclined to men and womens bodyes / collected out of severall authors and experienced beyond the seas and also in England by the practice of C.B. ; to which is annexed the portrature of man ...
Lewis, Mark, fl. 1678. / [1678] A short model of a bank shewing how a bank may be erected without much trouble, and without any charge or hazard to any body, and with apparent profit to every body, except theeves, brokers and griping usurers, which bank will be able to give out bills of credit to a vast extent that all persons will accept of rather than mony. By M. Lewis D.D.
Philalethes. / [1680] A short narrative of Mr. Fitz-Gerald who lately was summoned up from Bristol by one of His Majesties messengers, to the honourable Privy Council, for suspicion of high treason : giving a brief account of his carriage there at the board, his innocency, and other particulars relating to the farther discovery of this hellish popish plot.
[1644] Short principles of religion.
Openshaw, Robert, b. 1554 or 5. / [1623] Short questions and answeares, contayning the summe of Christian religion.
Whiting, Giles. / [1593.] Short questions and answeres to be learned of such as be ignorant, before they be admitted to the Lords Supper. Whereunto are added certaine obseruations necessarie to be vsed of euerie Christian. / By Giles Whiting..
Preston, Richard, d. ca. 1624. / [1621] Short questions and answers, plainely opening and explaining both the nature and also the vse of the sacraments of baptisme and the Lords Supper. Very profitable for all those who desire to know the nature and vse of the said sacraments. By Richard Preston, preacher of the Word of God at Rushden in Northhampton shiere.
Taylor, John, 1580-1653. / [1653] A short relation of a long iourney,: made round or ovall by encompassing the principalitie of Wales, from London, through and by the counties of Middlesex and Buckingham, Berks, Oxonia, Warwick, Stafford, Chester, Flint, Denbigh, Anglesey, Carnarvan, Merioneth, Cardigan, Pembrooke, Caermarden, Glamorgan, Monmouth, Glocester, &c. This painfull circuit began on Tuesday the 13 of July last, 1652. and was ended (or both ends brought together) on Tuesday the 7. of September following, being near 600. miles. Whereunto is annexed an epitome of the famous history of Wales. / Performed by the riding, going, crawling, running, and writing of John Taylor, dwelling at the sign of the Poets Head, in Phenix Alley, near the midle of Long Aker or Covent Garden.
[1665] A short relation of the happy victory, obtained by His Majesties fleet against the Dutch, upon the third and fourth of June, one thousand six hundred and sixty five.
Person of honour, a voluntier in the campagne. / [1685] A short relation of the most remarkable transactions in several parts of Europe between the Christians and Turks including an exact diary of the siege of Buda / written originally by a person of honour, a voluntier in the compagne, and done into English by P.R.
Lobo, Jerónimo, 1596?-1678. / [1669] A short relation of the river Nile of its sourse and current, of its overflowing the Campagnia of Ægypt, till it runs into the Mediterranean, and of other curiosities / written by an eye-witnesse, who lived many years in the chief kingdoms of the Abyssine empire.
P. H. (Peter Hardcastle), d. 1693. / [1666] A short relation of what is believed amongst the people of God touching the divers points of religion. 1. Concerning the Word of God, the fall of man, and restauration by Christ. 2. Concerning the Scriptures. 3. Concerning faith, love and works. 4. Concerning baptism and the Lords Supper. 5. Concerning the Sabbath. 6. Concerning tythes. 7. Concerning swearing. Although many of the servants of God have born a large testimony in these latter dayes, in which the Lord is establishing the mountain of his own house a top of all mountains, Isaiah 2. 2. ... therefore in love to the truth, and in the motion of the gift received, I give my testimony of these things in the year 1666. Peter Hardcastle.
Bayly, William, d. 1675. / [in the 6th month, 1659] A short relation or testimony of the working of the light of Christ in me, from my childhood,: by one who is now a witness of the spirit of truth (whom the world cannot receive) which doth convince of sin, of righteousnesse and of judgment: and brings all things to rememberance, and shews me things to come, glory to the Lord for ever: / W:B:.
L., Elizabeth, d. 1690? / [1690?] Short remains of a dead gentlewoman and wife: published by her surviving husband, for the continuance and advancement of her memory, and the good example of those to whose hands it may come:
[Printed in the Year 1680] A short reply to M. L'Estrange's Short answer to a litter of libels in a letter to a friend:
Merret, Christopher, 1614-1695. / [1670] A short reply to the postscript, &c. of H.S. Shewing his many falsities in matters of fact; the impertinencies of his promised answers to some physicians that have written against the apothecaries: his conspiracy with apothecaries to defame them, the R.S. and many learned men of our nation. Made by Christopher Merrett Dr. of physic and fellow of the college of physicians.
Gifford, George, d. 1620. / [1591] A short reply vnto the last printed books of Henry Barrow and Iohn Greenwood, the chiefe ringleaders of our Donatists in England. VVherein is layd open their grosse ignorance, and foule errors: vpon which their whole building is founded. By George Gyfford, minister of Gods holy worde, in Maldon.
[1602] A short report of the honourable iourney into Brabant by his excellencie Graue Mauris, gouernour and Lord Generall of the vnited Netherlandish Prouinces: from the 26. day of Iune, to the 19. day of Iuly, 1602. Together with the taking of Helmont, and of his marching to the strong towne of Graue. Translated out of the Dutch copie printed at Vtricht.
[1660] A short representation performed before the Lord Generall Monck. at Goldsmiths-hall, Tuesday, Aprill 11th. By three persons, an English-man, a Welsh-man, and a Scotch-man.
Edwards, Thomas, fl. 1693-1699. / [1693] A short review of some reflections made by a nameless author upon Dr. Crisp's sermons, in a piece entituled Crispianism unmask'd with some remarks upon the union in the late agreement in doctrin among the dissenting ministers in London : subscribed the 16th of December, 1692, and that as referring unto the present debates ... / by Thomas Edwards, esq.
Spire, John. / [Printed in the year, 1696] A short scriptural testimony concerning the person, or humanity of Christ: shewing the great necessity of believing in the Lord Jesus inseperably, as he is both God and man, according to the doctrin of the holy Scriptures / by way of epistle to all faithful friends and brethren.
[Printed in the year, 1672] A short sermon preach'd at a short warning upon a short subject, (Viz.) malt, to a thin congregation: To which is added, The character of a drunkard.
Seton, William, Sir, d. 1744. / [1700] A short speech prepared to be spoken by a worthy member in Parliament concerning the present state of the nation.
[1693] A Short state of our condition, with relation to the present Parliament
[169-?] A Short state of the case between the physicians & the surgeons, relating to the surgeons bill, now before the honourable House of Commons:
[1663] A Short surveigh of the grand case of the present ministry whether they may lawfully subscribe and declare as by the late Act of uniformity is required, and the several cases thence arising, especially about the covenant / by some conformable non-conformists.
[1632] A Short survey of the kingdome of Sweden containing a briefe description of all the provinces of this whole dominion, as also the riches of this kingdome, the antiquitie, nature, and manners of this nation, together with the government of this realme, might and power of this great king as well by sea as by land, his great officers, his customes, and reuenues of the crowne : a catalogue of many of the kings of Sweden, of those especially who have reigned these last five hundreth yeares, with some of their most memorable acts and deeds, with their alliance and issue or off-spring : something also more particularly concerning that illustrious invincible great Gustauus Adolphus the 2. and some of his most memorable acts since his comming to the crowne, as well before as since his entring Germany, untill this present yeare 1632.
Fullerton, John, of Kinnebar, fl. 1671. / [Printed anno 1671] A short testimony concerning Catherine Allardes, late wife to Iohn Fullertoune of Kinnebar who departed this life, the last day of the last moneth called February, anno 1670.
Aldam, Thomas, 1649-1723. / [1690] A short testimony concerning that faithful servant of the Lord, Thomas Aldam of Warnsworth in the county of York who in patience and tribulation was a follower of the Lamb, finished his course in the truth, and departed this life in the fourth month in the year 1660 : something also concerning Mary his wife, and also concerning Margaret Kellam, and Joan Kellam, his two sisters : with a few words in exhortation to such as are the children of believing parents, or are more lately com'd to be convinced of the truth / given forth in the sense of the great love of God, which hath visited his people in this our age and day, by Thomas Aldam, son to the abovesaid Thomas Aldam.
Byfield, Richard, 1598?-1664. / [1653] A short treatise describing the true church of Christ, and the evills of schisme, anabaptism and libertinism ... delivered in two sermons by Mr. Richard Byfield.
Marryat, Richard. / [1642] A short treatise discovering the prevailing excellency of the death of Christ with the Father, by way of opposition to that doctrine, that Christ dyed alike for all.: Declaring in whom only the saints happinesse doth consist by meanes of this their purchased redemption: also their freedome from the guilt and curse of the Law. / Written for the satisfaction of some, if it may be. By Richard Marryat.
Smart, Peter, 1569-1652? / [1643] A short treatise of altars, altar-furniture, altar-cringing, and musick of all the quire, singing-men and choristers, when the holy Communion was administered in the cathedrall church of Durham by prebendaries and petty-canons, in glorious copes embroidered with images, 1629 / written at the same time by Peter Smart ...
Killcop, Thomas. / [Printed, 1642] A short treatise of baptisme.: Wherein is declared that only Christs disciples or beleevers are to be baptised. And that the baptising of infants hath no footing in the word of God, but is a meere tradition, received from our forefathers.
Morray, William. / [Anno Dom. 1631] A short treatise of death in sixe chapters. Together with the ænigmatick description of old age and death written Ecclesiastes 12 chap. exponed and paraphrased in English meetre. Written by Mr. William Morray minister of Gods word.
Ridley, Mark, 1560-1624. / [1613] A short treatise of magneticall bodies and motions. By Marke Ridley Dr in phisicke and philosophie latly physition to the Emperour of Russia, and one of ye eight principals of elects of the Colledge of Physitions in London.
Prat, Ellis. / [1684] A short treatise of metal & mineral waters viz. those of the Spaw, Bathe, Epsom, North-hall, Barnet, Tunbridge, and the new-wells at Islington. Wherein is described their bad as well as good qualities, with the danger of peoples too frequent and unadvisedly drinking them. BY E.P. M.D.
[1697] A Short treatise of the description of the sector wherein is also shown the great use of that excellent instrument, in the solution of several mathematical problems.
T. R., Dr. / [1681] A short treatise of the excellency of bees, hony [sic], mead, and metheglin with their singular and approved vertues. / By T.R. Med. Dr.
Bonilla, Jean de, 16th cent. / [Printed in the year 1700] A short treatise of the quiet of the soul. How necessary a thing it is, and how it may be atttained [sic]. Composed by the reverend father John de Bovilla, an observant frier of the holy order of St. Francis. Permissu superiorum
Bruno, Vincenzo, 1532-1594. / [1597] A short treatise of the sacrament of penance with the maner of examination of conscience for a generall confession : wherunto is added another treatise of confession, for such spirituall or deuoute persons as frequent that sacrament / sett forth in Italian by the Reu. Fa. Vincent Bruno of the Society of Iesus.
Prime, John, 1550-1596. / [1582] [A short treatise of the sacraments generally, and in speciall of baptisme, and of the Supper] [written by Iohn Prime ...].
N. H. / [1658] A short treatise shewing the causes and remedies of that general disease spread abroad throughout this nation, commonly termed by many the plague of the guts but it is very probable to bee that sort of flux, called by the name of dysenteria, or red-flux. With some other remarkable remedies for other diseases worthy to bee noted. Published by N.H. of Dorchester, in the county of Dorset for the good of those that desire their health. Try and trust. Try man as the instrument, but trust God as the helper.
Guild, William, 1586-1657. / [1637.] A short treatise, agaynst the prophanation of the Lord's day, especiallie by salmond-fishing thereon, in tyme of divine service. / By William Guild, D.D. minister in Aberdene, and chaplane to his Majestie..
Sparke, Thomas, 1548-1616. / [Anno Domini. 1580] A short treatise, very comfortable for all those Christians that be troubled and disquieted in theyr consciences with the sight of their owne infirmities wherein is shevved hovv such may in their owne selues finde whereby to assure them of their free election, effectuall vocation, and iustification.
Ball, John, 1585-1640. / [1617.] A short treatise: containing all the principall grounds of Christian religion. By way of questions and answers: very profitable for all sorts of men, but especially for housholders..
Bakewell, Thomas, b. 1618 or 19. / [1643] A short view of the Antinomian errours with a briefe and plaine answer to them, as the heads of them lye in order in the next page of this book : being a nest of cursed errors hatched by hereticks, fed and nourished by their proselites : being taken as they were flying abroad were brought as the eagle doth her young ones to see if they could endure to looke upon the sun-beams of truth with fixed eyes, the which they could not : were presently adjudged to be a bastard brood, and their necks chopt off, and their carkasses throwne to the dunghill.
Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. / [1680] A short view of the chief points in controversy between the reformed churches and the Church of Rome in two letters to the Duke of Bouillon, upon his turning papist / written by the Reverend Peter Du Moulin ...
Merret, Christopher, 1614-1695. / [1670] A short view of the fravds, and abvses committed by apothecaries, as well in relation to patients, as physicians, and of the only remedy thereof by physicians making their own medicines by Christopher Merret ...
Manley, Thomas, 1628-1690. / [1661] A short view of the lives of those illustrious princes, Henry Duke of Glovcester, and Mary Princess of Orange deceased, late brother and sister of His Majesty the King of Great Brittain collected by T.M. Esq., to whome the same will serve a rule & pattern.
Manningham, Thomas, 1651?-1722. / [1685] A short view of the most gracious providence of God in the Restoration and Succession, May 29, 1685
Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641. / [1661] A short view of the prelatical church of England laid open in ten sections by way of quere and petition to the High and Honourable Court of Parliament, the several heads whereof are set down in the next two pages / written a little before the fall of that hierarchie, about the year 1641, by Iohn Barnard, sometime minister of Batcomb in Somerset-shire ; whereunto is added The anatomy of The common-prayer.
Wrench, Jonathan, 1667?-1741. / [1700] A short view of the principal duties of the Christian religion with plain arguments to perswade to the sincere and speedy practice of them : to which is added, a prayer suited to the whole, to be used morning and evening / by a divine of the Church of England for the use of his parishioners.
[1699] A Short vindication of marine regiments in answer to a pamphlet entituled A letter to a member of Parliament concerning the four marine regiments.
[1700] A Short vindication of Phil. Scot's Defence of the Scots abdicating Darien being in answer to the challenge of the author of the defence of that settlement, to prove the Spanish title to Darien, by inheritance, marriage, donation, purchase, reversion, surrender, or conquest : with a prefatory reply, to the false and scurrillous aspersions of the new author of the Just and modest vindication, &c., and some animadversions on the material part of it, relating to the title of Darien.
Penfould, Henry, b. 1643 or 4. / [Printed in the year, 1670] A short vvarning to all persecutors of the innocent but more particularly to the bailiffs and officers of Kingston upon Thames, and the justices and officers of the towns near thereunto. Being an alarm from the Lord God, to warn them, that they repent, and turn from the evil of their doings. By Henry Penfould.
Tomlinson, William. / [1696] A short work, but of greatest concern.: By William Tomlinson.
T.W. (Thomas Wilcox), 1549?-1608. / [1595] [A short, yet a true and faithfull narration of the fearefull fire that fell in the towne of Wooburne, in the countie of Bedford, on Saturday the 13. of September last, Anno. 1595. Together with a Christian admonition as to the particular people of that place].
T.W. (Thomas Wilcox), 1549?-1608. / [1589] A short, yet sound commentarie; written on that woorthie worke called; the Prouerbes of Salomon and now published for the profite of Gods people.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1659] A short, legal, medicinal, usefull, safe, easie prescription, to recover our kingdom, Church, nation from their present dangerous, distractive, destructive confusion, and worse than Bedlam madnesse;: seriously recommended to all English freemen who desire peace, safety, liberty, settlement. By William Prynne, Esq; a bencher of Lincolns Inne.
Jenkins, David, 1582-1663. / [1648] A short, sure, and conscientious expedient for agreement & peace.: Tendred to the two Houses of Parliament: with an appeale to the Assembly of Divines; and an application to the people, and the Ministery of the Kingdome. / VVritten by D.J.
Bellarmino, Roberto Francesco Romolo, Saint, 1542-1621. / [1614] A shorte catechisme of Cardall Bellarmine illustrated with the images.
[1615] A shorte declaration of the lives and doctrinde [sic] of the Protestants and puritans vvher by one of independent iudgment may knovv the holinesse of their religion.
Helwys, Thomas, 1550?-1616? / [1612] A shorte declaration of the mistery of iniquity
Leighton, Alexander, 1568-1649. / [in the yeere of our Lord 1625] A shorte treatise against stage-playes.
Bradshaw, William, 1571-1618. / [1604] A shorte treatise, of the crosse in baptisme contracted into this syllogisme. No humane ordinance becomming an idoll, may lawfully be vsed in the seruice of God. But the signe of the crosse being a humane ordinance is become an idoll: ergo· The signe of the crosse may not lawfully be vsed in the seruice of God.
Brereton, William, Sir, 1604-1661. / [1645] Shrewsbury taken.: A copie of Sir VVilliam Breretons letter to the Parliament: and the copie of a letter from the Committee of Shropshire: with a full relation of the manner of the taking of Shrewsbury, by Colonell Mitton and Colonell Bowyer, with Sir William Breretons and Colonell Mittons forces, on Saturday last, February 22. And the particulars of that great victory against P. Maurice's forces there: also a list of the chiefe prisoners names; and what was taken in the said garrison. Published according to order.
Well-willer to peace and truth. / [1648 i.e. 1649] A shrill cry in the eares of Cavaliers, apostates, and presbyters, for the resolve of XIII queries touching the primitive state of this nation, since the Conquest: the late proceedings of the Army, the Covenant, and other weighty matters, tending to the publique peace of the nation.: By a well-willer to peace and truth. February 5. 1648. Imprimatur Theodore Jennings.
Neville, Henry, 1620-1694. / [Printed in the year, 1659] Shufling, cutting, and dealing, in a game at pickquet:: being acted from the year, 1653. to 1658. By O.P. and others; with great applause.