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Lancaster, Thomas, d. 1583. / [1550?] The ryght and trew vndersta[n]dynge of the Supper of the Lord and the vse therof faythfully gathered out of ye holy Scriptures worthely to be embrased of all Christen people. Perused [and] alowed by dyuerse godly lerned men to the comfort of al ye trewe congregation of Christ.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [Anno. 1548] A ryght notable sermon, made by Doctor Martyn Luther, vppon the twenteth chapter of Iohan, of absolution and the true vse of the keyes full of great co[m]forte. In the which also it is intreated of the mynysters of the Church, and of scolemaisters, what is dewe vnto them. Ande of the hardnes and softenes of the harte of manne.
[1683] Ryot upon ryot, or, A chant upon the arresting the loyal L. Mayor & sheriffs ... to the tune of, Burton hall, or London's loyalty