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[Printed in the year 1666] Rub for rub: or, An answer to a physicians pamphlet, styled, The stroker stroked.
Shirley, James, 1596-1666. / [1656] The rudiments of grammar.: The rules composed in English verse, for the greater benefit and delight of young beginners. / By James Shirley.
[1638] The rudiments of militarie discipline. Conteining short instructions for the most necessary postures with pike and musquet, and motions for exercising a companie.
Hodges, William, Sir, 1645?-1714. / [1699] Ruin to ruin, after misery to misery being the distressed, and ruined, and perishing state of the loyal and faithful seamen of England, and wherein is laid down : I. their ruined state in several particulars, II. that it is like to be three or four years more before they are paid, except an extraordinary supply be raised, and appropriated for them, III. that as many ships, and thousands and ten thousands of men have five or six years pay due, if they are not timely paid, it is like to be eight or nine years between their beginning to earn their money and their being paid, IV. a proposal humbly offered how they may be paid off, all by May next, without borrowing one penny of money, V. several reasons for their being justly and honestly paid, VI. an humble proposal for the advantage of a million or two in a year to the nation in a few years, and lastly, an humble supplication for the taking off some part of the act of Parliament concerning the poor miserable seamens paying 6d the month out of their wages / all humbly represented by ... William Hodges.
Dent, Arthur, d. 1607. / [1644] The ruine of Rome, or, An exposition upon the whole Revelation wherein is plainly shewed and proved that the popish religion, together with all the power and authority of Rome, shall ebbe and decay ... written especially for the comfort of Protestants and the danting of papists ... / published by Authur Dent ; to which is added an epitome of Reverend Mr. Brightman his Exposition upon the Revelation.
[1675] The ruined lovers. Being a narrative of a young man that dyed for his cruel mistriss ... who not long after his death ... could not be comforted, but lingered out her dayes in melancholly, fell desperate sick, and so dyed. Tune of, Mock-beggers Hall stands empty.
N. C. / [1654] A rule for ministers and people,: whereby they may see how they are engaged one towards another, by Gods word. And (as in a glass) herein may be seen when any fail, and when one or both are faithful. By N.C. a servant of Christ, and of his church assembled at Orpington in Kent.
Lyster, John, fl. 1588. / [1588] A rule how to bring vp children. A treatise wherein is declared, how the father apposeth his sonne in the holy Scripture, whereby all parents may be taught a rule how to bring vp their children, briefelie collected into a short volume.
[M DC XCII. 1692] The rule of behaviour, touching spritual matters & temporal In respet of the laity, and clergy, government, and countries.
H. W. Henry Waring. / [in the year, MDCXC. 1690] The rule of charity: or, The liberal mans guide design'd, for the use of all good Christians. Being the pious result of a lay-man's ordinary meditations. By H.W. Gent. Licensed according to order.
Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint, 1090 or 91-1153. / [1633] A rule of good life: written by the mellifluous doctor S. Bernard (monke and abbot of the holie order of S. Benet) especiallie for virgins, and other religious woemen; and may profitably be read likewise by all others, that aspire to Christian perfection. Faithfully translated into English by the R. Father Antonie Batt, monke of the holie order afore-said, of the Congregation of England
Third Order Regular of St. Francis. / [M. DC. XLIV 1644] The rule of penance of the seraphicall father S. Francis: approued and confirmed by Leo the X. for religious persons of the 3. order of S. Francis : together with a declaration of each point of the Rule, profitable not only to the religous of this order, but also to all religious women / by Br. Angelus Francis, friar minour.
Straight, John, 1605?-1680. / [1671] The rule of rejoycing, or, A direction for mirth in a sermon preached upon Trinity-Sunday, being the 18th of June in the year of our Lord 1671 / by John Straight ...
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [The yere of our lorde god.M.CCCCC.xxv. the xxviij. daye of Nouember 1525] The rule of saynt Augustyne, bothe in latyn and englysshe, with two exposicyons. And also the same rule agayn onely in englysshe without latyn or exposicyon The tra[n]slatour doth aduyse [and] cou[n]seyll all the disciples of this rule to bere alway one of these bokes upo[n] them syth they ben so portatyue, [and] may be had for so small a pryce.
Hugh, of Saint-Victor, 1096?-1141. / [1697?] The rule of the great S. Augustin expounded by the Venerable Doctor Hugh of S. Victor translated into French by the R. Father Charles de la Grangé Canon Regular of S. Victor. ; And now publish'd in English for the use of the English Augustin nuns.
Reyner, Edward, 1600-1668. / [Printed, anno 1644. i.e. 1645] The rule of the new creature to bee practised every day,: in all the particulars of it which are ten Gal. 6.16.
[1624.] The rule of the religious, of the thirde order of Saint Francis, both sexes, making the three vouues, and liuing together in communitie and cloyster. VVith certaine other things vvhich the leaf following doth shevve..
Scotland. Army. / [1686] Rules and articles of war, for the better government of his Majesties army in the kingdom of Scotland. Published by his Majesties command.
England and Wales. Commissioners of Customs. / [1655] Rules and directions given by Coll: Edmond Harvy, and the rest of the Commissioners for the Customs, to the collectors and other officers, to be by them observed, in collecting the customs, and the mannagement [sic] of their respective offices
[1689] Rules and directions how all dissenters may unite in religion as is establish'd in the Church of England
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1659] The rules and directions of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament:: concerning the examination of all such as shall be admitted to the sacrament of the Lords Supper, within the kingdome of England, and dominion of Wales: contained in an ordinance of the twentieth of October, 1645. with questions and answers concerning the same.
Corporation of London. / [1667] Rules and directions prescribed and made for the pitching and levelling the streets and lanes of the city of London, and liberties, for the more easie and convenient current and conveyance away of the waters thereof concluded and agreed on by the commissioners and surveyors hereunto authorized and appointed ...
[1651] Rules and directions to be observed by the ware-house-keeper, and by the severall officers of the customes, and others that shall make any stay or seizures, or demises of any goods or merchandizes for custome-causes within the port of London
Farmers of His Majesties Customs. / [Printed Anno Dom. 1667] Rules and instructions for the tare of goods & merchandize imported into any port of England:: revised and published by the Farmers of His Majesties Customs. As a direction to all their officers concerned therein.
England and Wales. Court of Common Pleas. / [1654] Rules and orders for the Court of Common Pleas at Westminster, made and published by the judges of the said court, in the term of St. Michael, in the year one thousand six hundred fifty foure.
England and Wales. Court of King's Bench. / [1655] Rules and orders for the Court of the Upper Bench at Westminster made and published by the judges of the said court, in the terme of St. Michael, in the year 1654.
University of Oxford. / [1665] Rules and orders made by the Vice-Chancellor of the Vniversity of Oxford and Iustices of Peace for the good and safety of the Vniversity, city and county of Oxford whereas there is a dayly encrease of the plague in the city of Lodon, the suberbs and parts adjacent by reason whereof very many persons have of late and dayly doe withdraw themselves from their respective habitations ...
England and Wales. Court of Common Pleas. / [1682] The rules and orders of the Court of Common-Pleas made since his Majestie's restauration: taken from the originals of the said court, with the allowance and approbation of the Right Honourable the Lord Chief Justice North, and the judges of that court.
England and Wales. Court of Exchequer. / [1698] The rules and orders of the Court of Exchequer
City of London (England). Court of Aldermen. / [1654] Rules, directions and by-laws, devised, and made by the Court of Aldermen of the City of London, by vertue of the late ordinance of His Highnesse the Lord Protector, with consent of his Councell; for regulation of hackney coachmen, within the said City, and places adjacent.
City of London (England). Court of Aldermen. / [1654] Rules, directions, and by-laws devised and made by the Court of Aldermen of the city of London by vertue of the late ordinance of His Highnesse the Lord Protector, with consent of his Councell, for regulation of hackney coachmen within the said city and places adjacent
Blackhall, G. / [1699] Rules for assizing of bread viz. by troy-weight, or sterling, and by avoirdupoids weights : together with the rule of coequality of both weights, and the assize by a standard-weight for white, wheaten, and household loaves, assized by a certain price, rising and lowering, as the price of wheat rises and falls in the market : all three calculated exactly according to the statute Assiza panis 51.H.3. now in force in Ireland.
Roman Catholick. / [1686] Rules for conversation, or A collection of moral maxims and reflections. By a Roman Catholick.
Burgess, Daniel, 1645-1713. / [M DC XC III. 1693] Rules for hearing the Word of God with certain and saving benefit The second edition. By Daniel Burgess, minister of the gospel. Published by an hearer of them, at the request of many others.
[1642] Rules for kings, and good counsell for subjects:: being a collection of certaine places of holy Scripture, directing the one to governe, and the other to obey. Most necessary for all men that are desirous to square their actions according to the rule of God's Law. Whereunto is added a prayer for the King. In these times of contradictions.
[1687] Rules for our more devout behaviour in the time of divine service in the Church of England together with an account of the several places and hours in and about the city of London where the service of the church is celebrated morning and evening, every day in the week.
[1685] Rules for self-examination extracted out of the writings of an eminent divine, very necessary for Christians at all times, especially at their preparation to receive the sacrament of the Lord's Supper that so they may become worthy receivers thereof.
[1697] Rules for the genders of nou[ns] Rule I. Men's proper names with hic ... women's with hæc ... What words the sexes both embrace, ... We in the common gender place. Rule II. Be sure that you do always give ... three genders to an adjective ... but yet in a diff'rent fashion, as it varieth termination. Rule III. As and his com[pou]nds ...
Reyner, Edward, 1600-1668. / [1656] Rules for the government of the tongue:: together, with directions in six particular cases. [brace] 1 Confession of our faults to men. 2 Confession of Christ before men. 3 Reprehension of faults in others. 4 Christian communication. [brace] Vrbanity and eloquence. 5 Consolation of the afflicted. 6 Self-commendation, and a disproof of perfection in this life. Added, as a supplement, to the Rules for governing [brace] 1 the thoughts, 2 the affections, in the Precepts for Christian practice, or, The rule of the new creature, new model'd. / By Edward Reyner, minister of the Gospel in Lincolne.
Spry, Robert. / [1653] Rules of civil goverment [sic],: drawn from the best examples of forreign nations, and Common-wealths-briefely discovering the excellency and benefit of good governors, and the dangerous consequence of corrupt self-seekers. In a short dialogue between a country man and a scholer. / Written by Robert Sprye, lawyer. Humbly presented to his Excellency the Lord Generall as a word in season.
Brayne, John. / [1653] The rules of dispute, practised by Christ and his apostles, for deciding the controversies of that age, and our rule for the determining of our own. Or, The right use of spiritual weapons, against spiritual wickedness, and the darkness of this world in the Christians warfare against hereticks, schismaticks, Eph. 6.12 with false prophets and deceivers. Herin are also briefly explained, I. The terms set down in scripture, or the grounds of Christian dispute. II. That the form thereof may appear more cleer, you have herein several cases in scripture debated under the same form, and the places whence the arguments are drawn. / By an unworthy witness of the name and Gospel of Christ, John Brayne.
[1618] Rules of the Englishe sodalitie, of the immaculate conception of the mostglorious [sic] virgin Mary Mother of God in the Englishe colledge of the Society of Iesus in Louaine.
[168-?] The rules of the schools at the Jesuits in Fanchurch-Street
[1687] The rules of the schools at the Savoy
Edinburgh (Scotland). Royal College at Holyrood House. / [M.DC.LXXXVII 1688] The rules of the schools of the Royal Colledge at Holy-rood-house
Scotland. Commissioners of Excise. / [1656] Rules, orders and instructions, made and published by the commissioners of customs and excize in Scotland, to be observed by the several officers conjunctly of both, in relation as well to customs as excize of forreign goods upon importation or sale.
Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex) / [1672] Rules, orders, and directions by the lord lieutenant and council
Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex) / [1672] Rules, orders, and directions by the lord lieutenant and council
Ireland. Commissioners for executing the Act of Settlement and the Act of Explanation. / [1666] Rules, orders, and directions: appointed by his Majesties Commissioners for executing the Act of Settlement and the Act of Explanation of the same, to be observed by all persons concerned before them.
Spinola, George. / [1642] Rules to get children by with handsome faces: or, Precepts for the extemporary sectaries which preach, and pray, and get children without book to consider and look on, before they leape.: That so, their children may not have such strange, prodigious, ill-bodeing faces as their fathers, who (unhappily) became so ill-phisnomied themselves, not only by being born before their conversion, by originall sin, and by being crost over the face in babtisme; but by the lineall ignorance of their parents too in these presepts, for begetting children of ingenuous features and symmetrious limbes. / Composed by George Spinola.
Bailey, William, of Stapleford Abbat, Essex. / [1608] A rumor of warres among the times and signes of peace A sermon preached at Hamsted, in Middlesex, the 6. of September 1608. By William Bailey.
[1660] The Rump despairing, or, The Rumps proverbs and lamentations published to promote the repentance of such as have been, and to deterre all others from ever proving, rebels to their prince and country.
[Printed, 1660] The Rump held forth last first-day in brotherly exercise, at the Bull and Mouth at Aldersgate.:
S. P. / [1660] The Rumps last vvill & testament: which the executors herein named (being out of hopes of the monster's recovery) have thought good to publish and exhibite.
[1660] The Rumps looking-glasse, or, A collection of such peices [sic] of drollery as were prepared by severall wits to purge the rump
[M.DC.LXV. 1665] The run-awayes return: or, The poor penniless pilgrim.
Wotton, Anthony, 1561?-1626. / [1624] Runne from Rome. Or, A treatise shevving the necessitie of separating from the Church of Rome Disputed in these termes: euerie man is bound vpon paine of damnation to refuse the faith of the Church of Rome. By Antony Wotton. B.D.
[1645] Ruperts potion, vvholsomly prescribed in a discourse betweene him and Mounsier Grandipoco physitian generall to his whole army. (being very desperate sick of a Bristw fever.) VVherein the physitian very learnedly prescribes both the nature and remedy of his disease.
Nedham, Marchamont, 1620-1678. / [Anno Dom. MDCXLIV1644] Ruperts sumpter, and private cabinet rifled. And a discovery of a pack of his jewels by way of dialogue between, Mercurius Britannicus and Mercurius Aulicus.:
Staunton, Edmund, 1600-1671. / [1644] Rupes Israelis: = The rock of Israel.: A little part of its glory laid forth in a sermon preached at Margarets in Westminster before the honorable House of Commons, at their monthly fast, Apr. 24. 1644. By Edmund Staunton, D.D. minister at Kingston upon Thames, in the county of Surrey, a member of the Assembly of Divines.
[1660?] Ruptures cur['d] by Bartlett of Goodmans-[Fiel]ds, London.
Russel, Robert, fl. 1692. / [1692] Russel's sermon on the unpardonable sin against the Holy Ghost, or, The sin unto death. Wherein is declared, a plain description of it, both negatively what it is not, and also positively what it is; and a plain reason why it is unpardonable. With a word of comfort, and also of counsel, how to avoid it. By R. Russel, in Sussex. Licensed according to order.
Manley, Roger, Sir, 1626?-1688. / [1674] The Russian imposter, or, The history of Muskovie, under the usurpation of Boris and the imposture of Demetrius, late emperors of Muskovy
Robertson, John. / [1694] Rusticus ad clericum, or, The plow-man rebuking the priest in answer to Verus Patroclus : wherein the falsehoods, forgeries, lies, perversions and self-contradictions of William Jamison are detected / by John Robertson.