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Meggott, Richard, d. 1692. / [1656] The rib restored, or, The honour of marriage a sermon preached in Dionis-Back Church, occasioned by a wedding the 5 day of June, 1655 / by Richard Meggott.
Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. / [1654] Rich. Baxter's admonition to Mr. William Eyre of Salisbury; concerning his miscarriages in a book lately written for the justification of infidels, against M. Benj. Woodbridge, M. James Cranford and the author.
Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. / [1655] Rich: Baxter's confesssion [sic] of his faith, especially concerning the interest of repentance and sincere obedience to Christ, in our justification & salvation. VVritten for the satisfaction of the misinformed, the conviction of calumniators, and the explication and vindication of some weighty truths.
White, John, d. 1671. / [1651] A rich cabinet, with variety of inventions; unlock'd and opened, for the recreation of ingenious spirits at their vacant houres Being receits and conceits of severall natures, and fit for those who are lovers of naturall and artificiall conclusions. Whereunto is added variety of recreative fire-works, both for land, aire, and water. Also fire works of service, for sea and shore, very fitting for these warlike times of action. Collected by J.W. a lover of artificiall conclusions.
[between 1685-1688] The rich farmers ruine; vvho murmured at the plenty of the seasons, because he could not sell corn so dear as his covetous heart desired. To the tune of, Why are my eyes still flowing, as it is play'd on the violin. This may be printed, R.P
Rogers, Nehemiah, 1593-1660. / [1662] The rich fool set forth in an exposition on that parable : Luke 12, 16-22 ... / by Nehemiah Rogers ...
Mapletoft, John, 1631-1721. / [1695] The rich man's bounty, the true measure of his wisdom a sermon preached before the Lord Mayor, and Court of Aldermen, and citizens of London, at St. Brides Church, Easter-Wednesday, March 27, 1695 / by John Mapletoft ...
Sydenham, Humphrey, 1591-1650? / [1630] The rich mans vvarning-peece. A sermon, vpon occasion, formerly preached, and now published, by the author, Humfrey Sydenham, late fellow of Wadham Colledge in Oxford.
Nugent, Richard, fl. 1604. / [1604] Rich: Nugents Cynthia. Containing direfull sonnets, madrigalls, and passionate intercourses, describing his repudiate affections expressed in loues owne language.
Rich, Jeremiah, d. 1660? / [1694] Rich redivivus or Mr Jeremiah Richs short-hand improved in a more breife & easy method then hath been set forth by any heretofore, now made publique for generall advantage by Nathaniell Stringer a quondam scholar to the said M Rich. Licensed by Roger Lestrange
Horton, Thomas, d. 1673. / [1663] Rich treasure in earthen vessels a sermon preached, Jan. 1, 1662/3, at the funeral of that reverend and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. James Nalton, late minister of God's word at St. Leonards Foster-lane / by T. Horton ...
Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. / [M.DC.LVII. 1657] Richard Baxter's account of his present thoughts concerning the controversies about the perseverance of the saints. Occasioned by the gross misreports of some passages in his book, called, The right method for peace of conscience, &c; which are left out in the last impression to avoid offence, and this here substituted, for the fuller explication of the same points.
Samble, Richard, 1644-1680. / [1678] Richard Samble's testimony concerning Christopher Bacon, who deceased the 29th day of the 10th month 1678. Written at Falmouth in the county of Cornwall.
Huberinus, Caspar. / [Anno. 1578] A riche storehouse, or treasurie, for the sicke, full of Christian counsels holesome doctrines, comfortable persuasions, and godly meditations, meete for all Christians, both in sicknesse and in health. Wherevnto is annexed a comfort for poore prisoners, and also an exhortation to repentance. Written in Dutch, by Gaspar Huberine, and Englished by Thomas Godfrie, esquire, late ... fruits and ... at the request of his dangter Marie, wife ... Iohn French, gentleman of the Inner Temple
Sedgwick, Obadiah, 1600?-1658. / [1657] The riches of grace displayed in the offer and tender of salvation to poor sinners.: Wherein is set out, the gracious behaviour of Christ, standing at the door and knocking for entrance. The dutiful behaviour of sinners in hearing Christs voice and opening to him. And the comfortable event upon them both. / By Obadiah Sedgwick. B.D. and late minister of the Gospel in Covent-Garden.
Bagshawe, William, 1628-1702. / [1685] The riches of grace displayed: the second part. In the great instances thereof. In giving the son. Sending the spirit. Effectual calling. God's covenanting with man. By W. Bagshaw, minister of the gospel
[1689] A riddle of state, or, The Parliament triumphant to the tune of The pink petticoat lac'd round.
[Anno Dom. 1682] Riddle of the roundhead to the tune of Now at last the riddle is expounded.
[1681] The Riddle of the Roundhead. An excellent new ballad. To the tune of, Now at last the riddle is expounded.
Mace, Thomas, d. 1709? / [Anno Dom. 1698] Riddles mervels and rarities: or, A new way of health, from an old man's experience, &c.: Being his kind legacy, to his fellow creatures: or, the physician, and no physician, prescribing physick, and no physick; shewing plain, easie, and cheap ways, how every man may become his own physician, his own apothecary, and his own chyrurgeon, with little or no trouble, but far less cost. Whereby sickness may certainly be prevented to the well; health, as certainly procur'd to the sick; and man's life comfortably preserv'd, to a good old age.... Divided into 2 parts, by two universal medicines; the one physical, the other natural; the first the worst, the second the best. Also a short discourse concerning the phylosopher's stone, ... With several other choice observations of profitable use, as may be seen in the table here annext.
[Printed in the yeare 1647] The riddles unridled or, an answer by way of depositions of the free-commons of England, to nine proposalls, by way of interogation to the generall officers and souldiers in the armie. Written for vindication of the army, from the unjust aspersions of being mercinaries, and from the scandalous imputation of rebellion. Injuriously charged upon them by the authour of those seditious proposals.
[1643] The rider of the vvhite horse and his army, their late good successe in Yorre-shiere [sic], or, A true and faithfull relation of that famous and wonderfull victory at Bradford, obtained by the club-men there, with all the circumstances thereof.: And of the taking of Leeds and Wakefield by the same men under the command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, with the manner and circumstances thereof from good hands. Seriously commended to the high court of Parliament, and all that are of God's side for their incouragement.
[1691] The Right and duty of the commons of London in the election of sheriffs, and other officers recommended to the Common-hall.
Kellison, Matthew. / [Anno Dom. 1621] The right and iurisdiction of the prelate, and the prince. Or, A treatise of ecclesiasticall, and regall authoritie. Compyled by I.E. student in diuinitie for the ful instruction and appeaceme[n]t of the consciences of English Catholikes, co[n]cerning the late oath of pretended allegeance. Togeather with a cleare & ample declaratio[n], of euery clause thereof, newlie reuewed and augmented by the authoure.
Dey, Richard. / [1643] The right and legall church-warden. Declaring and expressing their lawfull admittance unto the said office by the choice and appointment of the lord major and aldermen of London, the majors, and bailiffs of cities and corporations and by the justices of peace in each county through England, so that they may be legally authorized without any future dependance on the prelates. In a petition exhibited with all due respect unto the right honourable the lord major and aldermen of London. / By Rich. Dey minister of the Gospell.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1648] Right and might well met. Or, A briefe and unpartiall enquiry into the late and present proceedings of the Army under the command of His Excellency the Lord Fairfax.: Wherein the equity and regularnesse of the said proceedings are demonstratively vindicated upon undeniable principles, as well of reason, as religion. Together with satisfactory answers to all materiall objections against them. / By John Goodwin.
Bédé de la Gormandière, Jean. / [1612] The right, and prerogatiue of kings against Cardinall Bellarmine and other Iesuites. Written in French by Iohn Bede, aduocate in the court of Parliament of Paris, and published by authority. Translated by Robert Sherwood.
[1642] The Right character of a true subject profitably declaring, how every man in this time of danger ought to square all his actions, that he may neither be taxed of disobedience to the Maiesty of the King, nor want of duty to
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1578] A right comfortable treatise containing fourteene pointes of consolation for them that labor and are laden: VVritten by D. Martin Luther to Prince Friderik Duke of Saxonie, he being sore sicke, thereby to comfort him in the time of his great distresse. Englished by W. Gace.
Claxton, Laurence, 1615-1667. / [1659] The right devil discovered in his descent, form, education, qualification, place and nature of torment : with many other divine secrets, never as yet extant : published for confutation of the learned, instructing the wise, and undeceiving of the simple / written by Laur. Claxton.
Whetstone, George, 1544?-1587? / [August. 20. 1578] The right excellent and famous historye, of Promos and Cassandra deuided into two commicall discourses. In the fyrste parte is showne, the vnsufferable abuse, of a lewde magistrate: the vertuous behauiours of a chaste ladye: the vncontrowled leawdenes of a fauoured curtisan. And the vndeserued estimation of a pernicious parasyte. In the second parte is discoursed, the perfect magnanimitye of a noble kinge, in checking vice and fauouringe vertue: wherein is showne, the ruyne and ouerthrowe, of dishonest practises: with the aduauncement of vpright dealing. The worke of George Whetstones Gent.
Colet, John, 1467?-1519. / [1582] A right fruitfull admonition concerning the order of a good Christian mans life very profitable for all maner of estates, and other to beholde and looke vppon / made by the famouse doctour Collet, sometime deane of Paules.
Clowes, William, ca. 1540-1604. / [1602] A right frutefull and approoued treatise, for the artificiall cure of that malady called in Latin Struma, and in English, the evill, cured by kinges and queenes of England. Very necessary for all young practizers of chyrurgery. Written by William Clowes, one of her Maiesties chyrurgions, in the yeare of our Lord. 1602.
T. W. (Thomas Wilcox), 1549?-1608. / [1586] A right godly and learned exposition, vpon the whole booke of Psalmes: wherein is set forth the true diuision, sence, and doctrine contained in euery Psalme: for the great furtheraunce and necessarie instruction of euery Christian reader. Newly and faithfully set forth by a godly minister and preacher of the word of God.
[1602] A right godly rule how all faithfull Christians ought to occupie and exercise themselues in their dayly prayers.
Angel, John, d. 1655. / [1659] The right government of thoughts, or, A discovery of all vain, unprofitable, idle, and wicked thoughts with directions for the getting, keeping, and governing of good thoughts, digested into chapters for the ease of the reader : whereunto are added four sermons / by ... John Angel ...
Cutts, John Cutts, Baron, 1661-1707. / [1698] The Right Honourable the Lord Cutts, his speech to the mayor and corporation of Newport at His Majesties castle of Carisbrook in the Isle of Wight upon the swearing of Captain Thomas Read into the office of mayor, according to the ancient custom and charter of that corporation.
Manchester, Edward Montagu, Earl of, 1602-1671. / [1641. i.e. 1642] The right honourable the Lord Kimbolton his speech in Parliament, Ian. 3. 1641:: concerning the articles of high treason exhibited against him, Mr. Pym, Mr. Hambden, Mr. Hollis, Sir Arthur Haslerigge knight, and Mr. Strowde. By the Kings Majestie.
Percy, James, 1619-1690? / [1681?] Right honourable, I am your cousin, (though a prisoner) descended from the body of Henry Percy 5th. Earl of Northumberland.
Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Earl of, 1629-1685 / [Septemb. 18. 1645] Right honourable, the Lord hath this day, here at Philiphauch ... appeared gloriously for his people
Wied, Hermann von. / [anno. 1548] The right institutio[n] of baptisme: set forth by the reuere[n]d father in Christ, Herman Archebysshop of Coleyne, wherunto is also annexed a godlye treatyse of matrimonye, compyled by the famous clerke and faythfull euangelyst Wolfgangus Musculus, no lesse fruteful the[n] necessary for all godly mynisters of Christs church, translated by the vnproffitable seruaunt of Chryst Richard Ryce.
Drexel, Jeremias, 1581-1638. / [1655] A right intention the rule of all mens actions. Converted out of Drexelius to our proper use. / By John Dawson ...
Whiston, Joseph, d. 1690. / [MDCXC. 1690] The right method for the proving of infant-baptism. With some reflections on some late tracts against infant-baptism. / By Joseph Whiston, Minister of the Gospel.
Vincent, Nathanael, 1639?-1697. / [1685] The right notion of honour as it was delivered in a sermon before the King at Newmarket, Octob. 4, 1674 published by His Majesties special command : with annotations, the contents whereof are in the following leaf / by Nath. Vincent ...
Hawke, Michael. / [1655] The right of dominion, and property of liberty, whether natural, civil, or religious. Wherein are comprised the begining and continuance of dominion by armes; the excellency of monarchy, and the necessity of taxes, with their moderation. As also the necessity of his Highness acceptation of the empire, averred and approved by presidents of præterit ages, with the firm settlement of the same against all forces whatsoever. / By M.H. Master in Arts, and of the Middle Temple.
[1682] The Right of electing sheriffs of London and Middlesex, briefly stated and declared
Charron, Pierre, 1541-1603. / [1684?] The right of kings and the duty of subjects a Christian discourse proving that it is not lawful for subjects upon any ground or pretence whatever to rebel against their lawful king / written by P. Charron, Parisian, author of the book of Wisdom ; now Englished by J.R.
Bentham, Joseph, 1594?-1671. / [1661] The right of kings by Scripture, or, A collection of some Scriptures shewing kings to be of God also, An essay for orderly hearing : together with A defence of Psalm-singing : in several dialogues with their supposed speakers / by Joseph Bentham, once again rector of the Church of Broughton in Northhamptonshire.
Procter, Thomas. / [1621] The right of Kings conteyning a defence of their supremacy, over all persons and in all causes, as well ecclesiasticall as civill, within their severall dominions : herewithall is proved by testimony of Holy Scripture, that Christian Kinges are to haue such dignity, and execute such office in the Christian church, as Gods kinges had exercised in the church under the lawe : which part of the mysterie of Gods will, as it hath been wickedly under poperie shut up from men, so it is in our tymes right needfull that the same be opened to all Christian nations.
Lawrence, William, 1613 or 14-1681 or 2. / [1681] The right of primogeniture, in succession to the kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland as declared by the statutes of 24 E.3 cap 2. De Proditionibus, King of England, and of Kenneth the third, and Malcolm Mackenneth the second, Kings of Scotland : as likewise of 10 H.7 made by a Parliament of Ireland : with all objections answered, and clear probation made : that to compass or imagine the death, exile, or disinheriting of the King's eldest son, is high treason : to which is added, an answer to all objections against declaring him a Protestant successor, with reasons shewing the fatal dangers of neglecting the same.
Gailhard, J. (Jean) / [1660] The right of the Church asserted, against the povver usurped over it. By J. Gailhard, A.M. & D.
[1700?] The right of the citizens of London to elect sheriffs in their common-hall, proved, from the custom of our ancestors, from their charters, history, antient acts of Parliament, judgments and resolutions of many learned judges
[1692/3] The right of the city of London, and their proceedings touching the regulation of hackny-coaches, standing in the said city and liberties thereof
One that hath no place in either of them. / [Printed in the yeare, 1653] The right of tithes asserted: by our old Saxon lavves.: A discourse proving them to be neither popish nor antichristian. Wherein the patrons ancient interest is also briefly vindicated, and a word likewise added for universities. By one that hath no place in either of them: nor incumbency upon tithes.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1680] The right of tithes re-asserted wherein the proofs from divine institution, primitive practice, voluntary donation, and positive laws are further strengthened and vindicated, especially from the objections taken out of Mr. Selden's History of tithes / by the author of The right of tithes asserted, &c.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1677] The right of tythes asserted & proved, from divine institution, primitive practice, voluntary donations, and positive laws with a just vindication of that sacred maintenance from the cavils of Thomas Elwood, in his pretended answer to the friendly conference.
Philo Regis. / [1649. i.e. 1650] The right picture of King Oliure, from top to toe.: That all the world may a false rebell know. Whereunto is added, his genealogy, and the memorialls of all his worthy acts from the beginning of his reigne, to his present routing in Ireland. / By Philo Regis, written in rime doggerill for the benefit of all his subjects at Westminster.
S., Mr., Mr. of Art. / [1661] A right pithy, pleasant, and merry comedy, entituled, Gammer Gurton's needle made by Mr. S. ...
[1554] The right plesaunt and goodly historie of the foure sonnes of Aimon the which for the excellent endytyng of it, and for the notable prowes and great vertues that were in them: is no les pleasaunt to rede, then worthy to be knowen of all estates bothe hyghe and lowe.
Levens, Peter, fl. 1587. / [1596] A right profitable booke for all diseases: called, The pathway to health. Wherein are to be founde most excellent & approued medicines of great vertue: as also notable potions and drinks, and for the distilling of diuers precious waters, and making of oyles, and other comfortable receits for the health of the body, neuer before imprinted. First gathered by Peter Leuens, master of art of Oxford, and student in phisicke and surgery: and now newly corrected and augmented.
Crofton, Zachary, 1625 or 6-1672. / [1657] Right re-entred and the reasons thereof rendered in the plain, yet modest, apology of Zach. Crofton, minister of the Gospel at Buttolphs Aldgate, London for his return to the exercise of his own ministry in his own church at the usual hours of publick worship on the Lords daies afternoon, in which hee hath been for a season obstructed by Mr. John Sympson.
Dyke, Jeremiah, 1584-1639. / [1645] The right receiving of Christ· Or, An appendix to the worthy communicant, or A treatise shewing the due order of receiving the sacrament. By Jer. Dyke, late minister of Epping in Essex. Which was intended by the said author in his life time to be annexed to this treatise of the sacrament; as appeares in the epistle. Wherein a Christian may know, whether he hath rightly received Christ in the sacrament or no.
Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. / [1660] Right rejoycing: or The nature and order of rational and warrantable joy. Discovered in a sermon preached at St. Pauls before the Lord Maior and aldermen, and the several companies of the City of London, on May 10. 1660. appointed by both Houses of Parliament, to be a day of solemn thanksgiving for Gods raising up and succeeding his Excellency, and other instruments, in order to his Majesites restoration, and the settlement of these nations. By Richard Baxter.
L. P., Gent. / [M.D.C.LVIII. 1658] The right religion,: reviewed and inlarged / by L.P. Gent.
Est, William, 1546 or 7-1625. / [1616] The right rule of a religious life: or, The glasse of godlinesse Wherein euery man may behold his imperfections, how farre hee is out of the way of true Godlinesse, and learne to reduce his wandring steppes into the pathes of true pietie. In certaine lectures vpon the first chapter of the Epistle of S. Iames. The first part. By William Est preacher of Gods Word.
Hergest, William. / [1580] The right rule of Christian chastitie profitable to bee read of all godly and vertuous youthes of both sexe, bee they gentlemen or gentlewomen, or of inferiour state, whatsoeuer. Collected and written by one studious to gratifie his freendes, and profit his kindred: first (priuately) for the instruction, forewarning and forearming of certayne younge gentlewomen his neare and deare cosins: and after published by the same, in hope to profit the Church & common wealth, according to his talent. The methode wherof is to bee seene immediatly after the preface to the reader.
England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) / [1646] Right trusty and entirely beloved cousin and councellor, wee greet you well, having used all possible and honourable meanes, by sending many gracious messages to the two Houses of Parliament ... to procure our personall treaty with them, for a safe and well grounded peace ...
Graunt, John, of Bucklersbury. / [1649] A right use made by a stander by at the two disputations at Great All-hollowes; between Mr. Goodwin and Mr. Symson, the 14. of January and 11. of February 1649.: Concerning the poynts of generall redemption, and inevitable damnation immediately from God alone.
Lewis, Jeremiah, 1588?-1628. / [1631] The right use of promises, or, A treatise of sanctification whereunto is added Gods free-schoole / by Mr. Ieremiah Lewis ...
Jennings, Theodore. / [1647] The right vvay to peace:: shewing the art of over-coming one another by love : in a dialogue between a friend and his neighbour. Humbly presented to the Right Honourable the Lords and Commons in Parliament : and to the whole nation; / by their old and faithfull servant in the publick, Theodore Jennings.
Gouge, William, 1578-1653. / [M.DC.XLVIII. 1648] The right vvay: or A direction for obtaining good successe in a weighty enterprise.: Set out in a sermon preached on the 12th of September, 1648. before the Lords on a day of humiliation for a blessing on a treaty between His Majesties and the Parliaments commissioners. / By W. Gouge.
R. V. (Richard Vennard), d. 1615? / [1601] The right way to heauen and the true testimonie of a faithfull and loyall subiect. Compiled by Richard Vennard of Lincolnes Inne.
Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. / [1630] The right way to heauen prayers and meditations of the faithfull soule with the spirituall morning sacrifice and consolations for the sicke.
[MDCXC. 1690] The right way to make money more plentiful: or, Considerations relating to the Act for preventing exportation of silver and encouraging its importation and coinage.
Naylor, James, 1617?-1660. / [1699] The right way to promote reformation in a sermon preached at Warrington upon the 18th of Octob. 1698, at the appointment of the ministers there met, and at the request of some, published for the use of others / by James Naylor.
[1676] The right, pleasant, and variable tragical history of Fortunatus. whereby a young man may learn how to behave himself in all worldly affairs and casual chances. First penned in the Dutch tongue: there-hence abstracted, and now first of all published in English / by T.C.
Colvill, William, d. 1675. / [1673] The righteous branch growing out of the root of Jesse and healing the nations held forth in several sermons upon Isai. chap. 11, from vers. 1 to 10 : together with some few sermons relating to all who live under the shadow of the branch / by William Colvill.
Bedloe, William, 1650-1680. / [1680] The righteous evidence, witnessing the truth. Being an account of the sickness, and death-bed expressions, of Mr. VVilliam Bedlow: vvho deceased at Bristol, the 20th. of August, 1680. With his attestations which he left in writing, for the good of this nation, concerning the late damnable plot, contrived by the papists. With his two last prayers.
Hickes, Edward. / [MDCLXXXII 1682] The righteous judge a sermon preached at Hertford-Assize, March 10, 1682 / by Edward Hickes, D.D.
Sandilands, Robert. / [1683] Righteous judgment placed upon the heads of malicious opposers and persecuting apostates in some brief animadversions upon Francis Buggs book, entitled, De Christiana libertate, in which his great weakness and gross wickedness is detected, his foul defamations and uncivil reflections are reprehended : with a seasonable warning to him and the rest of his abettors in their mischievous work of opposition to and separation from, the Lord and his people / by a lover of peace, Robert Sandilands : together with an Ingredient by another hand.
Bridge, William, 1600?-1670. / [1665] The righteous man's habitation in the time of plague and pestilence being a brief exposition of the XCI. Psalm / by William Bridge.
Doolittle, Samuel. / [1693] The righteous man's hope at death consider'd and improv'd for the comfort of dying Christians, and the support of surviving relations : to which is added Death-bed reflections, &c. proper for a righteous man in his last sickness / by Samuel Doolittle ; this was the first sermon the author preacht after the death of his mother Mrs. Mary Doolittle, who deceased Decemb. 16. 1692. and is since enlarged.
Lucas, Richard, 1648-1715. / [1693] The righteous man's support a sermon preach'd before Her Majesty, on Wednesday June 14th, 1693 bieng [sic] the day of the monthly fast / by R. Lucas ...
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [printed in the year 1662] The righteous mans death lamented. A sermon preached at St. Austins, London, Aug.23. 1662 at the funeral of that eminent servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. Simeon Ash late minister of the gospel there. By Edmund Calamy, B.D.
Rogers, Timothy, 1589-1650? / [1624] The righteous mans euidences for heauen, or, A treatise shewing how euery one, while hee liues heere, may certainely know what shall become of him after his departure out of this life
Primrose, Gilbert, ca. 1580-1642. / [Anno 1625] The righteous mans euils, and the Lords deliuerances. By Gilbert Primerose, minister of the French Church in London.
Horn, John, 1614-1676. / [1649] The righteous mans hope in his death:: in a sermon at the funerall of Mr William Conye of Walpoole, justice of peace, and captain over the trained band in Marshland. / Preached by John Horne Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at Southlyn in Norfolke 2d⁰ May 1648.
Stoughton, John, d. 1639. / [1640] The righteous mans plea to true happinesse. In ten sermons, on Psal. 4 ver. 6. Preached by Iohn Stoughton Doctor in Divinity, sometimes fellow of Emanuell Colledge in Cambridge, late preacher of Aldermanbury, London.
Whitfield, Thomas, Minister of the Gospel. / [1649] The righteous mans rejoycing, or, A treatise tending to shew the nature of true joy ... with the grounds and reasons of it, and meanes to procure and preserve it / by Tho. Whitfeld, minister of the Gospel.
Dyke, Jeremiah, 1584-1639. / [1639] The righteous mans tovver. Or, The way to be safe in a case of danger. Published by Ier. Dike, minister of Epping in Essex
[M DC XC. 1690] The righteous the best subjects to the King: or, Godliness no friend to rebellion or enemy to civil government.
Rofe, George, d. 1664. / [1656] The righteousnes of God to man, wherein he was created;: with a discovery of the fall, by the strength and subtilty of the serpent: and of the recovery of man, by the seed of the woman, which bruises the serpents head. Also, a declaration against the beast and his followers, who act by his power; and a warning to the people not to joyn with the beast, nor to uphold the harlot, least you be taken with the beast and the false prophet, and cast into the lake together alive, and there be none to deliver you. A few words to O. C. and to the officiers and souldiers of the army in general. With, a true declaration how I lived before I knew the truth, and how I came to know the truth, and overcame deceit. Given forth for the simples sake, that they may learn righteousness; ... / By a sufferer for the righteous seed sake, in the common goal of Edmonds Bury in Suffolk, who is called George Rofe.
Jekyll, Thomas, 1646-1698. / [1681] Righteousness and peace the best means to prevent ruin recommended in a sermon preached at Guild-Hall Chappel, (Sept. 25, 1681) before the Lord Mayor, &c. / by Thomas Jekyll, M.A. ...
Wroe, Richard, 1641-1717. / [1684] Righteousness encouraged and rewarded with an everlasting remembrance in a sermon at the funeral of the right worshipful Sir Roger Bradshaigh of Haigh, Knight and Baronet, who died at Chester on Monday, March 31, and was buried at Wigan, Friday, Apr. 4, 1684 / by Richard Wroe ...
Humfrey, John, 1621-1719. / [1697] The righteousness of God revealed in Gospel, or, An impartial enquiry into the genuine doctrine of St. Paul in the great, but much controverted article of justification / by Mr. John Humfrey.
Mather, Nathanael, 1631-1697. / [1694] The righteousness of God through faith upon all without difference who believe in two sermons on Romans 3, 22 / by Nathaniel Mather ...
Hooker, Samuel, 1635?-1697. / [1677] Righteousness rained from heaven, or, A serious and seasonable discourse exciting all to an earnest enquiry after and continued waiting for the effusions of the spirit unto a communication and increase of righteousness, that faith, holiness, and obedience may yet abound among us, and the wilderness become a fruitful field / as it was delivered in a sermon preached at Harford Connecticut in New-England, May 10, 1677, being the day of election there by Samuel Hooker.
Park, Robert, d. 1689? / [1689] The rights and liberties of the church asserted and vindicated, against the pretended right and usurpation of patronage.
[1682] The rights and priviledges of the city of London, proved from, prescription, charters, and acts of Parliament also the coronation oaths of several of the Kings of England, together with some arguments to enforce on all great men their duty of acting agreeable thereunto, and to the known laws of the kingdom.
[1682] The rights of the city farther unfolded and the manifold miscarriages of my Lord Mayor, as well as the punishments he hath rendred himself obnoxious unto, for his misbehaviour in relation to the present election of sheriffs, display'd and laid open.
Bagshaw, Edward, d. 1662. / [1660] The rights of the crovvn of England, as it is established by law. / Written in the time of the late King, by Edward Bagshaw Esquire, an apprentice of the common-law.
Whitelocke, James, Sir, 1570-1632. / [1658. i.e. 1659] The rights of the people concerning impositions, stated in a learned argument; with a remonstrance presented to the Kings most excellent Majesty, by the Honorable House of Commons, in the Parliament, An. Dom. 1610. Annoq; Regis Jac. 7. / By a late eminent judge of this nation.
Yelverton, Henry, Sir, 1566-1629. / [1679] The rights of the people of England, concerning impositions stated in a learned argument, by Sir Henry Yelverton ... ; with a remonstrance presented to the Kings most excellent Majesty, by the honorable House of Commons, in the Parliament, An. Dom. 1610 ...
Teate, Faithful, b. 1621. / [1669] Rihgt [sic] thoughts, the righteous mans evidence a discourse proving our state (God-ward) to be as our thoughts are, directing how to try them and our selves by them, propounding schemes of right thoughts, with motives and rules for keeping thoughts right : in two parts / by Faithful Teat.
Ubaldini, Petruccio, 1524?-1600? / [1596] Rime di Petruccio Vbaldino, cittadin Fiorentino.
[ca. 1614] The rimers nevv trimming: to the tune of In sommer time.
[1679] The Ripping-up of Sir John Presbyter's garment, or, The Ground-work of schism laid open to all true Protestant readers, &c
Brès, Guy de, 1522-1567. / [1668] The rise, spring and foundation of the Anabaptists, or re-baptized of our time vvritten in French by Guy de Brez, 1565 ... ; and translated for the use of his countrymen, by J.S.
[1648] The rising and routing of the mutiniers in the city of London: on Sunday and Munday the 9th and 10th of Aprill, 1648. Their fight at the Lord Mayors. Breaking open the armory, and taking the money and plate. Took two gates, and the keyes of the city. Seized one brasse gunne, their severall fights with the trained bands and the souldiers of the army. And the numbers and names of those that are slain and wounded on both sides.
Carter, Bezaleel, d. 1629. / [1621] Christ his last vvill, and Iohn his legacy In a sermon preached at Clare in Suffolke, by Bezaleel Carter preacher of the word of God at Canham neere to Saint Edmunds Bury.
Sturm, Johannes, 1507-1589. / [Anno Domini. 1570] A ritch storehouse or treasurie for nobilitye and gentlemen, which in Latine is called Nobilitas literata, written by a famous and excellent man, Iohn Sturmius, and translated into English by T.B. Gent. Seene and allowed according to the order appointed.
Hill, Samuel, 1648-1716. / [1698] The rites of the Christian church further defended in answer to the appeal of Dr. Wake : with a letter to Mr. Hill ... on the account of the Municipium ecclesiasticum, as also an answer / by Sam. Hill ...
[1692] The rival mother a late true history: digested into a novel.
[1689] The rival princesses, or, The Colchian court a novel.