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Croxton, James. / [MDCLXI. 1661] Q.F.Q.Q.S. A new fiction, as wee were A.I.M.E.I.M.I.D.2.F.4. The scene at Whtie-Hall. Antetruhand (in imagination) by some of Powle Fernlists under St. Tichburn-Crosse, in a way of prognostication. A.R.D.N.R.C.2.12.M.H.4.D.I.P.M. H.I.M. Circ. 59. Anno libertatis christianæ, 1626. Stylo novo. Personæ. Protestation. Common-Prayer, Allegiance. Sr. Solemn League and Covenant. Engagement. Instrument. Constables, Beadles, &c. Chorus of By-Standers.
Horace. / [1640] Q. Horatius Flaccus: his Art of poetry. Englished by Ben: Jonson. With other workes of the author, never printed before
Valerius Maximus. / [1684] Q Valerius Maximus his collections of the memorable acts and sayings of orators, philosophers, statesmen, and other illustrious persons of the ancient Romans, and other foreign nations, upon various subjects together with the life of that famous historian / newly translated into English.