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Talbor, Robert, Sir, 1642-1681. / [1672] Pyretologia, a rational account of the cause & cure of agues with their signes diagnostick & prognostick. Also some specifick medicines prescribed for the cure of all sorts of agues; with an account of a successful method of the authors for the cure of the most tedious and dangerous quartans. Likewise some observations of cures performed by the aforesaid method. Whereunto is added a short account of the cause and cure of feavers, and the griping in the guts, agreeable to nature's rules and method of healing. Authore Rto Talbor pyretiatro.
[1674] Pyretologia, or, A history of feavers composed according to such use of the parts, circulation of the blood and the various offices both of the lympid liquor and nervous juice, as have been the happy discoveries of modern anatomie : together with a more particular description of the uses of the spleen and pancreas : as also of the manner of natures proceeding in the several motions of fermentation and ebullition, then hath been formerly divulged.
Wittie, Robert, 1613?-1684. / [1669] Pyrologia mimica, or, An answer to hydrologia chymica of William Sympson, phylo-chymico-medicus in defence of scarbrough-spaw : wherein the five mineral principles of the said spaw are defended against all his objections by plain reason and experiments, and further confirmed by a discovery of Mr. S. his frequent contradictions and manifest recantation : also a vindication of the rational method and practice of physick called galenical, and a reconciliation betwixt that and the chymical : likewise a further discourse about the original of springs / by Robert Wittie ...
Babington, John. / [MDCXXXV. 1635] Pyrotechnia or, A discourse of artificiall fire-works in which the true grounds of that art are plainly and perspicuously laid downe: together with sundry such motions, both straight and circular, performed by the helpe of fire, as are not to be found in any other discourse of this kind, extant in any language. VVhereunto is annexed a short treatise of geometrie, contayning certaine definitions and problemes, for the mensuration of superficies and sollids, with tables for the square root to 25000, and the cubick root to 10000 latus, wherein all roots under those numbers are extracted onely by ocular inspection. VVritten by Iohn Babington gunner, and student in the mathematicks.
Catholick-Christian. / [1667] Pyrotechnica Loyolana, Ignatian fire-works, or, The fiery Jesuits temper and behaviour being an historical compendium of the rise, increase, doctrines, and deeds of the Jesuits : exposed to publick view for the sake of London / by a Catholick-Christian.
Starkey, George, 1627-1665. / [1658] Pyrotechny asserted and illustrated to be the surest and safest means for arts triumph over natures infirmities being a full and free discovery of the medicinal mysteries studiously concealed by all artists, and onely discoverable by fire : with an appendix concerning the nature, preparation, and virtue of several specifick medicaments ... / by George Starkey ...
Hopkins, Charles, 1664?-1700? / [1695] Pyrrhus, King of Epirus a tragedy : acted at the New Theatre in Little Lincoln's-Inn-Fields by His Majesty's servants / written by Mr. Hopkins.