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Pemell, Robert. / [1650] Ptåochopharmakon, seu Medicamen miseris, or Pauperum pyxidicula salutifera. Help for the poor collected for the benefit of such as are not able to make use of physitians and chiurgians, or live remote from them. Also an appendix concerning letting blood in the smallpox. By Robert Pemel, physitian of Crane-brook in Kent.
Alley, William, 1510?-1570. / [1565] Ptōchomuseion [sic]. = The poore mans librarie Rapsodiæ G.A. Bishop of Exceter vpon the first epistle of saint Peter, red publiquely in the cathedrall church of saint Paule, within the citye of London. 1560. Here are adioyned at the end of euery special treatie, certaine fruitful annotacions which may properly be called miscellanea, bicause they do entreate of diuerse and sundry matters, marked with the nombre and figures of Augrime. 2.