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Hugo, Herman, 1588-1629. / [1686] Pia desideria, or, Divine addresses in three books : illustrated with XLVII copper-plates / written in Latine by Herm. Hugo ; Englished by Edm. Arwaker.
Lawe, Robert, b. 1617 or 18. / [1684] Pia Fraus, or, Absalom's theft being a sermon preached to a country-congregation on the thirtieth of January last, being the anniversary fast for the martyrdom of King Charles the First / by R.L., M.A.
Sempill, James, Sir, 1566-1625. / [1700] [A pick-tooth for the Pope, or,] The pack-mans pater noster
[Printed Ann. Dom. 1700] The picture of a coffee-house, or, The humour of the stock-jobbers
I. S. / [Printed in the year of Englands great trouble and slavery, and are to be found at the signe of the peoples liberties, right opposite to the Usurpers Court, 1656] The picture of a new courtier drawn in conference, between, [brace] Mr. Timeserver, and Mr. Plain-heart.: In which is discovered the abhominable practises and horrid hypocrisies of the Usurper, and his time-serving parasites. In which a Protector having been in part unvailed, may see himself discovered by I.S. a lover of Englands dear bought freedomes.
Ormerod, Oliver, 1580?-1626. / [1606] The picture of a papist: or, A relation of the damnable heresies, detestable qualities, and diabolicall practises of sundry hereticks in former ages, and of the papists in this age. Where in is plainly shewed, that there is scarse any heresie which the auncient Church knew, and withal condemned to the pit of hell, which the Romish Church hath not raked vp againe, and propounded to the world with new varnish and fresh colours. Together with a discourse of the late treason, and of the late execution of some of the traitors ... Written to stop the mouthes of those, that complaine of rigour, and scandalize the state of cruelty, in their iust seueritie. Whereunto is annexed a certain treatise, intituled Pagano-pagismus: wherein is prooued by irrefragable demonstrations, that papisme is flat paganisme: and that the papists doe resemble the very pagans, in aboue seuenscore seuerall things.
Ormerod, Oliver, 1580?-1626. / [1605] The picture of a Puritane: or, A relation of the opinions, qualities, and practises of the Anabaptists in Germanie, and of the Puritanes in England. VVherein is firmely prooued, that the Puritanes doe resemble the Anabaptists, in aboue fourescore seuerall thinges. By Oliuer Ormerod, of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge. Wherunto is annexed a short treatise, entituled, Puritano-papismus: or a discouerie of Puritan-papisme.
Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D. / [1626.] The picture of incest. Liuely portraicted in the historie of Cinyras and Myrrha. / By Iames Gresham..
Vicars, John, 1579 or 80-1652. / [1645] The picture of Independency lively (yet lovingly) delineated.: By John Vicars.
Vicars, John, 1579 or 80-1652. / [1645] The picture of independency lively (yet lovingly) delineated:
Webster, John, 1610-1682. / [1653] The picture of Mercurius Politicus: or Some of his falsities and mistakes, mentioned in his intelligence of the twelfth of October, concerning the dispute in Lumbardstreet, detected and disproved.: Wherein the carriage of the people resort-in to the meeting-place there, upon the said day, and other times, is cleared: to the satisfaction of those that will not censure before they understand, nor give up their judgments to trust vanity and lyes. By John Webster.
Jeffray, William. / [1629] The picture of patience. Or, a direction to perfection. Most needfull and vsefull in these dangerous daies of sinne, and publike feares.
Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657. / [Printed in the year, 1649] The picture of the Councel of State,: held forth to the free people of England by Lievt. Col. John Lilburn, Mr Thomas Prince, and Mr Richard Overton, now prisoners in the Tower of London. Or, a full narrative of the late extra-judicial and military proceedings against them. Together with the substance of their several examinations, answers and deportments before them at Darby house, upon the 28. of March last.
Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657. / [1649] The picture of the Councell of State, held forth to the free people of England by Lieut. Col. John Lilburn, M. Thomas Prince, and M. Richard Overton, now prisoners in the Tower of London for bearing testimony to the liberties of England against the present tyrants at White-Hall, and their associates, or, a full narrative of the late extrajudiciall and military proceedings against them ; together with the substance of their severall examinations, answers, and deportments before them at Darby-house, upon March 28 last.
[1660] The picture of the good old cause drawn to life in the effigies of Master Prais-God Barebone.: With several examples of Gods Judgements on some eminent engagers against kingly government.
Mure, Andrew. / [1636] Pidax Petreia, or, The disc[ov]erie of S. Peters well, [a]t Peter-head, in Scotland being in latitude 57.d.43.m. and in longitude 22.d.40.m. : shewing the admirable vertues thereof, against many deplorable diseases / by A.M. student in medicine.
Lenton, Francis, fl. 1630-1640. / [1640.] A piece of the world, painted in proper colours. Presented to the illusterous [sic] Majesty of our most gracious Queene Mary. / By Francis Lenton gent. Her Majesties poet..
Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728. / [1697] Pietas in patriam the life of His Excellency Sir William Phips, Knt. late Captain General and Governour in Chief of the province of the Massachuset-Bay, New England, containing the memorable changes undergone, and actions performed by him / written by one intimately acquainted with him.
Ameyden, Dirk, 1586-1656. / [1687] Pietas Romana et Parisiensis, or, A faithful relation of the several sorts of charitable and pious works eminent in the cities of Rome and Paris the one taken out of the book written by Theodorus Amydenus ; the other out of that by Mr. Carr.
Brydall, John, b. 1635? / [1700] Pietatis in parentes disquisitio: or, The duty of children towards their parents:: truly examined and stated. : In a letter to a friend in the city.
Hesketh, Henry, 1637?-1710. / [1680] Piety the best rule of orthodoxy, or, An essay upon this proposition, that the conduciveness of doctrines to holiness or vice is the best rule for private Christians to judge the truth or falshood of them by in a letter to his honoured friend H.M. / by Hen. Hesketh.
[1599.] A pil to purge melancholie: or, A preprative [sic] to a pvrgation: or, Topping, copping, and capping: take either or whether: or, Mash them, and squash them, and dash them, and diddle come derrie come daw them, all together..
Tipper, Elizabeth. / [1698] The pilgrim's viaticum, or, The destitute but not forlorn being a divine poem / digested from meditations upon the Holy Scripture by Eliz. Tipper.
Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? / [1700] The pilgrim's progress, from Quakerism to Christianity containing, a farther discovery of the dangerous growth of Quakerism, not only in points of doctrine, but also in their politicks, respecting their government, and opposite to it, together with their fund or common bank to support the same : with a remedy proposed for this malady, and the cure of Quakerism : to which is added an appendix, discovering a most damnable plot, contriv'd and carrying on by New-Rome, by an united confederacy, against the reformed religion and professors thereof, as will appear from the designs of their silent meetings, their monthly, quarterly, second-day, six-week, and yearly meeting, all which are particularly herein treated on / by ... Fr. Bugg.
Brémond, Gabriel de. / [1681] The pilgrim. The second part Written by P. Belon, gent. Translator of the first part, and dedicated to the dutchess of Albemarle.
Vane, Henry, Sir, 1612?-1662. / [1664] A pilgrimage into the land of promise, by the light of the vision of Jacobs ladder and faith, or, A serious search and prospect into life eternal pointing out the way and discovering the passage out of mans mutable state of life, into a state of immutable righteousness and glory, through the knowledg of Christ in spirit / written in the year 1662 by Henry Vane ...
Richeome, Louis, 1544-1625. / [Anno Dom. M.DC.XXIX. 1629] The pilgrime of Loreto. Performing his vow made to the glorious Virgin Mary Mother of God. Conteyning diuers deuout meditations vpon the Christian and Cath. doctrine. By Fa. Lewis Richeome of the Society of Iesus. Written in French, & translated into English by E.W.
M. R., Gent. / [1659] The pilgrims pass to the new Jerusalem, or, The serious Christian his enquiries after heaven with his contemplations on himself, reflecting on his happiness by creation, misery by sin, slavery by Satan, and redemption by Christ ... relating to those four last and great things of death, judgement, hell, and heaven ... / by M.R., Gent.
Ewbancke, George. / [1660] The pilgrims port or The weary mans rest in the grave opened and improved in a sermon, at the funeral of the Honorable Ms. Margaret Marwood, wife to Hen Marwood Esq; together with a character of the deceased gentlewoman; briefly describing the tenure of her life, and the manner of her death. / By Geo. Ewbancke, chaplain to ... Geo. Marwood, Esq.
Mico, John. / [1623] A pill to purge out poperie: or, A catechisme for Romish Catholikes shewing that popery is contrarie to the grounds of the Catholike religion, and that therefore papists cannot be good Catholikes.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1687] The pillar and ground of truth a treatise shewing that the Roman Chvrch falsly claims to be that church, and the pillar of that truth, mentioned by S. Paul in his First epistle to Timothy, Chap. III. vers. 15, which is explained in three parts.
Horton, Thomas, d. 1673. / [1655. i.e. 1654] The pillar and pattern of Englands deliverances.: Presented in a sermon to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and aldermen, with the several companies of the City of London, in their solemn meeting at Pauls on the Lords Day, Novem. 5. 1654. Being also the first Sabbath after his Lordships entrance upon his majoralty. / By Thomas Horton Doctor in Divinity, and professor thereof in Gresham-Colledge London.
Kingston, Richard, b. 1635? / [1665] Pillulæ pestilentiales, or, A spiritual receipt for cure of the plague delivered in a sermon preach'd in St. Paul's Church London, in the mid'st of our late sore visitation / by Rich. Kingston ...
Hubbert, Thomas. / [1650] Pilula ad expurgandam hypocrisin A pill to purge formality : wherein is discovered the sad and woful condition of all formal professors in religion : also the glory and excellency of those that walk in the power of godliness ... / by Tho. Hubbert, Esq.
[in the yeare, 1641] The pimpes prerogative: exactly and compendiously deciphered in a dialogue between Pimp-Major Pig, and Ancient Whiskin, two most eminent men in that faculty, with their exultation at the downfall of Doctors Commons.
[1694] A Pindaric ode, sacred to the memory of the Most Reverend Father in God, Dr. William Sancroft once master of Emmanuel College in Cambridge, and late arch-bishop of Canterbury, who departed this life November 24th. 1693.
Barnes, Joshua, 1654-1712. / [1685] A pindarick congratulatory poem to the Right Honourable George, Lord Jeffreys, Baron of Wem and Lord High Chancellor of England, to the High and Mighty Monarch King James the II &c. by Joshua Barnes ...
J. H., Esq. / [1685] A Pindarick ode on the death of His Late Sacred Majesty King Charles II. of blessed memory. By J.H. Esq;.
D'Urfey, Thomas, 1653-1723. / [1691] A Pindarick ode, on New-Year's-Day: perform'd by vocal and instrumental musick, before Their Sacred Majesties K. VVilliam and Q. Mary. Set by Dr. John Blow, and written by Thomas D'Urfey.
Maidwell, Lewis, 1650-1715. / [1680] A pindarick poem consecrated to the memory of his much honoured friend, William Fox Esquire. Who died of the fatal small pox April 12, 1680. In the 19th year of his age. Dedicated to his most afflicted parents the right honourable Sir Stephen Fox knight, one of the lords commissioners of the treasury, clerk of the green cloath, &c. and his most vertuous lady.
[1687] A Pindarick-poem upon His Most Sacred Majestie's late gracious indulgence, in granting a toleration, and liberty of conscience in matters of religion
D'Urfey, Thomas, 1653-1723. / [1692] A pindarick poem upon the fleet written by Mr. D'urfey.
Philanax. / [1692] A Pindarique ode by way of panegyrick, upon the glorious conquests of magnanimous K. William in the campagne of 92. Presented to him at his return.
Calle, Caleb. / [1688] A pindarique ode on the birth of the young Prince of Wales by Caleb Calle, Gent.
Parsons, John, Sir, 1656?-1704. / [1685] A Pindarique on the death of our late sovereign Charles II. of blessed memory by Sir John Parsons, Bart.
Williams, Nathaniel, d. 1679. / [1675] A pindariqve elegy on the most famous and learned physitian Dr. Willis
Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623. / [1699] A pious and Christian consideration of life and death and of all humane actions. Written originally in French by the famous Philip Morney Lord of Plessis. Translated into Latin by Arnoldus Freitagius. And now done into English by M. A. for the benefit of his countrymen.
Merke, Thomas, d. 1409. / [1642?] A pious and learned speech delivered in the High Court of Parliament, 1. H. 4. by Thomas Mercks then Bishop of Carlile.: Wherein hee gravely and judiciously declares his opinion concerning the question, what should be done with the deposed King Richard the Second.
Leo, of S. Mary Magdalen. / [1693] Pious instructions, in meeter fitted to the weaker capacities.
Ward, Richard, 1601 or 2-1684. / [1641] The pious mans practice in Parliament time. Or A seasonable and necessary tractate concerning the presages, and causes of a common-wealths ruine, and the wayes, and meanes to preserve a church, and state, in prosperity, plenty, purity, and peace. By R. Ward, utriusque regni in Artibus Magister; and preacher of Gods holy word at Stansteed Mount-Fitchet in Essex.
Swift, Daniel. / [1643] A pious president to both kingdomes for a sacred covenant.: Being an abstractive exposition by way of paraphrase upon the tenth chapter of Nehemiah, the 28, and 29 verses / by Daniell Svvift, Minister of the gospell of Iesus Christ.
Barry, Paul de, 1587-1661. / [in the year, M.DCC. 1700] Pious remarkes upon the life of S. Joseph spouse of the B. Virgin Mary mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. Written originally in French by Rd. father Paul Barrie
Munning, Humphrey, d. 1624. / [1641] A pious sermon preached by that late painfull and profitable minister of Gods word Humph. Munning, Rectour of Bretenham in the Countie of Suffolk.
G. L. / [1700] The pious soul's daily exercise: or, A guide to eternal glory Being manna gathered out of the Holy Scriptures to refresh the true Chrisitan in his passage through this vale of tears to the heavenly Canaan. By G.L.
Symonds, William, 1556-1616? / [1605] Pisgah euangelica. By the method of the Reuelation, presenting to publike view those Cananites ouer whom our Lord Iesus Christ and his holie Church shall triumph after seuerall battailes. That which is past is shewed in a briefe ecclesiasticall historie, containing most of the mutations which haue befallen the Church, from the yeere of our Lord 97, vnto the yeere 1603. as they haue been shewed vnto S. Iohn in Patmos, and recorded by such historiographers as are of least suspected faith. Gathered by William Symonds, sometimes fellow of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford.
Frith, John, 1503-1533. / [1529] A pistle to the Christen reader The revelation of Antichrist. Antithesis, wherin are compared to geder Christes actes and oure holye father the Popes.
Hinckley, John, 1617?-1695. / [1670] Pithanelogia, or, A perswasive to conformity by way of a letter to the dissenting brethren / by a country minister.
Marnix van St. Aldegonde, Philips van, 1538-1598. / [Anno D. 1583] A pithie, and most earnest exhortation, concerning the estate of Christiandome together with the meanes to preserue and defend the same; dedicated to al christian kings princes and potentates, with all other the estates of Christiandome: by a Germaine gentleman, a louer of his countrey.
Wentworth, Peter, ca. 1530-1596. / [1598] A pithie exhortation to her Maiestie for establishing her successor to the crowne. Whereunto is added a discourse containing the authors opinion of the true and lavvfull successor to her Maiestie. Both compiled by Peter Wentworth Esquire.
Paynell, Thomas. / [1550] The piththy [sic] and moost notable sayinges of al scripture, gathered by Thomas Paynell: after the manner of common places, very necessary for al those that delite in the consolacions of the scriptures.
Knell, Thomas. / [1570] A piththy [sic] note to Papists all and some that ioy in Feltons martirdome: Desiring them to read this and to iudge not in spite at simple trust to grudge. Set foorth by one that knew his life, and was with him at the houre of his death, which was the viii. of August. Anno. 1570. at the west end of Paules Churche ouer against the Bishops gate, where he set vp the Bul.
[1648] A pitiful remonstrance; or just complaint made to all free-born true-hearted Englishmen, sensible of the kingdoms miserable slavery.: From all the poor afflicted and miserable, inslaved and immured prisoners for debt, contempts, and other trivial matters; ...
I. S., fl. 1564. / [Anno Domini 1564] The pitifull estate of the time present. A Christian consideration of the miseries of this time, with an exhortation to amendement of life: compiled by one zealous in the lawe of God, and set forth by publike autority, being perused and allowed by the same.