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Brossier, Jean. / [1623] [P]anegyric a l'Angleterre [p]ar maistre Iehan Brossier sieur de la Riuiere groissard, aduocat en la cour de parlement de Paris.
[The yere of our lorde. M.CCCCC. and ix. 1509] The p[ar]lyament of deuylles.
[1689] The P. of Orange's engagement for maintaining and securing the Protestant religion & liberties of the people of England, according to his late gracious declaration humbly reminded to be performed by their most sacred Majesties K. William and Q. Mary, in their royal assent in Parliament, to the perpetual establishment of liberty of conscience.
Walsh, Peter, 1618?-1688. / [printed in the year, 1664] P. W's reply to the person of quality's answer dedicated to His Grace, the Duke of Ormond.