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Calle, Caleb. / [1682] On His Royal Hignes's [sic] miraculous delivery, and happy return
Benlowes, Edward, 1603?-1676. / [1658 i.e. 1668?] On St. Paul's Cathedral represented by Mr. Dan. King Threnodia adis Paulinæ de seipsa.
[1658] On St. Paul's Cathedrall represented by Mr. Dan. King.
[anno Dom. MDCLXXV. 1675] On the cellers under the New-Exchange.
W. T. / [1687?] On the coming of Christ
Young gentleman. / [1685] On the coronation of the most august monarch K. James II. and Queen Mary, the 23th. of April, 1685 by a young gentleman.
Cater, Gerrard. / [1695] On the crowing cock and lyon couchant, or, A poem to express the gallantry of our royall chanticlere. The uncertainty of war & cock-fighting. The magnanimity of a brave general and judicious cocker: / writ on the news of the surrender of Namur, in encomium of unparallel'd fortitude and true English valour, recorded in the parable of the game cock, to congratulate his Majesties happy return to London, leaving future success to the disposal of divine providence.
Wood, Fitz Norris. / [1685] On the death of His Late Sacred Majesty King Charles II, of ever blessed memory a Pindarique ode / by Fitz Norris Wood.
[1679] On the death of Mr. Matthew Pool anagram, Matthew Pool, O the lamp out!.
R. D. / [1686] On the death of Sir William Sharp of Stonnie-hill
[printed in the year, 1673] On the death of that noble knight Sr John Harman, vvho died the 11th. of October, 1673.
Ward, Edward, 1667-1731. / [1694] On the death of the late Lieutenant General Talmach: a poem humbly dedicated to her Grace, the Dutchess of Lauderdale / by E. Ward, Gent.
[1695] On the death of the Queen a poem.
T. J., Master of Arts. / [1670] On the death of the renowned general, George Duke of Albemarle
Flatman, Thomas, 1637-1688. / [1680] On the death of the Right Honourable Thomas Earl of Ossory.
[1690] On the ever to be lamented death of the most magnanimous and illustrious prince, Charles Leopold Duke of Lorraine, general of the imperial army; who died suddenly, April the eighth 1690
Guy, John, gent. / [MDCXCIX 1699] On the happy accession of Their Majesties King William and Queen Mary to the throne of England &c. a pindarique ode : with a preface shewing the occasion of the publication at this time / by John Guy, gent.
Rawson, Joseph, 1664-1719. / [1695] On the lamented death of Her Most Excellent Majesty, Queen Mary by J. Rawson ...
[1690] On the memory of Mr. Caleb Skinner, and Mr. Hezekiah Middleton; merchants. Who were drowned at Black-wall, coming from on board a ship the 5th of May. 1688. / By a school-fellow of Mr. Skinners.
[1689] On the occasion of the descent of His Highness the Prince of Orange into England, and Their Highnesses accession to the crown a pindarique ode.
[anno Domini 1683] On the relief of Vienna a hymn for the True-Protestants.
Wallis, John, 1616-1703. / [1643?] On the sad losse of the truly honourable Robert Lord Brook: an elegie, to his vertuous and noble lady.
[1685] On the universally lamented death of the incomparable Dr. Short. A pindarick elegy.
Davis, Richard, fl. 1646-1688. / [1685] On Thursday the 26. of this instant November, 1685. at the Auction-House in Ave-Mary-lane over against the Black Swan; will be exposed to sale to booksellers part of the stock of Mr. Richard Davis, bookseller of Oxford, by way of auction, containing these following books, viz.
Brazil. Ministério do Interior. / [1627] One and forty divine odes Englished: set to King Davids princely harpe. By S.P.L.
Crowley, Robert, 1518?-1588. / [1550] One and thyrtye epigrammes wherein are brieflye touched so manye abuses, that maye and ought to be put away / compiled and imprinted by Robert Crowley, dwellinge in Elye rentes in Holburne.
Eed, Nich. / [1693] One blow at the feet of the imposing formal Quaker's image: or, Rather an epistle of love and good will to them, to shew them their great weakness (if not folly) in saying thee and thou ... / writ by Nich. Eed ...
Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? / [1691] One blow more at new Rome being an appendix to Battering rams &c. : containing a farther discovery of the grand errours, deep hypocrisies, and romish practices of the leader and teachers of the people called Quakers, but more parricularly [sic] G. Whitehead, being an answer to some part of his book stiled Innocency against envy &c. / by Francis Bugg.
Clarke, William, Quaker. / [1697] One blow more at the Saducees and gross antichristian errors containing a brief narrative of the most material things that passed in discourse at Kings-Heath-Meeting the 4th of October 1696 betwixt Thomas Curtis, an antient preacher among the Quakers and me, William Clarke, one that belonged to that meeting.
[1665] One cry more of the innocent and oppressed for justice being a fourth relation of the unjust proceedings of the magistrates in and about the city of London with and against XVII (of the people of God) called Quakers at the IV several sessions hereafter named, where they received the unjust sentence of transportation.
Anderton, Lawrence. / [M. DC. XXV. 1625] One God, one fayth. Or A discourse against those lukewarm-Christians who extend saluation to all kinds of fayth and religion; so, that the professours do belieue in the Trinity, the Incarnation, the passion &c. howsoeuer they differ in other inferiour articles. VVritten by VV. B. Priest.
Hodden, Richard. / [1661] The one good way of God contrary to the many different ways of mens making : with loving warnings, exhortations & cautions to all sorts of men, concerning their souls, and to be at peace amongst themselves / by Richard Hodden.
Helmont, Franciscus Mercurius van, 1614-1699. / [1688] One hundred fifty three chymical aphorisms briefly containing whatsoever belongs to the chymical science / done by the labour and study of Eremita Suburbanus, printed in Latin at Amsterdam, Octob. 1687 ; to which are added some other phylosophic canons or rules pertaining to the hermetick science ; made English and published ... by Chr. Packe ...
Horton, Thomas, d. 1673. / [1679] One hundred select sermons upon several texts fifty upon the Old Testament, and fifty on the new / by ... Tho. Horton ...
Mason, Martin, fl. 1650-1676. / [1665] One mite more cast into God's treasury, in some prison-meditations, or, Observations and breathings of an honest heart, touching Englands condition now at this day published, to be seriously pondred and considered of, in a cool spirit, by those in authority, and all the sober-minded people in the nation.
Davenant, John, ca. 1572-1641. / [1628] One of the sermons preached at Westminster the fifth of Aprill, (being the day of the publike fast;) before the Right Honourable Lords of the High Court of Parliament, and set forth by their appointment. By the Bishop of Sarum.
Humfrey, John, 1621-1719. / [1695] One sheet (or second letter) concerning the difference in some points which is between our united brethren, in order to accommodation.
[1689 ] One story is good till the other is told. A Roman story told by Dick to Tom on a winters night concerning the ingratitude of the Romans to Julius Cæsar, that famous emperor who fell a sacrifice to the malice of some persons whom he had rais'd to great honours and preferment.
Ives, John. / [1664] One trumpet more sounded out of Sion to the inhabitants of the earth which they may take as a warning for them to let Israel go and worship their God after their wonted manner, or else destruction will the Lord bring upon them eternally : and also a few words by way of expostulation with the spirit of Cain ... / given forth by ... John Ives.
Wollrich, Humphry, 1633?-1707. / [1661] One warning more to the Baptists before their day be wholly spent and the night cover them ... : with a short answer to a book of Matthew Coffin's one of their teachers ... intituled Faith in Gods promises the saints best weapons : with many queries also for them to answer ... / written by one that hath sat under those shadows with them but hath now found the day in which all shadows fly away, Humphery Wolrich.
[1642] Oneales escape out of the Tower of London, on Thursday last, being the 5. day of this present May, 1642. Together with the supposed manner and means of his escape. Wherin is expressed all his trecherous endeavours, plots, and conspiracies, wherein hee hath expressed himself a consanguinean to that rebellious family in Ireland. Together with all the articles exhibited against him, likewise all his accusations, averred and approved by divers honourable persons unto the House of Parliament.
[1652] The onely right rule for regulating the lawes and liberties of the people of England: Presented in way of advise to His Excellency the L. Generall Cromwell, and the rest of the officers of the Army, January 28. 1652. By divers affectionate persons to Parliament, Army, and Commonwealth, inhabiting the cities of London, Westminster, borough of Southwark, and places adjacent. Presenters in the behalf of themselves and others, George Baldwin, Simon Turner, Philip Travers, William Tennant, Isaac Gray, Robert Everard.
[1680] Oniropolus, or dreams interpreter. Being several aphorisms upon the physiognomy of dreams made into verse. Some of which receive a general interpretation: and others of them have respect to the course of the moon in the zodiack. To which is added several physiognomical characters of persons of different humours and inclinations. After which follows the praise of ale. And lastly, the wheel of fortune, or Pithagoras wheel.
Vincent, Thomas, 1634-1678. / [1671] The only deliverer from wrath to come, or, The way to escape the horrible and eternal burnings of Hell: By Thomas Vincent.
Barry, James. / [1700] The only refuge of a troubled soul in time of trouble & affliction, or, The sweet and soul-ravishing mystery of the apple-tree; explained and laid open, in two discourses fron Cant. 2. 3, for the comfort and encouragement of the true believer, in the midst of the worst and sorest afflictions which can (possibly) befal him in this world, and the awakening the most secure sinner, who is yet a stranger to the said mystery. ; Publish'd at the earnest and importunate request of several godly persons, who heard the same preached By J. Barry, an unworthy Minist. of the Gospel.
Gibbons, Samuel. / [1616] The only rule to walke by guiding Christs ministers, and all his members, how to frame their conuersation in the way to saluation. A sermon preached at a synod, or meeting of ministers in S. Michaels Church in Couentry the second of October. 1615. By S. Gibson, preacher of the word, and pastor in the same city.
Wortley, Richard, d. 1680. / [1661] The only sovereign salve for the wounded spirit: approved by the author in himself Delivered by him in several sermons after his recovery: and now, published for the glory of his most gracious restorer, and for the comfort and settlement of any afflicted soul, that doth, or may labour under that weighty burden. By Richard Wortley, minister of Christ in his church, in Edworth in Bedfordshire.
Lewgar, John, 1602-1665. / [1657] The only vvay to rest of soule in religion here, in heaven hereafter: shewed plainly and succinctly by pure scripture, in three treatises: demonstrating, I. That the church was left by Christ, as the means to teach us his gospel. 2. Which is she that was left in that office. 3. What it is, she teacheth for gospel. By I.L. Bach of Div. Licensed by the university of Oxford, to preach throughout Engalnd, and late rector of L. in the county of S. now a Catholike.
[1696] The only way to have the rents of England well paid, and also help trade, and supply the government.
Onasander. / [Anno. 1563] Onosandro Platonico, of the generall captaine, and of his office, translated out of Greeke into Italyan, by Fabio Cotta, a Romayne: and out of Italian into Englysh, by Peter Whytehorne.