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Elys, Edmund, ca. 1634-ca. 1707. / [1662] Omnes qui audiunt evangelium, idque verum agnoscunt sunt gratiæ, & salutis capaces thesis in celeberrimãa academiãa Oxoniensi explicata, Junii 13ê anno Domini 1662 / per Edmundum Elisium ...
[1667] Omnia comesta a Belo, or, An answer out of the West to a question out of the North wherein the earth is opened, and the napkin found, in which the trading talent of the nation hath been tyed up, and lyen hid for some years last past : for want of which, all persons in England, from the tenant to the landlord, from the weaver to the merchant, have languished of a deep consumption.
[1670?] Omnia vincit amor.
Scot, Patrick. / [1619] Omnibus & singulis. Affording matter profitable for all men, necessarie for euery man; alluding to a fathers aduice or last will to his sonne. Now published for the vse of all men, and particularly of those that doe inhabit Great Brittaine and Ireland.