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[1660] The occasion and manner of Mr. Francis Wolleys death, slaine by the Earle of Chesterfield at Kensington, January 17. 1659.: Written by a gentleman of the Middle Temple to his friend in Ches-shire.
Carr, William. / [Printed in the year, M.DC.LXVII 1667] An occasional dialogue at a coffee-house, between Philanax Britannicus, and Calophilus Anglus, two loyal English gentlemen, sincere lovers of justice, truth, and their nations honour / authore Coffo-Philo.
[1680] The Occasional doctor his examination before a committee of Whigg-priests.
[Printed Anno 1673] An Occasional essay by way of parable, in vindication of the ejected ministers from the usual scandal of a schismatical seperation
[1698] An Occasional letter containing some thoughts about a national reformation and recommended to the consideration of the parochial clergy and others.
Carre, Thomas, 1599-1674. / [anno Dom. 1646. With permission & approbation] Occasionall discourses 1. Of worship and prayer to angells and saints. 2. Of purgatorie. 3. Of the Popes supremacie. 4. Of the succession of the Church. Had with Doctor Cosens, by word of mouth, or by writing from him. By Thomas Carre confessour of the English nunnerie at Paris. As also, An answer to a libell written by the said Doctor Cosens against the great Generall councell of Lateran under Innocentius the third, in the yeere of our Lord 1215. By Thomas Vane Doctor in Diuinity of Cambridge.
Wray, John, Sir, 1586-1655. / [1641] An occasionall speech made to the House of Commons this Parliament, 1641. against Bishops. By Sir John Wray, knight and baronet. Being none of the 8 speeches before published.
Bond, John, 1612-1676. / [1645] Occasus occidentalis: or, Job in the VVest. As it was laid forth in two severall sermons, at two publike fasts, for the five associated westerne counties. By Iohn Bond B.L. late lecturer in the City of Exon, now minister at the Savoy, London. A member of the Assembly of Divines.
Occvrrences from Ireland ... being a copy of a letter from Dublin / by an officer of the regiment commanded by Colonell Munke ; relating all the severall passages of the English forces in those parts against the rebels ; also relieving of divers castles and the bringing in of the heads of the Lord Cunboynes brother, Colonell Berne and Colonell Butler ; with divers other matters of note.
Mayne, Jasper, 1604-1672. / [Printed in the yeare, 1647] Ochlo-machia. Or The peoples war,: examined according to the principles of Scripture & reason, in two of the most plausible pretences of it. In answer to a letter sent by a person of quality, who desired satisfaction. By Jasper Mayne, D.D. one of the students of Ch. Ch. Oxon.
[1645] October 9. 1645. Three letters, concerning his Majesties present condition,: one from Generall Pointz, to the Committee of Derby. And the other two from gentlemen of quality, to Mr. William Lilly in London. Published according to order.
Collings, Richard / [1690] October the 6th. 1690. Ruptures or broken bellies cured in men, women or children; or bearing down in their privy parts: no cure, no money; but trusses of all sorts with springs or scrues, ...