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Oates, Titus, 1649-1705. / [1688?] Oates new shams discovered: and how they carried it on from time to time: sent in a letter to his Grace James Duke of Monmouth from Doctor Titus Oates.
[Anno Dom. MDCLXXXIII. 1683] Oates's manifesto; or, the complaint of Titus Oates against the doctor of Salamanca; and the same doctor against Titus Oates: comprized in a dialogue between the said parties, on occasion of some inconsistent evidence given about the horrid and damnable Popish Plot.
Bristol (England) / [1672] The oath of a burgess. Civitas Bristol. You shall be good and true unto our Soveraign Lord King Charles, and to the heirs and successors of the said King, and to the lieutenant, master maior of this city of Bristol; and to the ministers of the same, ...
Ireland, Thomas, b. 1577 or 8. / [1610] The oath of allegeance defended by a sermon preached at a synode in the Metropoliticall Church of Yorke; by Thomas Ireland, Bachelour in Diuinitie.
[1689] The oath of allegiance
Eaton, Samuel, 1596?-1665. / [1650] The oath of allegiance and the national covenant proved to be non-obliging: or, three several papers on that subject; viz. 1. Two positions, with several reasons of them, and consequences flowing from thence. 2. An answer to the said positions. 3. A reply to the said answer, wherein the truth of the positions is vindicated, and the oath of allegiance, and the national covenant are made non-obliging. / By Samuel Eaton, teacher of the Church of Christ at Darkenfield in Chesshire.
[Anno Dom. 1660] The oath of allegiance, enacted 13. Jacobi, Cap.4. Which oath was solemnly taken by every member of both houses of Parliament, Rump and all.
[Printed in the year of our Lord, 1660] The oath of allegiance:
[c. 1605] The oath of euery free man, of the Citie of London:
[ca. 1610] The oath of euery free-man: of the City of London.
[1634?] The oath of euery free-man: of this Citie of London.
[June 4. 1642] The oath of the kings of England, taken out of the Parliament rolle, I. H. 4. N. 17. Likewise propositions made by both Houses of Parliament, to the Kings Majesty, for a reconciliation of the differences betweene his Majesty, and the said houses. Die Iovis 2. die Iunii, 1642. Ordered by the Lords in Parliament, that these propositions shall be forthwith printed and published. Io. Brown Cleric. Parliamentorum. Whereunto is annexed two orders of Parliament, the one concerning the jewels of the crowne: the other for the speedy returne of the members of the honourable House of Commons by the 16. of this moneth of Iune, 1642.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1642 June 17] The oath taken by the Parliament of England concerning the maintenance of the Protestant religion and the advancement of His Majesties honour and regall prerogative : whereunto is annexed the oath of the dukes, earles, barons, gentry, and commonalty of His Majesties kingdome of Scotland : wherein is declared their great care to maintaine and defend the Gospell and the professors thereof : and also their loyall intentions towards His Majesty and his heires promising to use all carefull meanes to fulfill His Majesties just and royall commands : also a declaration of both Houses of Parliament concerning severall matters of great importance.
[1646] An oath to be administred unto all officers, souldiers, and such other persons as are or shall be within the garrison of Oxford. Published by authority.
Society of Apothecaries, London. / [1670?] The oath to be ministred by the Master and Warden of the Apotheca[ri]es unto every apprentice of the said Company.
[1670?] The oath to be taken by every freeman of the Company or mystery of tin-plate-workers, alias wire-workers
Scotland. Parliament. / [1641] The oath to bee taken by all members of the Parliament 1641. and in all Parliaments hereafter, before they proceed to any act or determination.