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Erastus, Thomas, 1542-1583. / [1659] The nullity of church-censures: or A dispute written by that illustrious philosopher, expert physician, and pious divine Dr Thomas Erastus, publick professor in the University of Heidelbertge, and Basil. Wherein is proved by the holy Scriptures, and sound reason; that excommunication, and church-senates or members, exercising the same, are not of divine institution; but a meere humane invention.
Talbot, Peter, 1620-1680. / [M.DC.LIX 1659] The nullity of the prelatique clergy, and Church of England further discovered in answer to the plaine prevarication, or vaine presumption of D. John Bramhall in his booke, intituled, The consecration and succession of Protestant bishops justified, &c. : and that most true story of the first Protestant bishops ordination at the Nagshead verified their fabulous consecration at Lambeth vvith the forgery of Masons records cleerely detected / by N.N.
Guthrie, James, 1612?-1661. / [in the yeer, 1652] The nullity of the pretended-assembly at Saint Andrews & Dundee:: wherein are contained, the representation for adjournment, the protestation & reasons therof. Together with a review and examination of the Vindication of the said p. assembly. Hereunto is subjoyned the solemn acknowledgment of sins, and engagement to duties, made and taken by the nobility, gentry, burroughs, ministry, and commonalty, in the year 1648. when the Covenant was renewed. With sundry other papers, related unto in the foresaid review.
[Iune 21, 1639 with permission] Numb. 86 The curranto this weeke from Holland
[By permission, 1638] Numb[er]. 1. An abstract of some special forreigne occurrences, brought down to the weekly newes, of the 20 of December. Or, The severall passages and novels which have happened in Germany, France, Spaine, Italy, and other places some few moneths since
Taylor, John, 1580-1653. / [1650] The number and names of all the kings of England & Scotland: from the beginning of their governments, to this present. As also, the times when, and how long each of them reigned. Shewing how many of them came to untimely ends: eyther by imprisonment, banishment, famine, poyson, drowning, beheading, falling from horses, slaine in battells, murdered, or otherwise. By J.T.
Lydiat, Thomas, 1572-1646. / [A.D. 1621 i.e. 1622] Numerus aureus melioribus lapillis insignitus factusque gemmeus è thesauro anni magni, siue solis & lunæ periodi octodesexcentenari cum non antiquãa ratione calendarij: restauratore Thoma Lydyat. Editus ad rectiáus informandum iudicia & satisfaciendam de siderijs eorum, qui nouitium annum & calendarium Gregorianum nimis admirantur, ipsumque in cæteris orbis Christiani provinciis, præsertim veráo in florentissimis regnis Magnæ Britanniæ, admitti impense cupiunt.
[1697] Nunc aut nunquam, peace now or never being a dialogue betwixt Jack and Will, upon the present juncture of affairs.
Varet, Alexandre-Louis, 1632-1676. / [1676] The nunns complaint against the fryers being the charge given into the court of France, by the nunns of St. Katherine near Provins, against the Fathers Cordeliers their confessours / several times printed in French, and now faithfully done into English.
Perrinchief, Richard, 1623?-1673. / [MDCLVII. 1657] Nuntius a mortuis: or, a messenger from the dead. That is, a stupendous and dreadfull colloquie, distinctly and alternately heard by divers, betwixt the ghosts of Henry the Eight, and Charles the First, both Kings of England, who lye entombed in the church of Windsor. Wherein, (as with a pencill from heaven) is liquidly (from head to foot) set forth, the whole series of the judgements of God, upon the sinnes of these unfortunate jslands. Translated out of the Latine copie, by G.T.:
Philopater, F. P. / [1652] The nurse of pious thoughts wherein is briefly shewed that the use which Roman Catholikes do make of sacred pictures, signes, and images is not idolatry or any other misdemeanour (as some imagine), but the nurse of pious thoughts and healthfull meditations / written by F.P. Philopater.
Yonger, William. / [1617] The nurses bosome a sermon vvithin the Greene-yard in Norwich, on the Guild-day when their maior takes his oath, on Tuesday Iune 18. 1616 / preached by the parson of Southwalsham ; hereunto is added, Ivdahs penance, the sermon preached at Thetford before the Iudges in Lent, Mar. 10. 1616.
Younger, William, b. 1572 or 3. / [1617] The nurses bosome· A sermon vvithin the Greene-yard in Norwich. On the guild-day when their maior takes his oath. On Tuesday Iune 18. 1616. Preached by the parson of Southwalsham. Hereunto is added, Iudahs penance, the sermon preached at Thetford before the iudges in Lent. Mar. 10. 1616.
Nutt, Thomas, 17th cent. / [Printed, in the yeare, M DC XLIV. 1644] The nutcracker crackt by the Nutt,: and the backers cake starke dow: being the vindication of honest men, from the scandalous aspersions of Thomas Bakewell the baker in hanging-sword court neere Fleetestreete Conduite. ... in his learned book called the confutation of the Anabaptists, with a nut-cracker. The which is crackt by the nut against whom it was made, who admonisheth Bakewell to turne to his old trade of bakinge again; and mend his manners therein: ... Thus in this following discourse you shall see the slanderous lyer found out: the fool answered according to his foolishnesse, and the bakers cake starke dow: / by Thomas Nutt.