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Willis, John, d. 1628? / [1661] Mnemonica, or, The art of memory drained out of the pure fountains of art & nature, digested into three books : also a physical treatise of cherishing natural memory, diligently collected out of divers learned mens writings / by John Willis.
Willoughbie, John. / [1603] Mnemosyn[on kyrio-]euchariston A treatise of the supper of the Lord in commemoration of his death, and the manifolde benefits thereby receiued; wherein the monstrous transubstantiated masse idole of that seven headed inchanting whore of Rome is stampt to power, to giue al the to drink [sic], which make it their only pleasure to swill themselues in the dregs thereof: and wherein also the doctrintes & vses which arise from thence, are most soundly & sincerely delivered. By Iohn Willovghby. Exhomologesis: a praier, or generall confession or our manifold sinnes vnto the Lord.
Copinger, John, b. 1571 or 2. / [1606] Mnemosynum or Memoriall to the afflicted Catholickes in Irelande Comprehended in 2. boockes. in the one ther is a consolation for the sorovvfull, in the other a resolution for the doubtfull. composed by Iohn Copinger priest, bacheler of diuinitie, vvith an epistle of S. Cyprian vvritten vnto the Thibaritans, faythfullie translated by the said authour.