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Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1645] The lyar confounded, or A briefe refutation of John Lilburnes miserably-mistated-case, mistaken-law; seditious calumnies, and most malicious lyes against the High Court of Parliament, the Honourable Committee of Examinations, Mr Speaker, with other members of the Commons House; and Mr William Prynne;: wherewith he hath seduced many ignorant overcredulous people. Manifesting the Parliaments extraordinary clemency towards him, their justice in their commitment of, and proceedings against him; for which he so ingratefully and falsely taxeth them, with tyranny and injustice / By William Prynne of Lincolnes Inne, Esquire.
Strong, James, 1618 or 19-1694. / [1675] Lydia's heart opened: or, divine mercy magnified in the conversion of a sinner by the Gospel: Being the sum of several sermons preaced lately by James Strong, M.A. and Minister of the Gospel.
Craig, Mungo. / [Written, January 15, 1697] A lye is no scandal. Or a vindication of Mr. Mungo Craig, from a ridiculous calumny cast upon him by T. A. who was executed for apostacy at Edinburgh, the 8 of January, 1697.
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1484] [The lyf of our lady].
Denis, the Carthusian, 1402-1471. / [1533?] The lyfe of prestes This present treatyse concernynge thestate and lyfe of chanons, prestes, clerkes, and minystres of the church, was fyrst co[m]pyled in Latyne by the reuerend and deuoute father Dyonisius, sometyme one of the Charterhouse in Ruremond, and taken and exemplifyed with great diligence out of an originall copy, ye which he wrote with his owne hande, and nowe agayne beynge diligently corrected, is tra[n]slated into the Englyshe tonge, vnto the honour of god, and for the vtilitie [and] soule helth of clerkes, [and] other studentes of the same.
Joannes, of Hildesheim, d. 1375. / [1496?] [The lyfe of the thre kynges of Coleyne].
Minister of the Church of England. / [1680] Lying allowable with papists to deceive Protestants: in a letter / written by a minister of the Church of England,to satisfie a friend who was much stagger'd at the reading the speeches of the late traytors, who at their death, June 25. 1679. so confidently affirmed their innocency.
Harwood, John. / [1659] The lying prophet discovered and reproved in an answer to several particulars in a book called The Quakers downfal, said to be written by Lawrence Claxton ... : with several of his damnable doctrines ... : also twelve particulars which he and his companion Lodowick Muggleton uttered ... / given forth ... by a Friend of truth, John Harwood.
Willsford, John. / [1673] The lying spirit and false aspertions turned home again, or, An answer to two reviling letters about the peoples right to tythes sent to the people call'd Quakers in the Vail of Bellvier by Clement Nedham, a Presbyterian, who writes himself, a farmer in the county of Leicester : wherein I have shew'd according to scriptures, what spirit it was that brought up tythes among the Christians, so call'd : and that those that brought them up since Christ put an end to them were not in their right senses, but were made drunk by drinking of that spirit of error that made them do they knew not what, and consequently their examples not to be followed : with an addition, shewing, that the impropriator hath less right to tythes then the poor or priest, if less can be : with a few words in love to all those that send their sons to those places called universities, with an intent to make them ministers : also a copy of a letter sent to G.N. in manuscript, wherein his unhansom and unchristian-like dealings may be seen : with a short postcript to the reader / by J.W. ...
Smith, William, d. 1673. / [1658] The lying spirit in the mouth of the false prophet made made manifest, who seeks to pervert the right way of the Lord, and openth his mouth against the lord of life, and denies his light within, as appeareth in a book, entituled, The doctrine of the light within ... set forth by ... Henock Hovvet ... Some things therein being here answered in the light of the Lord ... Declared in the movings of the Lord for the truths sake, and that all deceit might be made manifest. / By one who is a lover of all those who love truth in the inward part. W. S.
[1685] The Lying Whig drawn in his own colours the Whigs who such damnable falshoods devise, are true begot sons of the father of lyes : to the Tune of Packingtons pound.
Clark, Robert, minister at Norleach. / [printed in the year, 1660] The lying-vvonders, or rather the vvonderful-lyes, which was lately published to the world, in a lying-pamphlet, (called Strange and true news from Gloucester) containing a relation of the wonderful power of God, shewed for injustice at Fairford, by frogs and toads; and in the sudden death of the Clarks daughter at Brokington in Gloucestershire. Presented to the view of the world, with some observations in the end on another such like pamphlet (The Lords loud call to England) I. That the subtilty of deluders may be discerned. II. That the simple may from their delusions be preserved. III. That the lovers of truth may be strengthned. IV. That all men about these wonders may be satisfied. By Robert Clark, minister of Gods Word in Norleach.
[1692/3] The Lyn persecution: being the case of our brother the Baptist minister there James Marham whose goods have been seized, and himself harrased in law (and is now prosecuted in Chancery) for holding a Baptist meeting in that town, notwithstanding his and the houses legal qualification. Here is also, a brief relation of his former service and sufferings in promoting the great, though much despised docrin [sic] of believers baptism. Well approved and advised by the general elder deceased Thomas Grantham. Attested by the adjacent churches, and directed to the churches at London and the country.
Grybius, Johannes. / [1672] The lyon disturbed.
Smyth, Thomas, servaunt to the Quenes most excellent Majestie. / [1540] A lytell treatyse agaynst sedicyous persons
Rhegius, Urbanus, 1489-1541. / [In the yeare of our Lorde God. M.D.Xlviij. 1548] A lytle treatise after the maner of an epystle wryten by the famous clerk Doctor Vrbanus Regius, vnto a specyall frynde of hys wherin he declareth the cause of the great co[n]trouersy that hath bene [and] is yet at this day in the chrysten relygyon and also the dyuersyte betwene the ryght worshyppyng [and] seruice of God and the ceremonis inuented by mannis institucion, very fruteful and profytable.
[1556] A lyttle treatyse called the image of idlenesse conteynynge certeyne matters moued betwene Walter Wedlocke and Bawdin Bacheler. Tra[n]slated out of the Troyane or Cornyshe tounge into Englyshe, by Olyuer Oldwanton, and dedicated to the Lady Lust.
Merbecke, John, ca. 1510-ca. 1585. / [Anno. 1574] The lyues of holy sainctes, prophetes, patriarches, and others, contayned in holye Scripture so farre forth as expresse mention of them is delyuered vnto vs in Gods worde, with the interpretacion of their names: collected and gathered into an alphabeticall order, to the great commoditie of the Chrystian reader. By Iohn Marbecke. Seene and allowed, according to the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions.