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Minister of the Gospel. / [1649] Kollourion, or eye salve to anoint the eyes of the ministers of the Province of London;: that they may see their error (at least) in opposing the present proceedings of the Parliament and Army, in the due execution of justice. / By a Minister of the Gospel.
Mather, Increase, 1639-1723. / [1683] Kometographia, or, A discourse concerning comets wherein the nature of blazing stars is enquired into : with an historical account of all comets which have appeared from the beginning of the world unto this present year, MDCLXXXIII : expressing ... where they were seen, their motion, forms, duration, and the remarkable events which followed ... : as also two sermons occasioned by the late blazing stars / by Increase Mather.
Billingsley, Nicholas, 1633-1709. / [1658] Kosmobrephia or the infancy of the world: with an appendix of Gods resting day, Eden garden; mans happiness before, misery after, his fall. Whereunto is added, the praise of nothing; divine ejaculations; the four ages of the world; the birth of Christ; also a century of historical applications; with a taste of poetical fictions. / Written some years since by N.B. then of Eaton school; and now published at the request of his friends.