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Danson, Thomas, d. 1694. / [1672] Klētoi tetērēmēnoi, or, The Saints perseverance asserted in its positive grounds and vindicated from all material exceptions against it occasioned by a late immodest account of two conferences upon that point, between Tho. Danson and Mr. Jer. Ives, published by the said Mr. Ives, which account is also herein rectified, and its falshood detected to the just shame of the publisher / by Tho. Danson.
Sherwin, William, 1607-1687? / [1672] Kleis Euangeliou tou mystikou, or, A key of the doctrines contained in this book for the better perusal thereof with some additions of Christs being heir of all things ... : and Abrahams being heir of the world ... : and of promised and covenant mercies to the father ... / by W.S. ...