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Stileman, John, d. 1685. / [1663] Kalåos proeståotes, or, A view of church-government wherein the proper church-governors are demonstrated, their office, duty, work and employment ... is declared ... : in a sermon preached at West-Malling ... Septemb. 16, 1662 / by John Stileman ...
Farlie, Robert. / [1638] Kalendarium humanæ vitæ. = The kalender of mans life. Authore Roberto Farlæo. Scoto Britannio
Polsted, Ezekiel. / [1697] Kalōz telōnēsantai or, The excise-man Shewing the excellency of his profession, how and in what it precedes all others; the felicity he enjoys, the pleasures as well as qualifications that inevitably attend him, notwithstanding the opprobrious calunmies of the most inveterate detractor. Discovering his knowledge in the arts, men and laws in an essay. By Ezekiel Polsted, A.B.
[1648/49] Kamee and I'le Kathee, or, A dialogue wherein is showne the indecency and unreasonablenesse of persecuting and afflicting tender consciences for differences in matters of religion especially in England, where no one religion is long in fashion.
Matthew, Edward. / [1660] Karolou trismegistou epiphania the most glorious star, or celestial constellation of the Pleiades, or Charles Waine, appearing, and shining most brightly in a miraculous manner in the face of the sun at noonday at the nativity of our sacred soveraign King Charles 2d, presaging His Majesties exaltation to future honour and greatness transcending not only the most potent Christian princes in Europe, but by divine designment ordained to be the most mighty monarch in the universe : never any star having appeared before at the birth of any (the highest humane hero) except our Saviour / by Edw. Matthew ...
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1649] Katadynastēs: might overcoming right. Or a cleer answer to M. John Goodwin's Might and right well met. Wherein is cleared, that the action of the Army in secluding many Parliament men from the place of their discharge of trust, and the imprisoning of some of them, is neither defensible by the rules of solid reason, nor religion. / By John Geree M.A. and pastour of Faith's under Pauls in London. Published by authority.
Kentish, Richard, Rev. / [1649] Kath' hyperbolen hodos. Or, The way of love, set forth in a sermon preached at Pauls Septemb: 10. 1648. Before the Right Honourable, John Warner Esq; then Lord Mayor of the City of London. By Richard Kentish, Preacher of the gospel at Katharines, neere the Tower of London.