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Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [Printed in the yeer, 1646] Je le tien: the general restitution
[1680] The jealous old dotard: or, The discovery of cuckoldry a pleasant new song. Old men beware when you young wenches wed, least lusty gallants do ascend your bed; and horn your palsie-pates, for youthful blood fair Venus's pastime never yet withstood: 'tis fit that all old men shoud cuckolds be, who think young women love a sapless tree. To a pleasant new tune.
Dugrès, Gabriel, fl. 1643. / [1643] Jean Arman Du Plessis, Duke of Richelieu, and peere of France: his life, &c. / Set forth by Gabriel Dugres.
Rogers, John, 1627-1665? / [1657] Jegar-Sahadvtha: an oyled pillar. Set up for posterity, against present wickednesses, hypocrisies, blasphemies, persecutions and cruelties of this serpent power (now up) in England (the out-street of the beast.) Or, A heart appeale to heaven and earth,: broken out of bonds and banishment at last, in a relation of some part of the past and present sufferings of John Rogers in close prison and continued banishment, for the most blessed cause and testimony of Jesus; the sound of the seventh trumpet and the gospel of the seven thunders, or holy oracles (called rayling by them in power) sealed up to the time of the end. From Carisbrook Castle in the third year of my captivity, the fifth-prison, and the third in exile, having been hurried about from post to pillar, quia perdere nolo substantiam propter accidentia.
Tomlyns, Samuel, 1632 or 3-1700. / [1696?] Jehovah our righteousness, or, The justification of believers by the righteousness of Christ only asserted and applyed in several sermons / by Samuel Tomlyns.
[Anno MDCLXXXII. 1682] Jemmy & Anthony. To the tune of, Young Jemmy.
[168-?] Jenneys lamentation for the loss of Jocky, or, A New song in the play called The Royalist
[1682] Jennies answer to Sawny. Wherein loves cruelty is requited, or, The inconstant lover justly despised. Being a relation how Sawney being disabled and and [sic] turn'd out of doors by the miss of London town, is likewise scorned and rejected by his country lass, and forced to wander where he may [sic] Jenny at at [sic] last in a most woful case, is forc'd to leave the patch'd and painted face; for money there rules all, and when 'tis gone, the cully is no longer writed on: down to his Jenny he does hye with speed, but she remembers his ungrateful deed; nor will forgive though on his knees he fall, so mortify'd he is despis'd by all. To the tune of, Sawney will ne'r be my love again.
[1682] Jenny's lamentation for the loss of her Jemmy. She wander'd up and down for love, till she was weary grown, then sate down in a shady grove, and thus she ma[d]e her moan. Tune of, Jenny Gin, or Busie fame.
Rich, Jeremiah, d. 1660? / [1648] Jeremiah's contemplations on Jeremiah's lamentations, or, Englands miseries matcht with Sions elegies being described and unfolded in five ensuing sceanes / by Jeremiah Rich.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1700?] Jeremiah VI.4. Wo unto us for the day goeth away, for the shadows of the evening are stretched out:
Montagu, Walter, 1603?-1677. / [Printed in the yeare, 1649] Jeremias redivivus: or, An elegiacall lamentation on the death of our English Josias, Charles the First, King of Great Britaine, &c. publiquely murdered by his Calvino-Judaicall subjects.:
Penn, William, 1644-1718. / [1674] Jeremy Ives sober request proved in the matter of it to be false, impertinent and impudent: [by] W.P.
Peck, Samuel. / [1689] Jericho's downfal, in a sermon preached upon Jan. 31, 1688/89 being a day of publick thanksgiving to God for our deliverance from popery and arbitrary power / by Samuel Peck, Minister of Popler.
[1696] A Jerk for the Jacks, or, All their hopes are lost being an account of the vast and prodigious expectations, our foreign foes and domestick enemies, the French, the Papists, and the Jacobites, lately had of a new revolution upon the stop of commerce, occasion'd by the badness of, and calling in our silver coin, and how basely they are balk'd : worthy the perusal of all that love and wish the welfare of Old England : full of curious remarks and matters of fact.
T. P. / [1662] Jerub-baal, or, The pleader impleaded being an answer to Mr. Croftons (lately published) plea for communion with the Church under her present corruptions, &c., entituled Reformation not separation by way of humble remonstrance thereunto : shewing, that non-communion with the Church of England in her liturgy and common-prayer, in those that (yet) joyn with her in the substantial ordinances and instituted worship of Christ, is no schism, and that such are unjustly called separatists : in a letter / written by T.P. for the private satisfaction of a friend, and by him published for common benefit.
E. P. / [1697] Jerub-baal. Being, a three-penny answer to a twelve-penny book Written by William Assheton, D.D. and rector of Beckenham in Kent. Which he is pleased to stile a conference with an anabaptist. In which answer you have his presumptions proved to be no proofs for infant-baptism. By E.P. a preacher of the Gospel.
R. S. / [printed in the year, 1663] Jerubbaal justified: or, A plain rebuke of the high (pretended humble) remonstrance and plea against Mr. Crofton his reformation not separation or, a plea for communion with the church under those corruptions, and by that disorderly ministration, to which he cannot conform, nor by it administer. Demonstrating, T.P. (alias D.) his grosse mistakes of Mr. Crofton his principle and argument: as also the fallacie and vanity of his pleaded necessity for his (confessed) separation from publique assemblies, which is found insufficient to acquit him of schisme. To which is added a position, disputing the lawfulnesse of ministers receiving an imposed liturgy.
Brown, Robert. / [1668] Jerubbaal, or, A vindication of The sober testimony against sinful complyance from the exceptions of Mr. Tombs in answer to his Theodulia : wherein the unlawfulness of hearing the present ministers is more largely discussed and proved : the arguments produced in the sober testimony reinforced, the vanity of Mr. Tombs in his reply thereunto evinced, his sorry arguments for hearing fully answered : the inconsistency of Mr. T., his present principles and practices with passages in his former writings remarked, and manifested in an appendix hereunto annexed.
F. S. / [1617] [Jerusalems fall, Englands warning ... of Gods word.]
Watson, Thomas, d. 1686. / [1661] Jerusalems glory, or, the saints safetie in eying the churches security,: wherein is shewed the captives redress: being an invitation to all the different minded men in the world to become one; with the advantage of unity, and the danger of variety from the example of the saints and servants of God, as well in former as these latter times. Offered to the view of the 97 builders imployed in that work, for the building of the true temple, and all others. / By Thomas Watson, a lover of peace.
Newcomen, Matthew, 1610?-1669. / [1643] Jerusalems vvatch-men, the Lords remembrancers:: a sermon preached at the Abbie at VVestminster, before both Houses of Parliament, and the Assembly of Divines, upon their solemn fast, Iuly 7. 1643. / By Matth: Nevvcomen M.A. and Minister of the Gospell at Dedham in Essex. Published by order of both Houses of Parliament.
[1528?] [The Jest of Sir Gawaine]
[1662?] A jest, or, Master Constable To the tune of, the three pilgrims.
Hospinian, Rudolf, 1547-1626. / [1678] The Jesuit's manner of consecrating both the persons and weapons imploy's for the murdering kings and princes by them accounted hereticks being matter of fact / translated out of Hospinian's History of the Jesuits, pag. 366, printed at Zurich in the year 1670.
C. N. / [1681] Jesuita vapulans, or, A whip for the fool's back, and a gag for his foul mouth, in a just vindication of sixteen noble peers of the realm petitioning His Majesty
[1663] The Jesuite and priest discovered, or, A Brief discourse of the policies of the Church of Rome, in preserving itself, and dividing of Protestant states and kingdoms in which is plainly demonstrated, the effects of their political operations upon us at this day, in respect to religion, and matters of state : together, with the necessity of their banishment.
J. S. / [1659] The Jesuite discovered, or, A brief discourse of the policies of the Church of Rome, in preserving it self, and dividing of Protestant states and kingdomes in which, is plainly demonstrated, the effects of their political operations upon us at this day, in respect to religion, and matters of state.
Pasquier, Etienne, 1529-1615. / [1594] The Jesuite displayed. Containing the original and proceedings of the Iesuites, togither [sic] with the fruites of their doctrine. Openly discoursed in an oration against them made in the Parliament house of Paris, / by one Maister Pasquier in that action aduocate for the Vniuersitie there, against the Iesuites plaintifes in that court. ; Faithfully translated out of French, by E[dward]. A[ggas].
[1681] The Jesuite in masquerade, or, The sheriffs case uncas'd in some brief observations upon the danger of taking oaths : otherwise that according to the plain and literal meaning of the imposers.
Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [Printed in the yeere, 1647 i.e. 1646] The Jesuite the chiefe, if not the onely state-heretique in the world. Or, The Venetian quarrell.: Digested into a dialogue. / By Tho: Swadlin, D.D.
[1680] The Jesuites firing-plot revived, or, A warning to house-keepers being the full and true relation how Elizabeth Owen, on the 8th of this instant November, set fire to the house of one Mr. Cooper, living in Fleetstreet between S. Dunstans Church and Fetter-lane-end, she being a servant in the said house ...
[MDCLXXIX. 1679] The Jesuites intrigues with the private instructions of that society to their emissaries. The first, translated out of a book privately printed at Paris. The second, lately found in manuscript in a Jesuites closet after his death. Both sent with a letter from a gentleman at Paris, to his friend in London.
[ca. 1680] The Jesuites lamentation for the discovery of their two late plots of the apprentices and the Irish massacre
[1679] The Jesuites new discoveries
[printed in the year 1679] The Jesuites plea. In ansvver to a letter written by a minister, entituled, Lying allowable with papists to deceive Protestants.
[1642] Jesuites plots and counsels plainly discovered to the most unlearned: which hath satisfied many about these present distractions. VVherein is laid open the Jesuites endeavours to bring all states to monarchies, and all the commons in monarchies to slavery, and how they have been put on foot here in England. Also how their counsels brought Germany into these long and bloudy wars, and endeavoured to bring Poland into slavery.
Derby, Charles Stanley, Earl of, 1628-1672. / [1678] The Jesuites policy to suppress monarchy proving out of their own writings that the Protestant religion is a sure foundation and principle of a true Christian / written by a person of honor.
Derby, Charles Stanley, Earl of, 1628-1672. / [1669] The Jesuites policy to surpress monarchy historically displayed with their special vow made to the pope.
Alexander, John, 1638-1716. / [1680] Jesuitico-Quakerism examined, or, A confutation of the blasphemous and unreasonable principles of the Quakers with a vindication of the Church of God in Britain, from their malicious clamours, and slanderous aspersions / by John Alexander ...
Tonge, Ezerel, 1621-1680. / [1680] Jesuits assassins, or, The Popish plot further declared and demonstrated in their murderous practices & principles the first part ... / all extracted out of Dr. Tong's papers, written at his first discovery of this plot to his Majesty, and since in part augmented for publick satisfaction.
Member of the Popish Club. / [Printed in the year 1679] The Jesuits character. Written by a member of the Popish Club. ; To the Black-Smiths tune, which no body can deny.
R. C. / [1689] The Jesuits ghost, with the prayer of the Turkish monarch to Christ: through which he obtained a mighty victory against the papists, at the field of Varna, occasioned by their wicked perjury, in breaking that league they had so solemnly sworn to keep / written by R.C.
Peirce, Edmund, Sir, d. 1667. / [1660] The Jesuits grand design upon England,: clearly discovered in a letter lately written from a father of that society.
Perrault, Nicholas, ca. 1611-1661. / [1670] The Jesuits morals collected by a doctor of the colledge of Sorbon in Paris who hath faithfully extracted them out of the Jesuits own books which are printed by the permission and approbation of the superiours of their society ; written in French and exactly translated into English.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [MDCLXXVII 1677] Jesus and the resurrection justified by witnesses in heaven and in earth in two parts : the first shewing that Jesus is the Son of God, the second that in him we have eternall life / by Symon Patrick ...
Barker, Matthew, 1619-1698. / [1651] Jesus Christ the great wonder discovered for the amazement of saints in a sermon preached before the right honorable the Lord Major of London and the honorable Court of Aldermen at Pauls / by Matthew Barker.
Bellers, Fulk, b. 1605 or 6. / [M DC LII. 1652] Jesus Christ the mysticall or Gospell sun, sometimes seemingly eclipsed, yet never going down from his people: or, Eclipses spiritualized. Opened in a sermon at Paul's before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, aldermen, &c. March 28. 1652. The day before the late solar eclipse. By Fulk Bellers, Master of Arts, and preacher of the Gospel in the city of London.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1655] Jesus Christ, the same to day, as yesterday, in life and power, in afflictions and sufferings: and the seed of the serpent the same now, as ever, in darkness and emnity; in rage and persecution. Being for removal of the stumbling block out of the way of the simple, concerning the testimony now given against the priests, and their worships, (viz.) Cannot you let them alone, why do ye disturb them, and their assemblies? go unto their houses, or to some private place, and speak to them there; cannot you give the same liberty to others, which you would have yourselves? Wherein is manifested, that what estimation, and enterrainment [sic] the witness of Jesus receiveth at this day from the men of the world, is the same, as it hath alwayes been from the beginning. / Given forth for the sake of the honest-hearted, and in witness of the truth, as it is in Jesus, every where spoken against, scorned, and persecuted, under the reproachful name of quaking. George Bishop.
Pead, Deuel, d. 1727. / [1694] Jesus is God, or, The deity of Jesus Christ vindicated being an abstract of some sermons preach'd in the parish-church of St. James, Clerkenwell / by D. Pead.
A. C. (Arthur Crowther), 1588-1666. / [anno D. 1657] Jesus, Maria, Joseph, or, The devout pilgrim of the ever blessed Virgin Mary, in His holy exercises, affections, and elevations. Upon the sacred mysteries of Jesus, Maria, Joseph. Published for the benefit of the pious rosarists, by A.C. and T.V. religious monks of the holy order of S. Bennet.
Bourchier, John, Sir, d. 1660. / [1637] Jesus Nazarenus, Rex Judaeorum. Or, a tract concerning the inscription fastned by Pilates command
Scattergood, Antony, 1611-1687. / [1664] Jethro's character of worthy judges an assise-sermon preached at Northampton, March 22, 1663 / by Antonie Scattergood.
Warren, Edmund, minister of the Gospel in Colchester. / [1659] The Jevvs Sabbath antiquated, and the Lords Day instituted by divine authority. Or, The change of the Sabbath from the last to the first day of the week, asserted and maintained by Scripture-arguments, and testimonies of the best antiquity; with a refutation of sundry objections raised against it. The sum of all comprized in seven positions. By Edm. Warren minister of the Gospel in Colchester. Imprimatur, Edm. Calamy.
W. P. / [1660] A jewell of earthly joy. Or, familie observations.: Directing all true-hearted Christians to the keeping of the commandements of God. / By W.P. Very usefull for all Christian families to be read and taught to their children and servants. Dedicated to all that desire to live in the feare of God; shewing their duty to God and man, so much neglected in these latter and worser dayes of sinne and disobedience.
[Anno dom. 1665] The Jewes message to their brethern in Holland; and a new letter touching their further proceedings sent from the kingdom of Scotland: with the arrive [sic] of some of them near Aberdeen, in a small ship, whose sails were white cranched sattin, their ropes and tackling silk of the sames colour; and their food on board only rice and pure honey. Also, another letter from Dr. Serarias, to doctor Homes; the rendovouzing of sexteen hundred thousand in the Turks dominions; and threescore thousand come into Europe; the Great Turks sad and fearful dream; and strange miracles performed by the Captain-general of the wandring Israelites; a description of their persons, habits, and weapons; the granting of liberty of conscience to all excepting infidels; a prophecie touching the downfal of Babylon in 66, and the year of reformation for the Gospel to be preached throughout all nations.
Pynchon, William, 1590-1662. / [1652] The Jewes synagogue: or, A treatise concerning the ancient orders and manner of worship used by the Jewes in their synagogue-assemblies.: Gathered out of the sacred scriptures, the Jewish Rabines, and such modern authors, which have been most conversant in the study of Jewish customes. Wherein, by comparing the scriptures in the Old and New Testament together, many truths are fully opened, and sundry controversies about church-government truly and plainly stated. By William Pinchion of Springfeild [sic] in N. England.
Hemings, William, b. 1602? / [1662] The Jewes tragedy, or, Their fatal and final overthrow by Vespatian and Titus, his son agreeable to the authentick and famous history of Josephus / by William Hemings ...
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1674] The Jewish calendar explained, or, Observations on the ancient Hebrew account of the year, months, and festivals used by the patriarchs and mentioned in Holy Scripture wherein is shown the order, names, and significations of their moneths, the reasons for first instituting their several feasts, as Passover, Tabernacles &c., with the exact days whereon they were celebrated and what they were to shadow forth under the Gospel / published for assisting weak capacities better to understand what they read in Holy Writ ... by Hen. Care.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1660] Jewish hypocrisie, a caveat to the present generation.: Wherein is shewn both the false and the true way to a nations or persons compleat happiness, from the sickness and recovery of the Jewish state. Unto which is added a discourse upon Micah 6.8. belonging to the same matter. / By Symon Patrick B.D. minister of the word of God at Batersea in Surrey.
Jagel, Abraham ben Hananiah dei Galicchi, 16th/17th cent. / [1680] The Jews catechism: Which was lately translated out of Hebrew into Latine. By the eminently learned Ludovicus de Compeigne de Veil.
Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? / [1699] Jezebel withstood, and her daughter Anne Docwra, publickly reprov'd for her lies and lightness in her book, stiled, An apostate conscience, &c. By Francis Bugg.