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Hume, John, 1634 or 5-1692. / [1676] Jachin and Boaz, or, The stedfast and unwavering Christian being a serious perswasive to constancy in the faith, and to perseverance in the true Protestant religion, against all objections, temptations, oppositions and sollicitations to the contrary / by John Hume ...
[1686] Jack Catch his Bridewel oration, or, A Word or two of advice to his friends
[between 1685-1688] Jack Had-Lands lamentation, that sold and made away his 'state, and spent his money early and late; and let his wife and children want, now he makes great moan and does repent; and desires all good-fellows where e're they be, to take warning of his poverty. He was cast in prison at that bout, his poor wife she helpt him out; she had small reason to do that thing but true love is a gallant thing; there is scarce a tap-house in London town. Will help a man when he is cast down. To the tune of, It is old ale that has undone me. This may be printed, R.P.
[printed in the year, 1690] Jack Presbiter. To the tune of, Some said the Papist had a plot, &c.
Erbery, William, 1604-1654. / [1654] Jack Pudding: or, A minister made a black-pudding. Presented to Mr. R. Farmer parson of Nicholas Church in Bristol: by W.E.
Robins, Thomas. / [1654] Jack the plough-lads lamentation his master has forsaken the plough and the cart, which grieves poor Iack unto the heart, for night and day he doth sorely complain, and doth wish that his master would come home again.
A. B. / [1665] Jacob at his journeys end, or, Part of his last words uttered to his son Joseph, and the rest of his children, immediately before his being gathered to his fathers a sermon preached at the interment of ... William, Lord Brereton of Brereton in Cheshire ... / by A.B.
Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. / [1656] Jacob found in a desert land: or, A recovery of the lost out of the loss (truly manifested;) wherein is discovered the work of the Lord in the creature, and how I travelled through the night of thick darkness, which hath over spread the whole world; and of my deliverance out of darkness into the true Light and truth: wherein is witness my heavenly call into the ministry of the everlasting truth. / Given forth for the everlasting name of the Lord sake, and for their sakes, who desire to know the truth, and how I came into the truth; that they that can believe it may receive some satisfaction, (out of which all despisers and unbelievers are excluded.) By a witness of the same in life and testimony, who am a sufferer for the pure seed sake, who am known to the sons of men by the name of George Whitehead; in contempt, by the generation of despisers, called, a Quaker. With a few words to them who have any desires left in them to know the truth, whether they be in forms of profession, or out of forms, that they may see themselves, and return from their evil. Also a voyce of the thunder of the Lord from his holy temple, uttered forth to the inhabitants of the earth, who are in the Army of the Dragon (whether rulers, teachers or people.).
Steel, Laurence, d. 1684. / [1677] Jacob, the plain man, wrestling with God until the break of the day and prevailing in the light thereof for perfect victory and dominign [sic] over Esau, the rough and cunning man ... / [by] Laurence Steel.
Taylor, Thomas, 1624 or 5-1700. / [printed in the year, 1663] Jacob wrestling with God, and prevailing: or, a treatise concerning the necessity and efficacy of faith in prayer. Wherein divers weighty questions and cases of conscience about praying in faith, are stated and resolved. For the comforting and satisfying of weak and scrupulous consciences: the conviction of formal hypocrites, and awakening of all saints, both weak and strong, great and small, to this great duty of prayer. By one who hath obtained mercy to be a minister of, and sufferer for, the gospel of Jesus Christ in this hour of temptation.
Lawton, Charlwood, 1660-1721. / [in the year 1693] The Jacobite principles vindicated: in answer to a letter sent to the author. Dedicated to the Queen of England.
[1697] The Jacobite's badge
[1693] The Jacobite's new creed, containing the articles of their faith, and doctrine of salvation, as now preach'd and practised, &c. Licensed according to order.
Bird, Benjamin. / [1691] The Jacobites Catechism that is to say, an instruction to be learned of every person who either desires or expects to be confirmed by the late Bishop of Ely / by Benjamin Bird ...
[1692] The Jacobites invitation to the French King. Licensed according to order.
[Printed in the year, 1696] The Jacobites lamentation and confession: or, The plotting cut-throat. To the tune of 41. Or, Hey boys up go we.
[1611] Jacobs ladder, or A short treatise laying forth distinctly the seuerall degrees of Gods eternall purpose whereby his grace descends vpon the elect, and the elect ascend to the predestinate glory.
Raworth, Francis, d. 1665. / [1655] Jacobs ladder, or The protectorship of Sion, laid on the shoulders of the Almighty;: in a description of the sufficiency of providence, suitable in these times of tentation. With Jacobs wrestling. / By Francis Raworth of Shoreditch.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646. / [1648] Jacobs seed or The generation of seekers. And Davids delight : or The excellent on earth. / By the late reverend preacher of the Gospel Jeremiah Burrough.
England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I) / [1619] James, by the grace of God, king of England, Scotland, Fran[n]ce and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. .... whereas wee are credibly giuen to understand as well by the humble supplication a petition of our poore distressed subiect Iohn Long of our borough of Lymmington ...
James II, King of England, 1633-1701. / [1660] James, Duke of York and Albany, Earl of Ulster, Lord High Admiral of England, Scotland, & Ireland, Constable of Dover-castle, Lord Warden of the Cinque ports, and governor of Portsmouth, &c. Instructions for the better ordering his Majesties fleet in sayling [sic].
England and Wales. Royal Navy. / [1670?] James Duke of York and Albany, Earl of Ulster, Lord High Admiral of England, Scotland, and Ireland, &c. Constable of Dover Castle, Lord Warden of the Cinque-Ports, and Governour of Portsmouth, &c. General instructions
Stamper, Francis, d. 1766. / [1693] James Grahme, Esq; appellant, Francis Stamper, respondent: The appeal is to reverse an order of the High Court of Chancery, made the 18th of December, 1693. on re-hearing of the cause and the respondents plea put in, to the appellants bill. The respondent's case.
Naylor, James, 1617?-1660. / [1659] James Nailor's recantation, penned, and directed by himself, to all the people of the Lord, gathered and scattered.: And may most fitly serve as an antidote against the infectious poyson of damnable heresies, although couched under the most specious vails of pretended sanctity.
England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II) / [1689] James R. We are graciously pleased to declare to all whom it may concern, that we will cause forty shillings sterl. to be paid to every souldier, whether Catholick or Protestant, English or stranger, now serving under the command of Mareshal Schomberge, who will come and inlist himself in our army. ...
England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II) / [1687/8 i.e. 1688] James the Second, by the grace of God King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. to all and singular archbishops, archdeacons, deans, and their officials parsons, vicars, curates, and all other spiritual persons ...
England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II) / [1687/8. i.e. 1688] James the Second, by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender of the faith, &c. ... Whereas by our letters patents, bearing date the fifth day of March, in the second year of our reign, we were pleased to signifie our royal pleasure, to all our loving subjects, on the behalf of the distressed French Protestants, ...
Whitcombe, Robert. / [1677] Janua divorum, or, The lives and histories of the heathen gods, goddesses & demi-gods with divine and moral observations upon their most remarkable actions, adorned with 25 copper cuts proper to each deity, and put into verse / by Robert Whitcombe.
Blount, Charles, 1654-1693. / [1684] Janua scientiarum, or, A compendious introduction to geography, chronology, government, history, phylosophy, and all genteel sorts of literature by Charles Blount ...
Fabricius, Johann Ludwig, 1632-1697. / [1673] Janus Alexandrus Ferrarius, an Augustine friar, his epistles to the two brethern of Wallenburgh, concerning the usefulness and necessity of the Roman Catholick faith wherein the ambition and avarice of the Church of Rome are lively demonstrated in a mathematical method, by a continued series of connexed propositions / from the original Latine.
Banks, Jonathan. / [anno Dom. 1679] Januæ clavis: or, Lilly's syntax explained its elegancy from good authors cleared, its fundamentals compared with the Accidence, and the rules thereof more fitted to the capacity of children. By Jonathan Banks.