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Leti, Gregorio, 1630-1701. / [1670] Il putanismo di Roma, or, The history of the whores and whoredom of the popes, cardinals, and clergy of Rome discovered by a conclave of ladies convened for the election of a new pope / written in Italian by the author of Cardinalismo and Nepotismo ; and now made English by I.D., Esq.
Homer. / [1677] The Iliads and Odysses of Homer translated out of Greek into English by Tho. Hobbes of Malmsbury ; with a large preface concerning the vertues of an heroick poem, written by the translator.
[169?] Ill-gotten goods seldome thrive. Or, The English antick. For Dick, that was a miller by hs trade, did thinke to be a swaggering roaring blade, he bought brave clothes, and powdered all his haire, but serv'd in's kind for medling with light ware. The tune is, was ever young-man crost.
Ball, William. / [Printed in the year 1653] An illegal way to get another mans estate ... by William Ball.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1662] An illumination to open the eyes of the papists (so called) and of all other sects; and to give them to see that whilst they would have liberty of conscience themselves, and yet deny the same liberty to others which themselves would have, they are not for but against liberty of conscience. In the pursuance of which, these questions are laid down and resolved, viz. What conscience is? What religion? What the exercise of religion in the conscience? What the liberty of conscience in the exercise of religion? Wherefore conscience cannot be compelled in the exercise of religion? Together with certain corollaries flowing from thence fit for the information of all such as are yet ignorant what conscience is, or the liberty thereof. / by George Bishope.
J. L. / [June 1. 1649] Illumination to Sion Colledge.: Wherein, their calling to the Ministery (the foundation whereof not being built upon Christ) is dissipated, their arrogancy hereupon manifested, the extent of magistrates power in generall defined; the execution of the late King, and the seculusion of the late members of Parliament farther justified; the former declarations of Parliament and Scriptures which they cite, explained; their objections from the Covenant, removed in the grammaticall sense thereof; and the Parliament and Army from their aspersions in all vindicated. Being for answer, to the representation of their judgments, in a letter to the Generall, January 18. last: serves also to their vindication: and in part to a pamphlet intituled, Essex Watchmens watch-word: likewise in effect to a later libell (supposed Mr. Loves, intituled, A vindication of the ministers from the aspersions (alias the Etymologies) of Mr. Price, in his Clerico Classicum, &c. To which latter pamphlet, is annexed a briefe answer to what is not so fully hinted in that to the Ministers. / By J.L. as cordiall and fervent a thirster after the nations prosperity, as any.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1685] An illustration of those two abstruse books in Holy Scripture : the Book of Daniel, and the Revelation of S. John by continued, brief, but clear notes, from chapter to chapter, and from verse to verse : with very useful and apposite arguments prefixt to each chapter / framed out of the expositions of Dr. Henry More.
Shirley, John, fl. 1680-1702. / [1686] The illustrious history of women, or, A compendium of the many virtues that adorn the fair sex represented not only in lively and pathetical discourses grounded upon reason, but in sundry rare examples of virtuous love, piety, prudence, modesty, chastity, patience, hnmility [sic], temperance, conduct, constancy, and firmness of mind ... : with the prophesies and predictions of the Sybils ... : the whole work enrich'd and intermix'd with curious poetry and delicate fancie sutable to so charming a subject.
Préchac, Jean de, 1647?-1720. / [1686] The illustrious lovers, or, Princely adventures in the courts of England and France containing sundry transactions relating to love intrigues, noble enterprises, and gallantry : being an historical account of the famous loves of Mary sometimes Queen of France, daughter to Henry the 7th, and Charles Brandon the renown'd Duke of Suffolk : discovering the glory and grandeur of both nations / written original in French, and now done into English.
Pérez de Montalván, Juan, 1602-1638. / [1656] The illustrious shepherdess.: Dedicated to the Marchioness of Dorchester.
Harvard College (1636-1780) / [idibus sextilibus: MDCLXXVIII. 1678] Illustrissimis viris tam pietate quam prudentiãa atque auctoritate spectatissimis; ornatissimis D. Johanni Leveretto. D Josiæ Winslowæo. D. Guilielmo Leitto. Fœderatarum Nov-Angliæ Coloniarum Massachuset Plimouth Connecticut: gubernatoribus honoratissimis; cœterisque in magistratus onere et honore conjugatis, ad reipublicæ clavum jugiter excubantibus, incolumitatis publicæ apprimé studiosis; nec non reverendissimis cum academiæ, tum ecclesiatum curatoribus, theologis doctissimis et gravissimis; omnibus detuó et fiagulis bonarum literatum candidans, benevolis academiæ [1 word, greek, illegible] theses hasce, quas ([4 words, greek, illegible]) sub Rev: Uriano Oakes, Ecclesiæ Cantabrigiensis pastore, Collegii Harvardini Præside pro tempore, [greek, illegible] discutiendas, proponunt juvenes [3 words, greek, illegible] Johannes Cottonus. Cottonus Matherus. Grindallus Rawsonus. Urianus Oakes. D.D.D Q.
[1700?] []ily in tears: ... [e]legy, ... []ed death of his Grace ... Duke of Gloucester, ... [p]allace at Windsor, on Tuesday the 30th· ... [y]ear of his age.