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Simpson, William, M.D. / [1669] Hydrologia chymica, or, The chymical anatomy of the Scarbrough, and other spaws in York-Shire wherein are interspersed some animadversions upon Dr. Wittie's lately published treatise of the Scarbrough-spaw : also a short description of the spaws at Malton and Knarsbrough : and a discourse concerning the original of hot springs and other fountains : with the causes and cures of most of the stubbornest diseases ... : also a vindication of chymical physick ... : lastly is subjoyned an appendix of the original of springs ... / by W. Simpson.
Simpson, William, M.D. / [1670] Hydrological essayes, or, A vindication of hydrologia chymica being a further discovery of the Scarbrough spaw, and of the right use thereof, and of the sweet spaw and sulpherwell at Knarsbrough : with a brief account of the allom works at Whitby : together with a return to some queries, propounded by the ingenious Dr. Dan Foot, concerning mineral waters : to which is annexed, an answer to Dr. Tunstal's book, concerning the Scarbrough spaw : with an appendix of the anatomy of the German spaw, and lastly, observations on the dissection of a woman who died of the jaundice, all grounded upon reason and experiment / William Simpson ...
Morland, Samuel, Sir, 1625-1695. / [1697] Hydrostaticks: or, Instructions concerning water-works. Collected out of the papers of Sir Samuel Morland. Containing the method which he made use of in this curious art.
J. D. (John Drope), 1626-1670. / [1662] An hymen[aea]n essay, or, An epithalamy upon the royall match of ... Charles the Second, with the most illustrious Katharine, Infanta of Portugall, 1662 by J.D.
[1661] An Hymn to be sung in the procession at St. Georges-feast instead of the the letany composed by an order of the sovereign, and the companions of the most noble and honourable Order of the Garter, in a chapter held at Windsor, April the xvii, 1661.
Reeve, John, 1608-1658. / [1682] Hymnes and spiritual songs extracted from Scripture on occasion of some useful texts discuss't / composed in private meditation and made use of (once) in publick for the saints comfort ; now published for their sakes that sung them or others that desire them.
Davis, Richard, 1658-1714. / [1694] Hymns composed on several subjects, and on divers occasions: In three parts. : With an alphabetical table. / By R. Davis ... ; Some of the hymns composed by other hands.
Lawrence, Thomas, 1645?-1714. / [1681] Hypocrisie detected or, a brief ansvver to Thomas Crisp's book. By Thomas Laurence. Let this paper be kept by Friends, and spread only as they see a service for it occasioned by Thomas Crisp's book, or otherwise.
Sydenham, Cuthbert, 1622-1654. / [1654] Hypocrisie discovered in its nature and workings.: Delivered in several sermons, by that faithfull minister of the Gospell, Mr Cuthbert Sidenham, late teacher to a Church of Christ in Newcastle upon Tyne.
[1655?] Hypocrisie discovered, or, A further manifestation of the secret designe, practices, and inventions of the Protector, so called, to seat himself in and be vested with, the power and office of chief magistrate in this nation, contrary to those many declarations, engagements and protestations in opposition thereunto, not onely as it was contrary to an act of Parliament, made after many out-goings of God, against the late King and his monarchy, but also as it did oppose the kingdome and interest of our Lord Jesus
Torshell, Samuel, 1604-1650. / [M.DC.XLIV. 1644] The hypocrite discovered and cured.: The definition the kindes the subject the symptoms of hypocrisie. The prognosticks the causes the cure of hypocrisie. A discourse furnished vvith much variety of experimentall and historicall observations, and most seasonable for these times of happy designe for reformation. In two bookes. / By Samuell Torshell. With an epistle to the Assembly of Divines, about the discerning of spirits. Ordered, Novemb. 24, 1643. that this booke be printed, for Iohn Bellamie. Iohn White. Imprimatur, Edm. Calamie.
[1659?] An hypocrite unmasked:, or, The inside of colonel Robert Jermye discovered, by the articles following, the substance whereof was proved to a jury at Guild hall, London, the 21 of June, 1656.
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1677] The hypocrites fast and feast not God's holy day hat-honour to men, man's institution not God's : presented to the view and consideration of papistical and Protestant time servers and day-observers, vvill-worshippers and persecutors, and satisfaction of the moderate inquirer / by George Fox.
Sheffeild, John, d. 1680. / [1658. i.e. 1657] The hypocrites ladder, or looking-glasse. Or A discourse of the dangerous and destructive nature of hypocrisie,: the reigning and provoking sin of this age. Wherein is shewed how far the hypocrite, or formal professor may go towards heaven, yet utterly perish, by three ladders of sixty steps of his ascending. Together with a looking-glass, clearly discovering that lurking sin of hypocrisie. As also another glass to try sincerity of grace by. / By Jo. Sheffeild minister of the word at Swithins London.
[1682] The Hypocritical Christian, or, The conventicling citizen displayed shewing the refractory temper of the Whiggish party of the town, in opposition to the establish't religion, and their dis-affection to monarchy.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1657] The hypocritical nation described in a sermon preached at St. Maries in Cambridge, upon a day of publick fasting : with an epistle prefixed by Mr. Samuel Jacombe.
Clarges, Thomas, Sir, d. 1695. / [1659] Hyporites [sic] unmasked, or, The hypocrisie of the new usurpers discovered, and their often saying, God set it on their hearts; in a few questions propounded to the inferiour officers and souldiers of the Army, whom some do now indeavour to seduce from their obedience to their masters the Parliament. Wherein the Parliament, and their General Monck are vindicated, from the aspersions cast upon them by their enemies: in which General Monck is proved to have been alwaies true to his trust, and that he hath no design to set up the King or his interest. Propounded by a lover of his countrey, and a sufferer for the good old cause.
R. T. / [1652] The hyrelings reward: or, a serious word to considering people.: Being a relation of some difference between Mr. William Jenkyns, and some others. Occasioned by the questioning of his doctrin, and his undertaking to defend it; together with his argument, by which he pretended to do it. As also his reasons of deserting his undertaking; with an answer to his said argument and reasons; together with some queries touching the point in question; with the manner of his being publiquely opposed, and the deportment of himself and his people thereupon: / all faithfully laid down by R.T.
[ca. 1602] [The hystorie of the seven wise maisters of Rome]
Polybius. / [1568] The hystories of the most famous and worthy cronographer Polybius discoursing of the warres betwixt the Romanes [and] Carthaginenses, a riche and goodly worke, conteining holsome counsels [and] wonderfull deuises against the incombrances of fickle fortune. Englished by C.W. Wherevnto is annexed an abstract, compendiously coarcted out of the life & worthy acts, perpetuate by our puissaunt prince king Henry the fift.