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[Iune 18, 1644] Hvlls managing of the kingdoms cause, or, A brief historicall relation of the severall plots and attempts against Kingston upon Hull from the beginning of these ... through Gods blessing it hath been preserved and the kingdom in it : expressed in five particulars, viz. ... : to which is added a short relation of the present state of the Northern counties and the posture of the English and Scots armies before York, with the manner of the siege, also a postscript to the reader ...
Ireland. Parliament. / [1641] The hvmble and ivst remonstrance of the knights, citizens and burgesses in Parliament assembled in Jreland
Ireland. Parliament. / [1641] The hvmble and jvst remonstrance of the knights, citizens and burgesses in Parliament assembled in Ireland
[1642] The Hvmble petition and remonstrance of divers citizens and other inhabitants of the city of London and borrough of Southwarke who lately presented their humle [sic] petition to the honourable Houses of Parliament for an accommodation of peace : as also the humble remonstrance of the said petitioners of the greate abuses and outrages committed upon divers of those persons who peaceably endeavoured to promote the said petition.
[1642] An Hvmble petition and remonstrance presented unto both the High and Honourable Houses of Parliament concerning the insupportable grievance of the farthing tokens.
[1642, August 1] The Hvmble petition of divers baronets, knights, esquires, gentlemen, clergy, and freeholders of the covnty of Lincolne to the right honorable the House of Commons now in the high court of Parliament assembled : with a letter sent to Master Speaker from the knights, esquiers, gentry, and freeholders of the same county ; for the presenting of their petition to the honourable House of Commons now in Parliament assembled.
[1642] The Hvmble petition of the commons of Kent, agreed upon at their generall assizes presented to His Majestie the first of August, 1642 : with certaine instructions from the county of Kent to Mr. Augustine Skinner, whereby the desires of the said county may be presented by him to the Honourable House of Commons : with His Majesties answer to the afore-said petition : at the court at Yorke this fourth of August, 1642.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1642] The hvmble petition of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament sent to his excellence Robert Earle of Essex to be presented to his Majestie.
City of London (England). Court of Common Council. / [1643] The hvmble petition of the major, aldermen, and commons of the citie of London to His Majestie with His Maiesties gracious answer thereunto.
[Aug. 28, 1643] The Hvmble petition of the merchant-strangers and others in the city of London concerned in the importation of plate and bullion into this kingdome presented to both houses of Parliament : with an ordinance or declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament concerning the said petition.
[1643] An Hvmble proposal of safety to the Parliament and citie in this time of present danger, viz. : in case the Parliament should go forth into the field, as was lately moved by the honorable House of Commons, and as we hope will be speedily and
[MDCXLIII. 1643] An hvmble remonstrnce [sic] to the Kings most Excellent Majesty,: in vindication of the honourable Isaak Pennington, Lord Major of the honourable city of London, Alderman Foulkes, Captaine Venne, Captaine Manwaring, whom His Majeste desires to be delivered to custody, to answer an accusation of treason against them. Desiring that His Majesty would make them no let to his returne to his Parliament nor hinder the accommodation of peace.