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Bolton, Samuel, 1606-1654. / [1644] The guard of the tree of life, or, A sacramental discourse shewing a Christians priviledge in approaching to God in ordinances, duty in his sacramentall approaches, danger if hee do not sanctifie God in them / by Samuel Bolton ...
Penton, Stephen, 1639-1706. / [1697] The guardian's instruction, or, The gentleman's romance. Written for the diversion and service of the gentry; particularly those educated in Cambridge and Oxford.
[1685] Gueddi'r-Arglwydd wedi ei hegluro mewn amryw ymadroddion, neu bregetheu byrrion / o waith y gwir barchedic dad Geor. Griffith.
Meriton, George, 1634-1711. / [1669] A guide for constables, churchwardens, overseers of the poor, surveyors of the highways, treasurers of the county stock, masters of the house of correction, bayliffs of mannours, toll-takers in fairs &c. a treatise briefly shewing the extent and latitude of the several offices, with the power of the officers herein, both by common law and statute, according to the several additions and alterations of the law, till the 20 year of His Majesties reign / collected by Geo. Meriton, gent.
Woodhouse, John. / [1647] A guide for strangers in the kingdome of Ireland.: Wherein the high-wayes and roads from all the sea-townes, market parishes, great or small is truely set down, throughout every province, and the whole kingdom, / by a surveyor thereof John Woodhouse. ; As also a map of Ireland and the townes thereof alphabetically printed ... ; As also, a true relation of the bloody massacres, tortures, cruelties, and abominable outrages committed upon the Protestants proved upon oath, and eye-witnesses.
R. H., 1609-1678. / [Printed in the year, 1667] The guide in controversies, or, A rational account of the doctrine of Roman-Catholicks concerning the ecclesiastical guide in controversies of religion reflecting on the later writings of Protestants, particularly of Archbishop Lawd and Dr. Stillingfleet on this subject. / By R.H.
[1697] The guide of a Christian directing him to such things, as are by him, to be believed, practised, feared, and hoped for. There are added at the end prayers to be used upon several occasions.
S. N. (Sylvester Norris), 1572-1630. / [M.DC.XXI. 1621] The guide of faith, or, A third part of the antidote against the pestiferous writings of all English sectaries and in particuler, agaynst D. Bilson, D. Fulke, D. Reynoldes, D. Whitaker, D. Field, D. Sparkes, D. White, and M. Mason, the chiefe vpholders, some of Protestancy, and some of Puritanisme : wherein the truth, and perpetuall visible succession of the Catholique Roman Church, is cleerly demonstrated / by S.N. ...
[between 1682 and 1700] A guide to devotion: or, The penitent souls dayly practice. Containing, godly prayers for several occasions; with heavenly meditations, and graces before and after meat. : Together with a short catechism for the better instruction in the Christian religion. Also the holy sayings of several of the ancient fathers of the primitive church. : Very profitable for all people, and useful for families.
Downame, John, d. 1652. / [1622] A guide to godlynesse or a Treatise of a Christian life shewing the duties wherein it consisteth, the helpes inabling & the reasons parswading vnto it ye impediments hindering ye practise of it, and the best meanes to remoue them whereunto are added diuers prayers and a treatise of carnall securitie by Iohn Douname Batcheler in Diuinitie and minister of Gods Word.
Bona, Giovanni, 1609-1674. / [1672] A guide to heaven containing the marrow of the holy fathers, and antient philosophers / written in Latine by John Bona ... ; [translated] in English by T.V.
[1689] A Guide to knowledge, or, An Introduction into the fundamentals of religion wherein is succinctly handled the principal methods taken up and proceeded in by God from the days of eternity to the end of time in order to effect the eternal salvation of men.
Inett, John, 1647-1717. / [1692] A guide to repentance. Or, The character and behaviour of the devout Christian in retirement. Psal. 119. 54, 60. I called my own ways to remembrance, ... commandments. By John Inett, M.A. chanter and residentiary of the cathedral church of Lincoln.
Eason, Laurence. / [1673] A guide to salvation, bequeathed to a person of honour, by his dying-friend the R.F. Br. Laurence Eason, Ord. S. Franc. S. Th. L.
Meriton, George, 1634-1711. / [1694] A guide to surveyors of the high-ways shewing the office and duty of such surveyors, with several cases and resolutions in law relating to the same : collected and gathered out of publick acts of Parliament now in force, and out of the year-books, and other books of the municipal laws of this kingdom : with an abridgment of the statute of 22 H. 8 Chap. 5 for the repairing of bridges, with cases relating thereunto : and likewise a summary of the statutes made for paving, cleansing, &c., streets, lanes, &c., in London and other towns and places, and an abstract of statutes made for the repairs of high-ways and bridges in particular places, methodiz'd into short chapters for the ready finding out any matter contain'd in the book / by G. Meriton, Gent.
Score, Richard. / [1699] A guide to the customers and collectors clerks, or, A new index to the book of rates wherein the additional duties, impositions and subsidies of tonnage and poundage on goods and merchandizes, imported and exported, and variations from the said book of rates may be found : with references to the acts of Parliament of the first edition, where the matter is more at large expressed / collected by Richard Score.
Inett, John, 1647-1717. / [1688] A guide to the devout Christian In three parts. The first containing meditations and prayers affixed to the days of the week; together with many occasional prayers for particular persons. The second for more persons than one, or a whole family, for every day of the week; together with many occasional prayers. The third containing a discourse of the nature and necessity of the Holy Sacrament; together with meditations thereon, prayers and directions for the worthy receiving thereof. By John Inett, M.A. chanter of the Cathedral Church of Lincoln.
Elborow, Thomas. / [1675] A guide to the humble: or an exposition on the common prayer Viz. I. The visitation of the sick. II. The Communion of the sick. III. The burial of the dead. IV. The thanksgiving of women after child-birth. V. The denouncing of God's anger and judgments against sinners, with prayers to be used on the first day of Lent, and at other times. By Thomas Elborow.
Bonet, Théophile, 1620-1689. / [MDCLXXXVI. 1686] A guide to the practical physician shewing, from the most approved authors, both ancient and modern, the truest and safest way of curing all diseases, internal and external, whether by medicine, surgery, or diet. Published in Latin by the learn'd Theoph. Bonet, physician at Geneva. And now rendred into English, with an addition of many considerable cases, and excellent medicines for every disease. Collected from Dr. Waltherus his Sylva medica. by one of the Colledge of Physicians, London. To which is added. The office of a physician, and perfect tables of every distemper, and of any thing else considerable. Licensed, November 13h. 1685. Robert Midgley.
I. C., M.A. of T.C.C. / [1669] A guide to the true religion, or, A discourse directing to make a wise choice of that religion men venture their salvation upon seasonable for these times wherein there are such diversities of opinions and wayes of religion : to inform the ignorant, to resolve the wavering, and to confirm the weak / by I.C., M.A. of T.C.C.
[1695?] A guide to young communicants: or, The whole duty of the sacrament fitted for those that desire to be worthy receivers of the Lords Supper: with suitable prayers, for morning and evening. Also directions for a holy living and dying. A dialogue between a divine and a beggar. And a description of Christ's person when on earth. To which is added, Bishop Usher's prophecy.
Rivius, Johann, 1500-1553. / [1579] A guide vnto godlinesse moste worthy to bee followed of all true Christians: a treatise wherein is set forth the folly of man in prolonging the amendment of his sinful life, togither with the chiefe causes thereof, and souereigne remedies againste the same. Written in Latin by Iohn Riuius: Englished by W.G.
Bunny, Francis, 1543-1617. / [1617] A guide vnto godlinesse: or, A plaine and familiar explanation of the ten commandements, by questions and answeres fittest for the instruction of the simple and ignorant people. By Francis Bunny, one of the prebendaries of the Cathedrall Church of Durham.
Crook, Samuel, 1575-1649. / [1613] The guide vnto true blessednesse. Or, A body of the doctrine of the Scriptures, directing man to the sauing knowledge of God. Collected by Sam. Crooke
[1688] Guido Faux reviv'd, or, The monks late hellish contrivances expos'd being a full account of the horrid, bloody designs of the papists at their mass-house convent chappel in St. Johnes's.
England and Wales. Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace (Guildhall) / [anno Dom. 1683] Guildhald. Civit. Exon. Ad general. Session. Pacis tent. apud Guildhaldam civitat. prædict. in & pro civitat. & com. civitat. Exon, decimo sexto die Aprilis, anno regni dom. nostri Caroli secundi dei gratia Angliæ, Scotiæ, Franciæ & Hiberniæ, regis, fidei defensor. &c. tricessimo quinto, annoque Dom. 1683.
D. B. (Daniel Baker), fl. 1650-1660. / [1660] The guiltless cries and warnings of the innocent against injustice, oppression, cruelty, false-swearers, envious men, and such like witnesses, arisen up against a plain man, or, A living and true witnesse condemned, through want of sound (yet through unjust) judgment : together with the unequall and unreasonable proceedings of Humphry Wildey, Mayor, and Edward Solley, and Robert Sollers, Aldermen, and Justices of the city Worcester, as may plainly appear by what followeth, besides the unjust sufferings of the guiltlesse ... / from the hand, mouth, and very heart of a true Friend, and not an enemy to the person, or well-being of any man, woman, or childe within thee, O city, or upon the face of the earth, throughout the whole creation of God, or of that which lieth under the cruel bondage of death and corruption, for which I suffer, and labour, and travail, with, and among many brethren, for its perfect freedome, and restauration, into the glorious liberty of the sons of God (as in the beginning), whose servant, witnesse, and prisoner for the elects sake, I am called by men Daniel Baker, by scorners, a Quaker.
Speed, Thomas, b. 1622 or 3. / [1657] The guilty-covered clergy-man unvailed;: in a plain and candid reply unto two bundles of wrath and confusion, wrapt up in one and twenty sheets of paper. The one written by Christopher Fowler and Simon Ford of Reading; the other by William Thomas of Ubley in Somersetshire. Wherein all their malicious slanders and false accusations, which they cast upon the truth, are clean wash'd off; their weapons with which they war against the Lamb, broken over their own heads; and they, with the rest of the tyth-exacting teachers, proved to be the great incendaries, and mis-leaders of these nations. In which also there is made a brief and sober application, to the magistrates, and other inhabitants, within the city of Bristol. / By Thomas Speed, a friend to all that tremble at the Word of the Lord; but an irreconcileable enemy to the mysterious deceit, and monstrous hypocrisie of those that do teach for hire, and divine for money.
Norton, Robert, d. 1635. / [1628] The gunner shevving the vvhole practise of artillerie: vvith all the appurtenances therevnto belonging. Together with the making of extra-ordinary artificiall fireworkes, as well for pleasure and triumphes, as for warre and seruice. VVritten by Robert Norton, one of his Maiesties gunners and enginiers.
Norton, Robert, d. 1635. / [1628] The gunners dialogue. VVith the Art of great artillery. By Robert Norton, enginier. and gunner.
Garcâia, Carlos, doctor. / [1657] Guzman, Hinde, and Hannam outstript being a discovery of the whole art, mistery and antiquity of theeves and theeving, with their statutes, laws, customs and practises, together with many new and unheard of cheats and trepannings.