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Wood, Edward, 1626 or 7-1655. / [1656] Gnōston tou Theou, k[a]i gnōston tou Christou, or, That which may be knovvn of God by the book of nature; and the excellent knowledge of Jesus Christ by the Book of Scripture. Delivered at St Mary's in Oxford, by Edward Wood M.A. late proctor of the University and fellow of Merton Coll. Oxon. Published since his death by his brother A.W. M.A.
La Hire, Philippe de, 1640-1718. / [1685] Gnomoniques, or, The art of drawing sun-dials on all sorts of planes by different methods with the geometrical demonstrations of all the operations / by Mr. De la Hire of the Royal Academy of Sciences, ; rendred into English and illustrated by an example in numbers by John Leek, professor of the mathematicks.