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[in the Year 1649] The ghost of K. Charls and Serieant [sic] Bradshaw. Being a discourse betwixt Charles late king of England, the arch-bishop of Canterburie and Serjeant John Bradshaw. Wherein the unjust proceedings at the triall of the late king in the High-court of justice are justly discovered: the full manner of it debated and the whole course of affaires from the beginning of the wars to these present times, fully and most lively represented. Together, with the means to preserve both church and state from the great and gaping ruines which do threaten to devour them.
[Printed in the yeare, of the Presbyterian feare. 1647] The ghost of Sr. John Presbjter, wherein he desireth that the rest of that faction may desist, and prosecute no further that monster of Presbytery. Also, his advertisement to one of his deare children, whom he left out of his will, by reason of his great rage of his sicknes.
[1690] The Ghost of the Emperor Charles the Fifth appearing to Volcart the porter, or, A dialogue of the times
[1653] The Ghost or The woman wears the breeches. A comedy written in the year MDCXL.