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L. L., Gent. / [1677] Evagoras a romance / by L.L., Gent.
Saywell, William, 1643-1701. / [MDCLXXXII. 1682] Evangelical and Catholick unity, maintained in the Church of England: or an apology for her government, liturgy, subscriptions, &c.: With answers to the objections of Mr. B. Dr. O. and others, against conformity. Also a vindication of the Lord Bishop of Ely, shewing his way of true and Christian concord. And a post-script in answer to Mr. B's late objections against my self, concerning general councils, &c. By William Saywell, D.D. and master of Jesus Colledge in Cambridge.
Sherwin, William, 1607-1687? / [1661] [Evangelion aionion eis t aionch] doxotaton, or, A glimpse of gospel glory. The first part together with a short but pithie treatise of Mr. E.D. shewing that Peter was never at Rome : to which is subjoyned as an appendix some pregnant collections by ... H. Nelson ... to a like purpose.
Southworth, John, 1592-1654. / [1680] Evangelium sydereum: or, Revelation demonstrated In three parts. The first being a philosophical discourse leading to the second. The second is Holy Scripture, astronomically handled from the radix of a nativity, and a direction of the luminaries, &c. The third is an appendix touching the scheme of Sol's ingress into Aries for the year 1677. The whole being a divine treatise recommended to the serious perusal of the unprejudic'd mathematician and astrologer, as also of all other persons, to the intent they may behold God's glorious wonders revealed in the heavens. By John Southworth, an experiencer of the love of Jesus, and a well-wisher to the people in scorn called Quakers.
Rusdorf, Johann Joachim von, 1589-1640. / [M.DC.XXXVII. 1637] The evaporation of the apple of Palæstine: that is, The sifting of the answeres and rescripts, lately given, in the cause of the restitution of the Palatinate. Together with a briefe demonstration of the nullities of the clandestine dispositions, by which, the electourship and the Palatinate hath beene transferred on the house of Bavaria. Translated out of Latine.
[1684] Eve revived, or, The Fair one stark-naked a novell.
Jacob, John, 17th cent. / [1678/9 i.e. 1679] Even lero'sh pina, The Jevv turned Christian, or, The corner-stone wherein is an assertion of Christ being the true Messiah / by John Jacob, formerly a Jew, but now turned a Christian.
Reading, John, 1588-1667. / [Printed in the yeer. 1643] An evening sacrifice,: or prayer for a family; necessary for these calamitous times.
[1624] Every-dayes sacrifice. Wherein are comprehended many comfortable prayers and meditations, very necessary for all Christians. Also, many comforts for the sicke which are afflicted by the sight of their sins and the terrour of death; written by D. M. Luther, a little before his end. With most true comforts out of holy Scripture of the knowledge we shall haue of one another in the world to come. Translated by, W.R.S.
[1646] Every mans case, or A brotherly support to Mr. VVill. Larner,: prisoner in the New-Prison in Mayden-Lane, London. Also, another letter from a prisoner, to Mr. Larner.
Jones, John, of Neyath, Brecon. / [1652] Every mans case, or, Lawyers routed: In seven treatises, the titles whereof you may find in the ensuing page. Written by John Jones, Gentl prisoner in the Fleet.
[1646] Every mans case: or, A brotherly support to Mr. Larner, prisoner in the new prison in Mayden-lane.
Freize, James. / [Printed, anno 1646] Every mans right: or, Englands perspective-glasse.: Wherein may be seen, every mans case, face, birthright, and just liberty. Whereunto is added; the copie of a letter written by a prisoner in the Fleet, unto a worthy member of the House of Commons; expressing the necessitie of justice, and the illegality of imprisonment of men for debt. Composed (primarily) for the meridian of London and VVestminster, and may prove very profitable, to inlighten the eyes of all the commons of England, in this year of our long-expected reformation, and suppressions of injustice, tyranny, and oppression, anno 1646.
[1675] Every woman her own midwife, or, A Compleat cabinet opened for child-bearing women furnished with directions to prevent miscarriages during the time of breeding, and other casualties which usually attend women in child-bed : to which is annexed cures for all sorts of diseases incident to the bodies of men, women and children.
Fox, Margaret Askew Fell, 1614-1702. / [1660] An evident demonstration to Gods elect which clearly manifesteth to them I. How necessary and expedient it is for them to come to witnesse true faith, II. That after they have attained to the faith, it must be tried as gold is tried in the fire, III. It shews how many have departed from the faith and denied it, IV. That the standing of the saints is by faith in the Son of God, V. How strong Abraham was in the faith and how all that believe are to look unto him / by Margret Fell.
[1679] The Evil eye plucked out, or, A discourse proving that church revenues cannot be alienated by any secular persons or powers without a manifest violation of the known fundamental laws of this kingdom, and of publick justice, and a common-honesty
Howard, John, 1647-1729? / [1698] The evil of our dayes with the remedy of it : a sermon preach'd at a visitation at Rothwell in Northamptonshire, Octob. 12, 1697 / by John Howard ...
[1691] The evil spirit cast-out. Being a true relation of the manner of performing the famous operation or cure, on the maiden gentlewoman, whose body was possessed with an evil spirit. With the carriage and behaviour of the evil spirit ... the several ways and means that were used to drive or cast-out the devil ... the contest between the devil and the doctor ... the strange noise, horrid cry, and great blast of wind, which happened just at the spirits departure.