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D. F., Minister. / [Printed in the yeare of our redemption. 1641] The equallity of the ministery plainly described, both by Scriptures, fathers, and councels.: Layd open to this present Parliament, to stop the mouthes of all gaynesayers whatsoever. / By D.F. minister.
[1642] Equitable and necessary considerations and resolvtions for association of arms throughout the counties of the kingdom of England, and principality of Wales: Against the now * professed combination of papists, and other enemies of the Protestant religion, and English rights and liberties. *In the Earl of Newcastles declaratió, printed first at York, & since re-printed at London. To be presented to the gentry and commonalty of the county of Middlesex, at their meeting at Hix-hall the 26. of December 1642. And no lesse conducing to the safety of other counties, especially of York-shire, Lancashire, and Cheshire, where the malignant commissioners of Array have been most rampant.
[1644] The equity of the Solemne League and Covenant iustified,: against an infectious and libellous pamphlet: intituled, The iniquity of the late Solemne League and Covenant discovered. As it was lately sent from Oxford: and intercepted by the way to London. Written by way of caution to all those who either have or shall reade the said dangerous paper.