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May, Joseph, b. 1584 or 5. / [1641] Epaphras, A sermon preached at Saint Austell in Cornwal, in commemoration of a benefactor, the second of February, 1639 by Ioseph May ...
Gosson, Stephen, 1554-1624. / [Anno. 1579] The ephemerides of Phialo deuided into three bookes. The first, a method which he ought to follow that desireth to rebuke his freend, when he seeth him swarue: without kindling his choler, or hurting himselfe. The second, a canuazado to courtiers in foure pointes. The third, the defence of a curtezan ouerthrowen. And a short apologie of the Schoole of abuse, against poets, pipers, players, [et] their excusers. By Steph. Gosson, stud. Oxon.
Price, Sampson, 1585 or 6-1630. / [1616] Ephesus vvarning before her woe. A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse on Passion Sunday, the 17. of March last. By Sampson Price, Bachelour of Diuinity, of Exeter Colledge in Oxford: and lecturer at S. Olaus.
S. O. / [1695] Epicedium, or, A funeral elegy on the death of our late gracious soveraign by S.O.
Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637. / [1620] Epicoene, or the silent woman. A comedie. Acted in the yeare 1609. By the children of her majesties revels. The author B. I.
Mason, Henry, 1573?-1647. / [1626] The epicures fast: or: A short discourse, discouering the licenciousnesse of the Romane Church in her religious fasts. By Henrie Mason, parson of St. Andrews Vndershaft, London.
Boyer, Thomas, b. 1627 or 8. / [1659] Epidiorthōsis or a modest enquiry into the nature and state of churches. In order to their through-reformation. By Thomas Boyer minister at Rempston in Nottinghamshire.
Cooke, Jo., fl. 1614. / [1604?] Epigrames Serued out in 52. seuerall dishes for euery man to tast without surfeting. By I.C. Gent.
Crashaw, Richard, 1613?-1649. / [1682] Epigrammata sacra selecta, cum Anglica versione Sacred epigrams, Englished.
Middleton, Richard, of York. / [1608] Epigrams and satyres: made by Richard Middleton of Yorke gentleman
Harington, John, Sir, 1560-1612. / [1615] Epigrams both pleasant and serious, written by that all-worthy knight, Sir Iohn Harrington: and neuer before printed
May, Edward, Gent. / [1633] Epigrams diuine and morall. By Edvv. May, Gent.
[1624] The epigrams of P. Virgilius Maro, and others. With the praises of him and his workes. Also his epitaphs composed by diuers illustrious persons. And lastly, the arguments of his workes. Englished by I.P. louer of learning.
Sheppard, S. (Samuel) / [1651] Epigrams theological, philosophical, and romantick also the Socratick session, or, The arraignment and conviction of Julius Scaliger : with other select poems / by S. Sheppard.
Hammond, Thomas, M.M. / [1685] Epilepsys, or convulsion-fits in children effectually cured; by an approved specifick powder, and balsamick spirit: as has been sundry years experienced with good success, before this publication.
Thorndike, Herbert, 1598-1672. / [1659] An epilogue to the tragedy of the Church of England being a necessary consideration and brief resolution of the chief controversies in religion that divide the western church : occasioned by the present calamity of the Church of England : in three books ... / by Herbert Thorndike.
S.W., of the Inner Temple. / [1660] Epinicia Carolina, or An essay upon the return of His sacred Majesty, Charles the Second.: By S.W. of the Inner Temple.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [1640] Episcopacie by divine right. Asserted, by Jos. Hall, B. of Exon
Ferne, H. (Henry), 1602-1662. / [1644] Episcopacy and Presbytery considered according to the severall respects, which may commend a church-government, and oblige good Christians to it.
Camfield, Benjamin, 1638-1693. / [1682] Of Episcopal confirmation in two discourses / by B. Camfield.
Rollock, Robert, 1555?-1599. / [Printed, Anno Domini, 1641] Episcopal government instituted by Christ,: and confirmed by cleere evidence of Scripture, and invincible reason. / Collected by the pains of R.R. Preacher of the Gospell.
Stanhope, Arthur, d. 1685? / [1671] Episcopal jurisdiction asserted according to the right constitution thereof, by His Majesties laws, both ecclesiastical and temporal, occasioned by the stating and vindicating of the Bishop of Waterford's case, with the mayor and sheriffs of Waterford / by a diligent enquirer into the reasons and grounds thereof.
[1547?] An epistell exhortatorye, admonishing a[n]d warning all faithful Christia[n]s to beware of the false fained God of the aulter, and only to trust in the onelye lyuing God
[1574] The Epistels and Gospels for euery Sonday and holy day throughout the whole yeare. After the vse of the Church of England.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [the .v. daye of Aprill. 1550] An epistle both of Godly consolacion and also of aduertisement written by Iohn Caluine the pastour & preacher of Geneua, to the right noble prince Edvvarde Duke of Somerset, before the tyme or knoweledge had of his trouble, but delyuered to the sayde Duke, in the time of his trouble, and so translated out of frenshe by the same Duke.
Greene, Thomas, 1634?-1699. / [1665] An epistle by the life of truth in the love of God to all the bretheren in England greeting who are called Quakers ...
Eccleston, Theodor, 1651-1726. / [1693] An epistle by way of encouragement to Friends, to be frequent at week-day meetings.
[1690] An epistle by way of testimony to friends and brethren of the monthly and quarterly meetings in England, Wales, and elsewhere, concerning the decease of our faithful brother George Fox. From our second days morning-meeting in London, the 26th of the 11th month, 1690.
Watson, Samuel, ca. 1618-1708. / [1695] An epistle by way of testimony to the friends of Manchester and thereabouts given forth shortly after the death of my dear daughter, Mary Moss, wife of Isaac Moss of Manchester, who departed this life the XXIX of the 11th month, 1692 : with a testimony concerning my dear wife Mary Watson, who since departed this life the 2d of the 9th month, 1694 / by Samuel Watson ; together with a few words written by Elizabeth Moss concerning her dear mother.
Russel, William. / [1696] An epistle concerning baptism. [occai]sionally written upon the sight [of] two treatises published by Thomas James father of a Presbyterian congre[ga]tion at Ashford in Kent : who [ha]th reflected upon the baptized [C]hristians / [by] [W]illiam Russell.
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1681] An epistle concerning the government of Christ and his peace of vvhose kingdome, there shall be no end. By George Fox.
Nicanor, Lysimachus, 1603-1641. / [Anno Domini M.DC.XL. 1640] The epistle congratulatorie of Lysimachus Nicanor of the Societie of Jesu, to the Covenanters in Scotland.: VVherin is paralleled our sweet harmony and correspondency in divers materiall points of doctrine and practice.
Leyburn, George, 1593-1677. / [1657] An epistle declaratorie, or manifest written by G. L. to his brethren residing in England.
Wright, William, 1563-1639. / [Imprinted, M. DC. XXII 1622] An epistle dedicated to an honourable person in the which are discouered a dozen bad spirits, who from the beginning haue much haunted & grieuously tormented the Protestant congregation, so that euery one may perceaue, if he be not tooto [sic] partiall, and ouermuch carryed away with affection, that such an assembly cannot be the true Church of God.
Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641. / [1642] An epistle directed to all iustices of peace in England and Wales.:
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1679] An epistle for friends for them to read
J. P. (John Perrot), d. 1671? / [1662] An epistle for the most pure amity and unity in the spirit and life of God to all sincere-hearted-souls ... that desire that God's truth and righteousnes in power, may be exalted over all within them and without them (in the whole earth) for ever / by your friend in the purest love, John Perrot.
Whitehead, Anne, 1624-1686. / [1680?] An epistle for true love, unity, and order in the Church of Christ against the spirit of discord, disorder and confusion &c. : recommended to friends in truth chiefly for the sake of the weak and unstable minded for information and encouragement in our Christian unity and society, held in the spirit of Christ both in faith and practice / by two servants of the Church according to our measures, Anne Whitehead, Mary Elson.
Burnyeat, John, 1631-1690. / [1686] An epistle from John Burnyeat to friends in Pennsilvania; to be disperced by them to the neighbouring provinces, which for convenience and dispatch was thought good to be printed, and so ordered by the Quarterly Meeting of Philadelphia, the 7th of the 4th month, 1686.
Society of Friends. Reigate Monthly Meeting. / [1692] An epistle from our monethly meeting, at our publick meeting house in Reigate, in Surry, the 7th day of the 9th month, 1692
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [l668] An epistle from the people in scorn called Quakers to all people upon the earth to read over that they may see what the people called Quakers hold concerning God, Christ, his death, his resurrection, his blood, concerning his offering, redemption, salvation, justification, faith, and hope.
Janney, Thomas, 1633?-1696. / [1694] An epistle from Thomas Janney to Friends of Cheshire, and by them desired to be made publick.
Bayly, William, d. 1675. / [1664] An epistle general containing wholsome exhortations and good counsel from the spirit of truth unto all such as are or may be under the judgment or sentence of banishment, for the testimony of Jesus Christ ... / by ... W.B.
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1660] An epistle general to them who are of the royal priest-hood and chosen generation given forth from the movings of the power and spirit of truth, and now made publick to be sent abroad among the saints scattered in old and New England, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Scotland, Barbadoes, and Virginia, for them to read in the fear of the Lord.
Fisher, Abigail. / [1696] An epistle in the love of God to Friends, with a little chiefly to their tender children. : To which is added a few lines to such that may be farther grown in the truth.
[printed, 1660] An epistle narrative of the barbarous assault and illegall arrest of Freder. Turvill, Esquire: by sixteen bailiffs, with the death of one of their followers. To a gentleman in the country from a friend of both newly arrived from beyond sea, that accidentally was an eye-witnesse of all passages.
N. N., fl. 1614. / [1623] An epistle of a Catholicke young gentleman, (being for his religion imprisoned.) To his father a Protestant Who commaunded him to set downe in writing, what were the motiues that induced him to become a Catholicke.
[Printed in the year, 1659] An epistle of a Catholique to his friend a Protestant touching the doctrine of reall presence. Or, the answer to a question propounded in these tearms What should move you, contrary to the plain testimony of your senses, to believe, that after consecration the bread and wine in the sacrament is become really Christs very body and blood.
Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595. / [1597?] An epistle of a religious priest vnto his father: exhorting him to the perfect forsaking of the world.
[1698] An epistle of caution to all Friends professing the blessed truth to prevent injustice and injury, and the reproach thereof in divers matters herein mentioned.
Taylor, Christopher, ca. 1615-1686. / [1681] An epistle of caution to Friends to take heed of that treacherous spirit that is entred into W.R. and his abettors (as appears in his malicious book, falsly called The Christian-Quaker, &c.) ... : with wholsome advice and counsel, by way of information, that the simple-minded may not be ensnared by the crafts and wiles of Satan through faith fallen antichristian instruments is W.R. and such as are encred into the same malicious spirit with him / C.T.
Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536. / [Anno. 1554] The epistle of Erasmus Roterodamus, sente vnto Conradus Pelicanus concerning his opinion of the blessed sacrament of Christes body and bloude.
Onley, John. / [1661] An epistle of information, exhortation, and consolation to all such as are distinguished by names of reproach and ignominy ... : containing also, a sober rebuke for former sloathfulness / by John Onley ...
D. W. (Dorothy White) / [1661] An epistle of love and consolation unto Israel from the pouring forth of the spirit and holy anointing of the father, sent in bowels of tender love unto the chosen and elect seed of life, unto all the gathered church of the first born ... / D.W.
Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690. / [1679] An epistle of love and friendly advice to the ambassadors of the several princes of Europe met at Nimeguen to consult the peace of Christendom so far as they are concerned wherein the true cause of the present war is discovered and the right remedy and means for a firm and settled peace is proposed / by R. Barclay.
Townsend, Theophila. / [1680] An epistle of love to Friends in the womens meetings in London, &c. to be read among them in the fear of God.
Ulric, Saint, Bishop of Augsburg, 890-973. / [1547?] An epistle of moche learni[n]g, sent by saint Huldericus, Bisshoppe of Augusta, called Augsburgh, vnto Nicolas Bysshoppe of Rome, the fyrst of that name: agaynst the vnmaried chastitie of pryestes.
Crook, John, 1617-1699. / [1664] An epistle of peace and good-will unto all the children of the Lord against this suffering time
Crisp, Stephen, 1628-1692. / [1680] An epistle of tender counsel & advice to all that have believed the truth every where, to exhort them to faithfulness thereunto ... / Written by one that travels for Zyon's prosperity, Steven Crisp.
Crisp, Stephen, 1628-1692. / [1690] An epistle of tender love and brotherly advice to all the churches of Christ throughout the world who are gathered into the one living faith, and walk in the light, and therein have their fellowship one with another. From a friend and brother in the same fellowship, who hath long travailed, and still travails for Zion's prosperity, and for the gathering Zion's children out of Egypt and darkness, that they may walk and dwell in the light of Zion's Saviour, which is Christ the Lord; whose outward name is Stephen Crisp.
Townsend, Theophila. / [1690] An Epistle of tender love to all friends that are tender hearted,: who are tender of the honour of God, and seek the glory of his worthy name, and the prosperity of his precious truth, and the peace and unity of the church of Christ in this his blessed day.
Bingley, William, 1651-1715. / [1692] An epistle of tender love to friends in Ireland by your faithful friend and brother in the truth William Bingley.
Grey, Jane, Lady, 1537-1554. / [1554?] An epistle of the Ladye Iane, a righte vertuous woman, to a learned man of late falne from the truth of Gods most holy word, for fear of the worlde read it, to thy consolacion : vvhereunto is added the communication that she had with Master Feckenham vpon her faith, and belefe of the sacraments : also another epistle whiche she wrote to her sister, with the words she spake vpon the scaffold befor she suffered, anno. M.D.Liiii.
Henry, VIII, King of England, 1491-1547. / [Anno. M.D. XXXVIII. 1538] An epistle of the moste myghty [and] redouted Prince Henry the .viii. by the grace of God Kyng of England and of Fraunce, lorde of Irelande, defender of the faithe, and supreme heed of the churche of England, nexte vnder Christe, writen to the Emperours maiestie, to all Christen princes, and to all those that trewly and syncerely professe Christes religion.
Reeve, John, 1608-1658. / [1670?] An epistle of the prophet Reeve. Written in the year, 1656.
[1539?] An epistle of the p[ro]phete Hieremie
Somerset, Edward Seymour, Duke of, 1506?-1552. / [Anno salutis humanæ M.D.XLVIII. 1548] An epistle or exhortacion, to vnitie [and] peace, sent fro[m] the Lorde Protector, [and] others the kynges moste honorable counsaill of England: to the nobilitie, gentlemen, and commons, and al others the inhabitauntes of the realme of Scotlande
Corro, Antonio del, 1527-1591. / [Anno. 1569] An epistle or godlie admonition, of a learned minister of the Gospel of our sauiour Christ sent to the pastoures of the Flemish Church in Antwerp, (who name themselues of the Confession of Auspurge,) exhorting them to concord with the other ministers of the Gospell. Translated out of French by Geffray Fenton. Here may the christian reader lerne to know what is the true participatio[n] of the body of Christ, & what is the lauful vse of the holy Supper.
Denne, Henry, 1606 or 7-1660? / [1660] An epistle recommended to all the prisons in this city & nation. To such as chuse restraint rather than the violation of their consciences. Wherein is asserted, 1. The lawfulness of an oath. 2. The antiquity of an oath. 3. The universality of it. With the most material objections answered. By Henry Den.
Vrillac, Monsieur de. / [1621] An epistle sent by Monsievr de Vrillac, advocate in the Parliament of Paris; to Monsievr de Vrillac his father, vpon the occasion of his conuersion. Faithfully translated into English, accoriding to the French copie; By C.C.
Kett, Francis, d. 1589. / [1585] An epistle [s]ent to divers [pa]pistes in England prouing [th]e Pope to bee the beast in the [1]3 of the Reuelations, and to be the man exalted in the temple of God, as God, Thess. 2.2 ... / by F.K.
[1699] An Epistle to a member of Parliament concerning Mr. George Oldner's invention to preserve ships from foundering or sinking at sea &c
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1682] An epistle to all Christians to keep to yea, yea, and nay, nay, and to fulfil their words and promises by G.F.
Wollrich, Humphry, 1633?-1707. / [1674] An epistle to all Friends that be travelling towards the holy city and rest that is in the everlasting life, that they may not over-charge themselves, nor burden themselves in their journey. With a visitation of pure love to all such as have err'd in their hearts from the holy commandment, that to the Lord, who is very gracious and merciful, with all their hearts they may be turned, and so be by him saved.
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1675] An epistle to all my dear Friends elect and precious in America.
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1657] An epistle to all people on the earth; and the ignorance of all the world, both professors and teachers, of the birth that must be silent, and of the birth that is to speak, which declares God; and the difference betwixt silence and speaking. Shewing to all the people upon earth, that they may come to an understanding of themselves; and may know that Christ Jesus, the Light of the world, is their teacher to God, or their condemnation from him. Also shewing that it was the practice of many to wait in silence upon God, to hear his word, and know his voice. By G.F.
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1673] An epistle to all professors in New-England, Germany, and other parts of the called Christian vvorld also to the Jews and Turks throughout the world, that they may see who are the true worshippers of God, that He seeks, and in what He is worshipped ... / George Fox.
Crook, John, 1617-1699. / [1678] An epistle to all that profess the light of Jesus Christ within to be their guide by John Crook.
Crook, John, 1617-1699. / [1672] An epistle to all that's young in the truth and lately convinced who walk with, and assemble amongst the people of God called Quakers, that they may escape the wiles of Satan and continue and walk in the way of righteousness.
[1659] An Epistle to all the Christian magistrates and powers in the whole Christendom and professors, and teachers, and Christians that witness the end of the law, and the Levitical priesthood, and confess Christ Jesus ...
Love, John, d. 1721. / [1696] An epistle to all young convinced friends whom the Lord hath reached by His mighty power, and separated from the world, and turned their hearts, so as to forsake father, and mother, wife, and children, for his name sake. By way of exhortation and encouragement, by one whom the Lord hath greatly encouraged, and fulfilled the saying of the prophet Malachi, by by turning the hearts of his parents and dear relations to him.
Niesen, Geertruyd Deriks. / [1677] An epistle to be communicated to Friends & to be read in the fear of the Lord in their men and womens meetings, and other meetings, only among Friends as they in the wisdom of God shall see meet and serviceable
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1666] An epistle to be read in all the assemblies of the righteous by G.F.
Coleman, Nathaniel. / [1682] An epistle to be read in the assemblies of Gods people.
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1677] An epistle to be read in the men and womens meetings G.F.
Cheesman, Christopher. / [1661?] An epistle to Charles the Second, King of England and to every individual member of his council / presented to them in pure love and good will, that they might consider of the things therein contained before the King was crowned or had taken his oath, forasmuch as a necessity from the Lord was laid upon the pen-man ... who is known ... by the name of Christopher Cheesman ; from the town of Reading in Berkshire the 15 of the 2d. month, 1661.
Parker, Alexander, 1628-1689. / [1660] An epistle to Friends
Gilman, Anne, d. 1686. / [1662] An epistle to friends being a tender salutation to the faithful in God everywhere : also a letter to Charles, King of England &c. / by Anne Gilman.
Ellwood, Thomas, 1639-1713. / [1694] An epistle to friends briefly commemorating the gracious dealings of the Lord with them, and warning them to beware of the spirit of contention and division which hath appeared of late in George Keith and some few others that join with him, who have made a breach and separation from Friends in some parts of America / by Thomas Ellwood.
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1678] An epistle to friends by G.F.
Marshall, Charles, 1637-1698. / [1730?] An epistle to Friends coming forth in the beginning of a testimony: and of the snares of the enemy therein.
Crisp, Stephen, 1628-1692. / [1666] An epistle to Friends concerning the present and succeeding times being a faithful exhortation and warning to all Friends who profess the truth to beware of the manifold wiles of the enemy and to stand armed in the light of the Lord God of heaven and earth against his assaults, that so they may be ready to answer the call and requirings of the Lord : also, some thing signified of the mistery of the succeeding times, that all may be prepared and that the evil day may not overtake any at unawares, but such as turn away their ear from counsel / by Stephen Crisp.
Whitton, Catharine. / [1681] An epistle to Friends every where to be distinctly read in their meetings, when assembled together in the fear of the Lord / by a friend of truth, and a lover of righteousness, Katharine Whitton.
[Printed in the year 1699] An epistle to Friends given forth from Leinster-province meeting in Ireland, held at Castledermot the 9th. 10th. and 11th. days of the 7th. month 1698.
Hendricks, Elizabeth. / [1672] An epistle to Friends in England to be read in their assemblies in the fear of the Lord / by ... Elizabeth Hendericks.
Taylor, Christopher, ca. 1615-1686. / [1675] An epistle to Friends in the truth
Bellers, John, 1654-1725. / [1697] An epistle to Friends, concerning the education of children.:
Crook, John, 1617-1699 / [1698] An epistle to Friends, for union and edification of the Church of God in Christ Jesus. By his servant, John Crook.
Smith, William, d. 1673. / [1667?] An epistle to Friends.:
Rymer, Thomas, 1641-1713. / [1688] An epistle to Mr. Dryden.
[1663] An Epistle to the authour of the Animadversions upon Fiat lux in excuse and justification of Fiat lux against the said animadversions.
Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728. / [1700] An epistle to the Christian Indians, giving them a short account, of what the English desire them to know and to do, in order to their happiness written by an English minister, at the desire of an English magistrate, who sends unto them this token of love.
Ford, Stephen, d. 1694. / [1657] An epistle to the Church of Christ in Chippin-Norton as also certaine scripture rules which Iesus Christ hath given to His churches to walke by, which are approved of and consented unto, by all the members of the said chvrch : published for their use and benefit, and for the satisfaction of such persons as desire to know the principles, and practices of the church aforesaid / by Stephen Ford ...
Salthouse, Thomas, 1630-1691. / [1657] An epistle to the churches of the Anabaptists so called.: Written by a member of the church, and sent abroad in pursuance of a printed paper from Tiverton, directed to all the churches of Jesus Christ.
Viret, Pierre, 1511-1571. / [1582] An epistle to the faithfull necessary for all the children of God: especially in the s[o] dangerous dayes. Written by Maister Peter Viret in french, and englished by F.H. Esquier.
Marshall, Charles, 1637-1698. / [1697] An epistle to the flock of Christ Jesus, (and professors of truth in general amongst us,) being to them a tender visitation from the true and living God; and chiefly intended for such as profess the true spirit. To which is added, A testimony concerning the precious unity of the spirit, with a postscript to both. / By Charles Marshall.
Tomlinson, William. / [1674] An epistle to the flock professing the true light which lighteth every one that cometh into the world : wherein the opposers and villifiers of the true light are (by the way) expostulated with, and they that own it are exhorted to answer the light in the consciences of others by an unblamable light, and to grow up therein, both in general and in their particular relations : given forth chiefly for the service of some in the flock and may be serviceable also to others / from W.T.
J. P. (John Perrot), d. 1671? / [1661] An epistle to the Greeks, especially to those in and about Corinth and Athens with certain queries propounded to the priests and doctors, and all the rest of the members and officers belonging unto the two churches of Greeks and Romans, which is of concernment for the view of them all throughout the world / written in Egripo in the island of Negroponte by a servant of the Lord, J.P.
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1682] An epistle to the household of the seed of Abraham and to every family in particular to read & practise
Society of Friends. / [1693?] The epistle to the monthly and quarterly meetings of Friends in England, Wales, and elsewhere from our yearly meeting, held in London the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth days of the fourth month, 1693.
[1692] An Epistle to the monthly, and quarterly meetings of Friends, in England and Wales relating to our Friends and brethren, sufferers by reason of the late warrs in Ireland : London, the fifth day of the sixth month, 1692.
Rich, Robert, d. 1679. / [1680] An epistle to the people called Quakers emitted by Mr. Robert Rich; who arrived at London from the Barbadoes the ninth day of September, 1679, and departed this life the sixteenth of November following.
[MDCLIV. 1654, i.e. 1655] An Epistle to the reader. The end of this print is to present to thy view a most wise and pious speech, spoken to King James the Fifth of Scotland, by a councellor of his; the which having occasioned what is premised to it, I thought fit to let them come hand in hand to thee; ...
Halifax, Charles Montagu, Earl of, 1661-1715. / [1690] An epistle to the Right Honourable Charles, Earl of Dorset and Middlesex, Lord Chamberlain of His Majesties houshold [sic]
Willsford, John. / [1676] An epistle to the whole flock of God to be read in their assemblies or else where.
Crook, John, 1617-1699. / [1686] An epistle to young people professing the truth
Vermigli, Pietro Martire, 1499-1562. / [Anno a verbo incarnato. M.D.L. Regni Edwardi sexti. iii. 1550] An epistle vnto the right honorable and christian prince, the Duke of Somerset written vnto him in Latin, awhile after hys deliueraunce out of trouble, by the famous clearke Doctour Peter Martyr, and translated into Englyshe by Thomas Norton.
N. S. / [1660] An epistle written (dated the 30th of the 11th month 1659,) and sent from London into the countrey. By a friend to the glorious (though at this day despised) cause of Christ, in answer to a letter sent up to him (dated the 16th of the same month) wherein the following things are treated of, (viz.) 1. The fifth kingdom it self, which the God of Heaven sets up in the latter dayes. 2. The kingdom of the beast which is to be destroyed. 3. The instruments that are to be used in destroying the one and erecting the other; with the way or manner how they are to be used. 4. The time of the beginning of this work. [bracket] First, before Christs personal comming. Secondly, before the call of the Jewes. Thirdly, that it is already begun, and hath taken place in this nation and that Cromwel with the army, hath apostatized from it, and that all the powers, or governments that have been set up since that time, have been, and still are upon the foundation of the apostacy. As also, severall of the particular evills which the army, and others abetting the apostacy are guilty of. Together with, some considerations tendered to the favourers of Christ's righteous cause, wherein is laid down, their duty of separation from Babylon, and from all the parts and branches (both in church and state) of the forementioned apostacy.
Aynsloe, John, d. 1693. / [1664] An epistle written in the movings of Gods holy spirit unto the elect people of God every where.:
Scory, John, d. 1585. / [Anno 1555] An epistle wrytten by Iohn Scory the late bishope of Chichester vnto all the faythfull that be in pryson in Englande, or in any other troble for the defence of Goddes truthe wherin he dothe as well by the promises of mercy as also by thensamples of diuerse holy martyres, comfort, encorrage & strengt[h]e them paciently for Christes sake to suffer the manifolde cruell and moste tyra[n]nous persecutio[n]s of ye Antichristian tormentours: exhorting them to contynue in faythfull prayers, innocency of lyfe, pacience, and hope, that God maye the rather deliuer them, restore againe the light of his gospell to Englande, and confounde all the proude, beastly, & deuelishe enterprises of Antichristes garde, that doo imagine nothing els but ye subuersion of the gospell of Christ, and contynually thruste for the bloud of all true Christians.
[1605?] An Epistle, or apologie of a true, and charitable brother of the Reformed Church in fauoure of Protestantes, papistes, & those of the Reformatio[n] for a more moderat course of proceeding in matters of religion by searchinge the Scriptures, & examining theire spirits for the sense, and true meaninge of them by a peaceable conference, & such easy meanes as weare practised in the apostolicall, and primitiue church for plantinge the faith, and rooting out of errour tending to vnitie of religion, loyaltie to the Kings Maiestie, increase of honoure to him & his posteritie, & good of the Commonwealth.
[1542] The Epistles and Gospelles with a brief postil vpon the same from after Easter tyll Aduent, which is the somer parte set forth for the singuler cōmoditie of all good Christen men and namely of prestes and curates.
Rich, Robert, d. 1679. / [1680] The epistles of Mr. Robert Rich to the seven churches (so called by him) viz. 1. To the Roman Catholick, 2. the Episcopal Protestant, 3. the Presbyterian, 4. the Independent, 5. the Anabaptist, 6. the Quaker, 7. the Church of the First-Born : containing his testimony to God's approbation of the good and aversion to the evil in all persuasions : together with an abstract of a letter of the authors, declaring his gift, or benevolence, sent to each of the said churches.
Pseudo-Phalaris. / [1634] The epistles of Phalaris, the tyrant of Agrigentum in Sicily. Translated into English by W.D.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [1608] Epistles, the first volume: conteining two decads. / By Ioseph Hall.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [Anno 1608] Epistles, the second volume: conteining two decads. By Ioseph Hall
Hill, Oliver, Agent. / [1689] Epistola ad anglos. Being an introduction out of a larger treatise into the mysteries of true Christian religion, by Oliver Hill, exise for the law and the Gospel at Lisbon in Portugal.
[1653] Epistola Medio-Saxonica, or, Middlesex first letter to His Excellency, the Lord General Cromwell together with their petition concerning tithes and copy-holds of inheritance, presented to the supreme authority, the Parliament of England : wherein the tortious and illegal usurpation of tithes, contrary to Magna Charta, is discovered, the blemished dignity of copy-holders revived, and how lords of manors have formerly incroached upon their liberties, by imposing arbitrary fines, and multiplying of heriots : whereunto is annexed two additional cases concerning the unreasonable exactions of fines and heriots, contrary to law, in these latter times ...
Perkins, Joseph, b. 1658. / [1697?] Epistola poetæ Latini amatoria.
Fleming, Robert, 1660?-1716. / [1692] An epistolary discourse on the great assistances to a Christians faith and for a more intire rest and assurance in the highest trials and adventures thereof : with a second part, upon the present times, and these rare vicissitudes of providence in the public state of Britain in this age : to which an appendix is added in the close / by R. Fleming ...
Dury, John, 1596-1680. / [1644] An epistolary discourse wherein (amongst other particulars) these following questions are briefly resolved. I. Whether or no the state should tolerate the independent Government? II.If they should tolerate it, how farre, and with what limitations? III. If they should tolerate it, what course should be taken to bring them to a conformity with the Presbyterials? Written by Mr. John Dury. To Mr. Tho. Goodwin. Mr. Philip Nye. Mr. Samuel Hartlib. Published by a friend, for more common use.
Wither, George, 1588-1667. / [in the year 1659] Epistolium-vagum-prosa-metricum: or, An epistle at randome, in prose and metre. To be delivered, to all whom it may concern; but, was first intended only, for two or three of the authors friends in authority (if he hath so many left) to mediate in Parliament, the redress of his destructive grievances; in the expression whereof, many particulars of publick concernment are interwoven. The author, is George Wither Esq; who, in writing this address, being transported beyond the sense of his personal sufferings, discovers by a poetical rapture, that whereon the peace of these nations depends; and, what is, and what vvill be, their sad condition; as also, what new-purgatories, and fiery-tryals, they are likely to pass, if God's mercy, prevents not: which that they may endeavour to obtain, their old remembrancer gives them, once more, a fore-warning; resolving, this shall be his last time, of sounding them an alarm.
[1680?] The Epitaph of the most renowned and illustrious Capt. William Bedloe
S. P. / [1594] An epitaph of the vertuous life and death of the right worshipfull ladie, Dame Helen Branch of London widow, late the wife of Sir Iohn Branch Knight, sometime the right honourable Lord Maior of London, and daughter to M. William Nicolson sometime of London draper : vvhich said ladie, deceased on VVednesday the 10. of April last past, and lieth interred in the parish church of S. Mary Abchurch in London, the 29. of the same moneth, 1594.
[1604] An epitaph, on the death of the late most reuerend Father in God, Iohn: by his prouidence the Arch-Byshop of Canterburie his Grace. &c. Made to runne vpon the letters of his names and tytles. &c. His Grace deceased at Lambeth in the yeere of his age 72. Februarie 29. 1603. And his funerall rightes were kept at Croyden the 27. of March following. 1604.
R. B., fl. 1580. / [1580] An epitaph vpon the death of the worshipfull Maister Benedict Spinola merchaunt of Genoa, and free denizon of England, who dyed on Tuesday the. 12. of Iulie. 1580.
[1681] An epitaph. On the worst and most wicked of all mankind, C. I. who dyed on the 6th of June 1681
Br., D. / [MDCLXXXV 1685] Epitaphe de Charles Second roy de la Grande Bretagne
Awdelay, John, fl. 1559-1577. / [1563?] An epitaphe vpon the death [of] Mayster Iohn Viron preacher
Dempster, Thomas, 1579?-1625. / [MDCVIII 1608] Epithalamion in nuptiis generosissimorum Iacobi comitis Perthani, Domini Drommondi, Baronis Stobhalliæ, &c. & Isabellae, unicæ Roberti comitis Wintonij, Domini Setonii &c. fili[a]e. Fundebam Thomas Dempsterus a Muresk. I. V. Doctor Scoto-Britannus.
Marcelline, George. / [1625] Epithalamium Gallo-Britannicum or, Great-Britaines, Frances, and the most parts of Europes vnspeakable ioy, for the most happy vnion, and blessed contract of the high and mighty Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and the Lady Henrette Maria, daughter to Henry the fourth, sirnamed the Great, late King of the French and Nauarre, and sister to Levvis the thirteenth: now king of the said dominions. Manifesting the royall ancestors and famous progenitors of the mighty Prince Charles, and the most illustrious princesse, the Lady Henrette, explaining the sweete interchanges of mariages, as haue beene betweene France and Great Britaine. ...
Duke, Richard, 1658-1711. / [1679?] An epithalamium upon the marriage of Capt. William Bedloe
Taylor, Augustine. / [1613] Epithalamium vpon the all-desired nvptials of Frederike the fift, Prince Palatine of Rhene, chiefe elector, Duke of Bauier, and arch-sewer to the Romane Empire And Elizabeth, the onely daughter of Iames, by the grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. VVritten by Augustine Taylor.
Lesly, John. / [1631] An epithrene: or Voice of vveeping bewailing the want of vveeping. A meditation.
Puleston, Hamlet, 1632-1662. / [1663] Epitome monarchiæ Britanicæ, or, A brief cronology of the Brittish kings from the first original of monarchial government, to the happy restauration of King Charles the Second : wherein many remarkable observations on the civil warrs of England and General Monks politique transactions in reducing this nation to a firm union for the resettlement of His Majesty, are clearly discovered / by Hamlet Puleston ...
[1649] The Epitome of a new man, or, A Leaf from the tree of life to heal the bleeding wounds of the nations in an epistle from the unknown servant of God, friend of nature, disciple of Jesus : directed unto all that love our Lord in sincerity, tending to the uniting their hearts to him, then one to another, be they of what sect or opinion soever they will : very profitable for every particular mans meditation, teaching the way how to know and govern our selves ...
R. B., 1632?-1725? / [1639] An epitome of all the lives of the kings of France from Pharamond the First, to the now most Christian King Levvis the thirteenth : with a relation of the famous battailes of the two kings of England, who were the first victorious princes that conquered France / translated out of the French coppy by R.B. Esq.
Franke, Walter, 17th cent. / [1655] The epitome of divinity, poetically compos'd by way of dialogue, for the more easie, and pleasant learning and retaining of it in memory, or, A summary abstract of divine knowledge ... by Walter Franke ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1660] The epitome of man's duty being a discourse upon Mic. 6.8, where hypocritical people are briefly directed how to please God.
Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598. / [1601?] An epitome of Ortelius his Theater of the vvorld, vvherein the principal regions of the earth are descrived in smalle mappes. VVith a brief declaration annexed to ech mappe. And donne in more exact manner, then lyke declarations in Latin, French, or other languages. It is also amplyfied with new mappes wanting in the Latin editions.
Dichante, George. / [1630] An epitome of the vvorlds woe vvherein is perspicuously discouered, the lamentable miseries of the world, in these tempestuous times, the infidelitie of fained friends, and ficklenesse of deceitefull fortune : continued by way of meditation and resolution / by Geo. Dichante, gent.
Leighton, Alexander, 1568-1649. / [1646] An epitome or briefe discoverie, from the beginning to the ending, of the many and great troubles that Dr. Leighton suffered in his body, estate, and family, for the space of twelve years and upwards.: Wherein is laid down the cause of those sufferings; namely that book called Sions plea against the prelacie, together with the warrantable call that he had to the work: and also, the hard and heavie passage of the prelates proceedings against him, in the high Commission, and Star-Chamber. And lastly, their invective speeches in the said Court of Star-Chamber; from the impeachment whereof, and the accusations charged upon him, he vindicates himself by a just defence.
Jackson, John. / [1648] Epitome ugaiainonton logon, or, A taste of the truth as it is in Jesus consisting of ten questions and answers, and a brief exposition upon the same : whereunto are added ten generall directions ... intended chiefly for the benefit of my countreymen, kindred, and acquaintance in Lancashire / composed by John Jackson, M.A.
Baynes, Paul, d. 1617. / [1619] An epitomie of mans misery and deliuerie In a sermon preached on the third of the Romans, vers. 23. and 24. By Mr. Paul Bayne.
Lover of this Common-wealth. / [Printed in the year, 1659] An epitomie of tyranny in the island of Guernzey.: Sent in a letter to a person of quality in London, concerning the late irregular transactions there, in relation to a certain deputation and addresse made to Richard late Protector; with the said addresse it self, lately presented to him by Peter and William de Beauvoir the pretended deputy; discovering their evil and dangerous designs against the government of a Common-Wealth. Now seasonably published by a lover of this Common-Wealth, and of his native countrey, for a warning to the faithfull now in authority ...
Axford, John. / [1700] An epitomy, shewing when the Protestant religion began, why so call'd, the parts thereof the three creeds, and wherefore people stand when one is said : how and when infant baptism came to be used ... : also the Presbyterians, and what they hold and what Scriptures they produce, and the Independants, and the Baptists, what Scriptures they produce, the Quakers, somewhat of their principles and what Scriptures they produce / by John Axford.
Rosselli, Giovanne de. / [1598] Epulario, or The Italian banquet wherein is shewed the maner how to dresse and prepare all kind of flesh, foules or fishes. As also how to make sauces, tartes, pies, &c. After the maner of all countries. With an addition of many other profitable and necessary things. Translated out of Italian into English.
[Printed in the yeare, 1648 i.e. 1649] Epulæ Thyesteæ: or, The thanksgiving-dinner: where the Devill finds all, meat, cooks, guests, &c. Together with the city present. Also a short grace after a long dinner. And a God-speed.
Newport, Frances. / [1560] An epytaphe, of the godlye constau[n]t, [and] counfortable co[n]fessor mystres (Darothye [sic] Wynnes) whiche slepte in Christ the yere of grace. M.D.LX. Made by, Frances Newport