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University of Oxford. / [1612] Eidyllia in obitum fulgentissimi Henrici Walliæ Principis duodecimi, Romæq[ue] ruentis terroris maximi quo nihil maius meliâusve terris fata donavere, boniâq[ue] divi nec dabunt, quamvis redeant in aurum tempora priscum.
[1659] Eight and thirty queries propounded by one that is setting forth sail, and desires to steer his course aright, that escaping the gulphs he may arrive at safety. Touching things past, present, and to come.
[1647] Eight antiqueries in answer to the author of the eight quæries:: proposed to all true lovers of their country and parliaments, and conscientious souldiers in the army.
Scotland. Parliament. / [Printed in the Yeare, 1641] Eight articles of the Scots demands, lately put into the Parliament by the Scots commissioners. 1⁰. July. 1641.
Jones, John, of Neyath, Brecon. / [1645?] Eight observable points of law; necessary to be commonly known to the common people, for their common good: collected out of several authors, and statutes, executable by Justices of the Peace in their counties, and Magistrates in their corporations: humbly presented to their considerations..
Wray, John, Sir, 1586-1655. / [1641] Eight occasionall speeches, made in the house of Commons this Parliament, 1641.: 1 Concerning religion. 2 Vpon the same subject. 3 Vpon dismounting of the cannons. 4 Vpon the Scotch treaty. 5 Vpon the impeachment of the Lord Strafford, and Canterbury, &c. 6 Vpon the Straffordian knot. 7 Vpon the same subject. 8 A seasonable motion for a loyall covenant. / By Sir Iohn Wray knight and baronet.
[MDCXLVIII. 1648] Eight propositions concerning the Kings Majestie, and the crowne of England; presented to the view of all His Majesties loyall subjects within his realmes and dominions. Together with severall proposals to the people of England touching their power and authority, both towards their Soveraigne the King, the disposall of the crown, and His Majesties oath and covenant.
[1648] Eight propositions of the desires of the Commissioners of the General Assembly of Scotland, to the Parliament. 1 That the grounds and cause of undertaking a war may be cleare. ... 7 That none have power, but such as have given proofe of their honest dealing. 3 [sic] And that there be no ingagement without a civill oath. And the answer of the Lords to the said propositions. Also a petition entred in the Parliament of Scotland by eighteen Lords, and neer forty of the commons, of shires and burroughs of the Parliament of Scotland. Published according to order.
Warren, Albertus. / [1653] Eight reasons categorical: wherein is examined and proved, that it's probable, the law-common will stand. And continue at London & Westminster: humbly tendred to the consideration of all ingenuous men; and for the incouragement of students. By Albertus Warren Gent.
[Printed in the year, 1649] Eight reasons for baptizing infants born of believing parents.:
[1647?] Eight resolutions to eight queries lately proposed to seduce all true lovers of their country and Parliaments, and conscientious souldiers in the Army
Williams, Gryffith, 1589?-1672. / [anno Dom. 1664] Eight sermons dedicated to the Right Honourable His Grace the Lord Duke of Ormond and to the most honourable of ladies, the Dutchess of Ormond her Grace. Most of them preached before his Grace, and the Parliament, in Dublin. By the Right Reverend Father in God, Griffith, Lord Bishop of Ossory. The contents and particulars whereof are set down in the next page.
Whaley, Nathanael, 1637?-1709. / [1695] Eight sermons preached on several occasions by Nathanael Whaley ...
Benefield, Sebastian, 1559-1630. / [1614] Eight sermons publikely preached in the Vniversity of Oxford the second at St Peters in the East, the rest at St. Maries Church. Begunne in the yeare 1595. Decemb. XIIII. Now first published by Sebastian Benefield ...
Prideaux, John, 1587-1650. / [1621] Eight sermons, preached by Iohn Prideaux, Doctor of Diuinity, Regius Professor, Vice-Chancellor of the Vniuersity of Oxford, and rector of Exceter Colledge. The severall texts and titles of the sermons, follow in the next leafe
[1642] Eight speeches spoken in Guild-Hall, upon Thursday night, Octob. 27. 1642. Printed in the same order they were spoken, one after the other, by the Lo: VVharton, Mr Strode, the Earl of Pembroke, the Earl of Holland, the Lo: Say. Also a letter from Mr. Secretary Nicholas to the Earle of Cumberland.
Burgess, Daniel, 1645-1713. / [1691] Eighteen directions for saving conversion unto God by Daniel Burgess ... thus published for the poor.
[Printed in the year MDCLIX. 1659] Eighteen new court-quæries humbly offered to the serious consideration, and mature deliberation of all the good honest hearted people of the three nations: of great concernment towards the stopping our breaches, and the making up of the divisions amongst us. By several well-wishers to our settlement.
Ives, Jeremiah, fl. 1653-1674. / [1659] Eighteen questions propounded, to put the great question between the Army and their dissenting brethren,: out of question, (viz.) whether the best way to secure the government of these nations, in the way of a free-state, without a single person, King, or House of Lords; together with our liberties, as men and Christians; be either to chuse a new and free Parliament, or else to restore the last Long Parliament. Published by Jer. Ives.
Whittaker, William, 1629-1672. / [1674] Eighteen sermons preached upon several texts of Scripture by William Whittaker, late minister of Magdalen Bermondsey, Southwark ; to which is added his funeral sermon preached by Sam. Annesley.
Hinton, Benjamin. / [1650] Eighteene choice and usefull sermons,: by Benjamin Hinton, B.D. late minister of Hendon. And sometime fellow of Trinity Colledge in Cambridge. Imprimatur, Edm: Calamy. 1650.
[1642] Eighteene propositions by way of questions from the high court of Parliament concerning the multitude of popish recusants now in England by their continuall treachery to the state, and welfare of the kingdome, being enemies to the good of the common-wealth. Directed to the judges of the land, with their learned resolutions unto the said questions according to the lawes of England.
[1647] Eighteene queries, extreame needfull to be debated and resolved of, before the city cannon be discharged against the Armie. With His Majesties propositions sent to the House of Parliament. Wherein is laid downe the manner of the Kings proceedings, since the beginning of this unnaturall warr, to this present moneth of August. 1647.
Overton, Richard, fl. 1646. / [1647] Eighteene reasons propounded to the soldiers of the body of the Army, why they ought to continue the several adjutators of their respective regiments, troopes, and companies, for the good of the Army, Parliament and Kingdome.
Marana, Giovanni Paolo, 1642-1693. / [1694] The eighth and last volume of letters writ by a Turkish spy who lived five and forty years undiscover'd at Paris : giving an impartial account to the Divan at Constantinople of the most remarkable transactions of Europe, and discovering several intrigues and secrets of the Christian courts (especially of that of France) continued from the year 1642 to the year 1682 / written originally in Arabick, translated into Italian, and from thence into English, by the translator of the first volume.
[1689] An Eighth collection of papers relating to the present juncture of affairs in England
[1650] The eighth liberal science or a new-found-art and order of drinking. With a true description of their school and library, the degrees taken there, the tongues studied there, the several titles proper to the professors of that art, both civil and martial, viz. To the universitie men. The inns of court and chancery. The army and souldiery. The sea men, or seller-service-men. Also, penal statutes enacted in drinking, proverbs used amongst them, with divers stories of such whom immoderate drinking hath made ridiculous.
Rogers, William, d. ca. 1709. / [1682?] The eighth part of The Christian-Quaker distinguished from the apostate & innovator: wherein certain doctrines ... are examined, and in order to a decision of the controversie ... an adress [sic] is made to a book entituled, An Adress to Protestants, given forth by W.P. anno 1679 ... / by W.R.
Shawe, John, 1608-1672. / [1650] Eikåon basilikåe, or, The princes royal being the sum of a sermon preached in the minister of York on the Lords-Day morning (in the Assize week) March 24, 1650 ... / by John Shavve.
Oates, Titus, 1649-1705. / [1697] Eikåon vasilikåe tetartåe, or, The picture of the late King James further drawn to the life in which is made manifest by several articles, that the whole course of his life hath been a continued conspiracy against the Protestant religion, laws and liberties of the three kingdoms : in a letter to himself : the fourth part / by Titus Oates ...
Oates, Titus, 1649-1705. / [1697] Eikåon vasilikåe tritåe, or, The picture of the late King James further drawn to the life in which is made manifest by several articles that the whole course of his life hath been a continued conspiracy against the Protestant religion, laws, and liberties of the three kingdoms : in a letter to himself : part the third / by Titus Oates ...
Oxinden, Henry, 1609-1670. / [1660] Eikåon vasilikåe, or, An image royal, &c. March 25.
[1649] Eikōn alēthinē. The pourtraiture of truths most sacred majesty truly suffering, though not solely. Wherein the false colours are washed off, wherewith the painter-steiner had bedawbed truth, the late King and the Parliament, in his counterfeit piece entituled Eikōn basilikē. Published to uudeceive [sic] the world.
[MDCXCVII 1697] Eikōn brotoloigoy, or, The picture of Titus Oates, D.D. drawn to the life, in a letter to himself.
[Printed in the year, M.DC.XLIX. 1649] Eikōn ē pistē. Or, the faithfull pourtraicture of a loyall subject, in vindication of Eikōn basilikē. Otherwise intituled, the pourtraicture of His Sacred Majestie, in his solitudes & sufferings. In answer to an insolent book, intituled Eikōn alēthinē: whereby occasion is taken, to handle all the controverted points relating to these times.
Jane, Joseph, fl. 1600-1660. / [1651] Eikon aklastos The image vnbroaken : a perspective of the impudence, falshood, vanitie, and prophannes, published in a libell entitled Eikonoklastēe [sic] against Eikon basilikē, or, The pourtraicture of His Sacred Majestie in his solitudes and sufferings.
Oates, Titus, 1649-1705. / [1696] Eikon basilikåe, or, The picture of the late King James, drawn to the life in which is made manifest, that the whole course of his life hath to this day been a continued conspiracy against the Protestant religion, laws and liberties of the three kingdoms : in a letter to himself, and humbly dedicated to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, William the Third ... / by Titus Oates.
[1694] Eikon basilike deutera, The pourtraicture of His Sacred Majesty King Charles II with his reasons for turning Roman Catholick / published by K. James.
Sherwin, William, 1607-1687? / [1665] Eiphnikon, or, A peaceable consideration of Christ's peaceful kingdom on earth to come Rev. 20. 4, Rev. 5. 10 : to be added to the Prodromos or fore-runner : wherein the proof and confirmation that such a kingdom shal [sic] be is abundantly established ... : whereunto is added an appendix concerning the first resurrection ...
Philanthropus, Irenaus Philadelphus. / [1660] Eiråenikon, or, A treatise of peace between the two visible divided parties ... by Irenæus Philadelphus Philanthropus ...
[1656] Eirēnikon a poeme wherein is perswaded the composing of the differences of all the faithfull in Christ Iesus under what forme soever whether Episcopall Presbyterian Congregationall or Antipedobaptist. / by an unworthy seruant of the Lord who desires the peace of the Churches of Christ and of these nations.
Fawkner, Antony, b. 1601 or 2. / [1630] Eirēnogonia, or The pedegree of peace deliuered in a sermon intended to the iudges at the assises holden at Okeham in Rutland, Iuly 31. 1629. but after vpon an occasion, preached at Vppingham, in the same countie, Septemb. 6. 1629. By Antony Fawkner, Master of Arts, late student in Jesus Colledge at Oxford.
Lambarde, William, 1536-1601. / [Anno. Dom. 1581] Eirenarcha: or of the office of the iustices of peace in two bookes: gathered. 1579. and now reuised, and firste published, in the. 24. yeare of the peaceable reigne of our gratious Queene Elizabeth: by William Lambard of Lincolnes Inne Gent.
[Printed in the Year, 1645] Eirenikon: or, A way of peace. Wherein, the church of God may safely walk (amidst the many distractions wherewith she is now intangled) and happily arrive (by Gods blessing) at a city of habitation. Marked out unto her; by the most juditious travellers, and experienced guides of our times: divers reverend and learned divines.
Kaye, Stephen. / [MDCLXXXVI 1686] Eisoptrontoy Christianismoy, or, A discourse touching the excellency and usefulness of the Christian religion both in its principles and practices : chiefly design'd by the author for the benefit of his parishioners / by Stephen Kaye ...