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[1683] Dr. B---t's farewell, confessor to the late King of Poland, upon his translation to the Sey of Hungary
Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. / [M.DC.LXXXIX 1689] Dr. Burnet's sermon before His Highness the Prince of Orange, at the Cathedral of Exon, on reading his declaration:
Jeanes, Henry, 1611-1662. / [1661] Dr. Creed's voluminous defence of Dr. Hammond's 'Ektene'steron briefly examined, and the weaknesse thereof fully discovered by Henry Jeanes.
Le Boë, Frans de, 1614-1672. / [1682] Dr. Franciscus de le Boe Sylvius Of childrens diseases given in a familiar style for weaker capacities. With an apparatus or introduction explaining the authors principles: as also a treatise of the rickets. By R. G. physician.
Jacque, W. Dr., fl. 1698. / [1698] Dr. Jacque's vindication against Mr. Kirkwood's defamation in his plea before the kirk, and civil judicature of Scotland.
Lower, Richard, 1631-1691. / [1700] Dr. Lowers, and several other eminent physicians, receipts containing the best and safest method for curing most diseases in humane bodies : very useful for all sorts of people, especially those who live remore [sic] from physicians.
[re-printed 1679] Dr. Martin Luthers prophecies of the destruction of Rome and the downfall of the Romish religion. And how the Papists for treachery and hypocrisie shall at last become hated, and contemned [sic] by all nations. Here are likewise some of the eminent prophecies of that most learned mathematician and prophet Michael Nostredamus, concerning England and France, and those strange occurrences which are likely to happen to both those countreys in these later dayes, with an account of some of the prophecies of Michael Nostredamus, which have been fulfilled here in England already. Licensed, May 7. 1679.
[1679] Dr. Martin Luthers prophecies of the destruction of Rome and the downfall of the Romish religion. And how the Papists for treachery and hypocrisie shall at last become hated, and contemned [sic] by all nations. Here are likewise some of the eminent prophecies of that most learned mathematician and prophet Michael Nostredamus, concerning England and France, and those strange occurrences which are likely to happen to both those countreys in these later dayes, with an account of some of the prophecies of Michael Nostredamus which have been fulfilled here in England already. Luther's motto writ by himself. Licensed, May 7. 1679.
Oates, Titus, 1649-1705. / [1683?] Dr. Oates's answer to Count Teckly's letter giving him a true account of the present horrible plot.
Oates, Titus, 1649-1705. / [1683] Dr. Oats's answer to Count Teckleys letter intercepted at Dover
[1683] Dr. Oats's last legacy's and his farewel sermon he being sent for to be the high priest to the Grand Turk.
[in the year MDCLXXX. 1680] Dr. Otes his vindication: affirming that his evidence is not to be bafled by the papists. ; And shewing the power that induced him to discover this damnable hellish popish plot against the Protestant religion.
N. G. / [Printed in the year 1663] Dr. Pierce his preaching exemplified in his practice. Or, An antidote to the poison of a surrilous [sic] and libellous pamphlet sent by N.G. to a friend in London, and printed without license. In a letter from a friend of truth and justice unto a worthy divine of Cambridge.
Rainolds, John, 1549-1607. / [1641] Dr. Reignolds his letter to that worthy councellor, Sir Francis Knolles concerning some passages in Dr. Bancrofts sermon at Pavles Crosse, Feb. 9. 1588. in the Parliament time. As also A qvestion resolved by a learned doctor, whether the angels of the seaven churches, Revel. 2, & 3. make for Episcopall præ-eminence Jure Divino.
Salmon, William, 1644-1713. / [1680] Dr. Salmon's pills, spirit, drops, and balsam. Prepared and made at his house at the east-end of Pauls, next door to the Free-school, London. Published by authority.
Sabran, Lewis, 1652-1732. / [1688] Dr. Sherlock's preservative considered the first part, and its defence, proved to contain principles which destroy all right use of reason, fathers, councils, undermine divine faith, and abuse moral honesty : in the second part, forty malicious calumnies and forged untruths laid open, besides several fanatical principals which destroy all church discipline, and oppose Christs divine authority : in two letters of Lewis Sabran of the Society of Jesus.
[1690] Dr. Sherlock's Two knights of Brainford brought upon the stage in a congratulatory letter to Mr. Johnson : occasioned by the doctor's vindication of himself in taking the oath of allegiance to Their Majesties after the time, indulg'd by the law, was expired.
Warner, John, 1628-1692. / [Printed in the year, 1673] Dr. Stillingfleet's principles of Protestancy cleared, confuted, and retorted And the infallibility of the Roman-Catholick Church asserted; and that the same church alone is the whole Catholick church. In a letter from a Catholick gentleman to a Protestant knight.
Trigg, William, practicioner of physick. / [1665] Dr. Trigg's secrets, arcana's & panacea's approved by his long admired experience and practice, whereby he wrought such wonderfull cures. With his most experienced secrets particularly appropriated to womens distempers. Now after his death to fulfill his request published as a legacy to his patients. By Eugenius Philanthropos.
Mackenzie, John, 1648?-1696. / [1690] Dr. Walker's invisible champion foyl'd, or, An appendix to the late Narrative of the siege of Derry wherein all the arguments offered in a late pamphlet to prove it a false libel, are examin'd and refuted / by John Mackenzie ...
Long, Thomas, 1621-1707. / [1693] Dr. Walker's true, modest, and faithful account of the author of Eikåon basilikåe, strictly examined, and demonstrated to be false, impudent, and decietful in two parts, the first disproving it to be Dr. Gauden's : the second proving it to be King Charles the First's / by Thomas Long ...
Wild, Robert, 1609-1679. / [1679?] Dr. Wild's poem. In nova fert animus, &c, or, A new song to an old friend from an old poet, upon the hopeful new Parliament.
Jurieu, Pierre, 1637-1713. / [1686?] Le dragon missionaire, or, The dragoon turn'd apostle: being a dialaogue between a French Protestant-gentleman, and a French dragoon, wherein the new-way of convverting hereticks by dragoons is very lively and truly represented : to which is annexed a letter of Monsieur Jurieu to a French gentleman of quality, upon his dragonary conversion / translated out of the original French ; suppressed in the the late reign, but now re[pr?]inted ...
Scotland. Parliament. Commission for Communication of Trade. / [1700?] Draught of an act brought in from the Committee of Trade, prohibiting the importation of silk-stuffs, &c.
[1695] Draught of an Act for Toleration with a few short remarks thereupon:
[1679] Dreadful news from Southwark, or, A Most true relation how one Margaret Simpson widow, together with Elizabeth Griffin an infant of about a year and an half old, were wonderfully struck dead with a thunderbolt in ship-yard in Kent-Street on Munday the 4th of this instant August between two and three of the clock in the afternoon the said Margaret Simpson having but just before used many oaths and execrations on herself about paying a farthing, which 'tis believ'd was false : with the miraculous manner how the thurnderbolt entred and no place to be found where it should pass out, nor wound found on either of the said parties kill'd.
Bayly, William, d. 1675. / [1665] The dreadful, and terrible, day of the Lord God, to overtake this generation suddenly; once more proclaimed.
Hart, John, D.D. / [1663] The dreadfull character of a drunkard. Or, the odious and beastly sin of drunkenness described and condemned. Shewing the fearful judgements that have befallen notorious drunkards: with brief exhortations to perswade men from that swinish and abominable sin.
[1638] Dreadfull newes: or A true relation of the great, violent and late earthquake Hapned the 27. day of March, stilo Romano last, at Callabria, in the kingdome of Naples, about the houres of three and foure in the afternoone, to the over-throw and ruine of many cities, townes, and castles, and the death of above fifty thousand persons. With the names of the principall of the sayd cities, townes and castles, destroyed by the said earthquake, according to the originall printed and published by authority at Venice. Published with license and authority.
Whitfield, John, 1630 or 31-1705. / [1682] The dreadfulness of the sin of despising dominion and speaking evil of dignities represented in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, and Court of Aldermen, at the Guild-Hall chappel, July 30, 1682 / by John Whitfeld ...
[1688] The Dream
[1641 London : s.n.] A Dreame, or, Nevves from Hell with a relation of the great god Pluto suddenly falling sicke by reason of this present parliament.
[1660] Dregs of drollery, or Old poetry in its ragges a full cry of hell-hounds unkennelled to go a king-catching : to the tune of Chevy-chace.
Womock, Laurence, 1612-1685. / [1660] The dressing up of the crown. In a sermon preached at St. Edmunds Bury in Suffolk, May 17. 1660. When His Majestie was there solemnly proclaimed King of England, &c. By Laurence Womock.
[1609] Drie artiickelen aengaende een moderatie te hebben in de proceduyren van de inquisitie tegens de Con. Maijesteyt van Engelants onderdanen, in Spanien op dat elck onderrecht mach ziin van den inhouden van dese secrete artijckelen, siet hier een extract van dien in Engels, ende t'selve van woorde te woorde overghestelt in Duytsch, ghetrocken uyt de copije ghedruckt by Robert Barker printer van de Con. Meest Excell. Maijesteyt, anno 1606.
[1638] The drousie disease; or, An alarme to awake church-sleepers Wherein not onely the dangers hereof are described, but remedies also prescribed for this sleeping evill.
Kingsmill, Thomas. / [1631] The drunkards vvarning. A sermon preached at Canterbury in the Cathedral Church of Christ. By Thomas Kingsmill Mr. of Arts, and preacher of the Word at Hyth, one of the Cinque-ports, in the county of Kent.
Hughes, George, 1603-1667. / [1644] A dry rod blooming and fruit-bearing. Or, A treatise of the pain, gain, and use of chastenings.: Preached partly in severall sermons, but now compiled more orderly and fully for the direction and support of all Gods chastened that suffer either in Christ, or for Christ in these dayes. By G. Hughes, B.D. pastor of the church in Plymouth.
Robert, Gruffydd, ca. 1522-ca. 1610. / [1585] [Y drych cristianogawl]
Prichard, Rhys, 1579-1644. / [1672?] [Y drydded rhan o waith. The third part of the works.]