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Brinsley, John, 1600-1665. / [1663] Aqua cœlestis, or, A soveraigne cordial extracted from the sufficiency of divine grace and strength made perfect in weaknesse : serving to bear up a drooping spirit under the saddest and sorest conflicts / by John Brinsley ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1659] Aqua genitalis: a discourse concerning baptism. First delivered in a sermon at Alhallows Lumbardstreet, Octob. 4. 1658. and now a little inlarged. Into which is since inserted, a brief discourse to perswade to a confirmation of the baptismal-vovv. / By Symon Patrick, B.D. minister of the Gospel at Battersea.
Taylor, John, 1580-1653. / [Printed in the fourth yeare of the grand rebellion. 1645] Aquamusæ: or, Cacafogo, cacadæmon, Captain George Wither wrung in the withers.: Being a short lashing satyre, wherein the juggling rebell is compendiously finely firked and jerked, for his late railing pamphlet against the King and state, called Campo-musæ. By John Taylor.