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Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. / [MDCLX 1660] Aien alētheuein, or, A brief account of one suggestion of the Romanist against The dispatcher dispatched. / By Henry Hammond, D.D.
Thompson, George. / [1670] Aimatiasis, or, The true way of preserving the bloud in its integrity, and rectifying it, if at any time polluted and degenerate wherein Dr. Willis his errour of bleeding is reprehended, and offered to be confuted by practice and frequent experiments : and certain opinions of Dr. Betts in physick rejected and proved dangerously false ... / by George Thompson ...
Whistler, Henry. / [1653] Aime at an up-shot for infant baptisme by the good will of Christ as priest, prophet and King, to fill the earth with his glory / by Henry Whistler.