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Dekker, Thomas, ca. 1572-1632. / [1603] 1603. The vvonderfull yeare. Wherein is shewed the picture of London lying sicke of the Plague. ...
[1651] 1651 At the committee of trustees for sale of the late Kings goods
Silvester, John, 17th cent. / [1681] 1681. Astrological observations and predictions for the year of our Lord 1681: Wherein is briefly shewn the significations of the late comet, which was seen in December last, 1680. And what is signified by the eclipses and positions of the planets, in the figures of the four solar ingresses, &c. And what sorrowful times are approaching to the world, and what eminent changes are like to happen in most countries (from the influences of the three conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter in the fiery trigon, in 1682. and 1683.) Also monthly observations. For every month this present year. Briefly containing the most remarkable events that are likely to happen in some eminent citties in England, and in our neighbouring nations. By John Silvester.