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Wyatt, W. (William), d. 1712. / [1679] A sermon preached to those, who had been scholars of St. Paul's school in Guild-Hall Chapel, London, at their anniversary-meeting on St. Paul's Day, 1678/9 / by W. Wyatt ...
Wybard, John. / [1639] Horologiographia nocturna. Or Lunar horologiographie Set forth and demonstrated (after a twofold manner) in the horizontall plane onely. Vpon which (and all other by the same reason) may in a manner, as plainely and speedily bee discerned the times of the night by the gnomonicall shadow, caused by the moone, as the times of the day upon any by the sun: serving as well in the day time for the sunne. By Iohn Wyberd. Together with an addition of certaine new and briefe rules for the exact and most speedy mensuration of circles and spheres, and also cylinders, both in solid and liquid measure, by certaine plaine scales onely, not heretofore published, but now set forth for the benefit of all those that have occasion to make use of such things.
Wybard, John. / [M DC L. 1650] Tactometria. Seu, Tetagmenometria. Or, The geometry of regulars practically proposed after a new, most artificial, exact and expeditious manner (together with the natural or vulgar, by way of mensurall comparison) and in the solids, not only in respect of magnitude or dimension, but also of gravity of ponderosity, according to any metal assigned. ... And withall, the like artificial practical geometry of regular-like solids (as I term them) in both the foresaid respects: and moreover, of a cylindricall body, for liquid or vessell-measure (commonly called by the name of gauging) as is for solid measure; ... And lastly, an A-tactometrie, or an appendix, for the most ready and exact discovering of the dimensionall quantity of any irregular kind of body, ... A work very usefull and delightfull for all such as are either ingenuously studious of, or necessarily exercised and employed in the practice of the art metricall. By J.W.
Wybarne, Joseph. / [1609] The nevv age of old names. By Ios. Wib. Master of Artes of Trinitie Colledge in Cambridge
Wyer, Robert, fl. 1530-1556. / [1540?] Here is a necessarye treatyse for all maner persons to reade, and hath to name, the Maydens crosse rewe
Wyeth, Joseph, 1663-1731. / [1700] An answer to A letter from Dr. Bray directed to such as have contributed towards the propagating Christian knowledge in the plantations. By Joseph Wyeth.
Wyeth, Joseph, 1663-1731. / [1692] The Athenian Society unvaild: or, Their ignorance and envious abusing of the Quakers detected and reprehended
Wyeth, Joseph, 1663-1731. / [1698] Primitive Christianity continued in the faith and practice of the people called Quakers being in answer to a pamphlet entituled, Primitive heresie &c. and which may serve as an appendix to a book entituled, An antidote against the venom of the snake in the grass, by George Whitehead / Joseph Wyeth.
Wyeth, Joseph, 1663-1731. / [1699] To all who are advertised by G. Keith, of a meeting intended to be held by him, at Turners-Hall, the 11th of the 11th month, call'd January, 1699:
Wyeth, Joseph, 1663-1731. / [1697] A vindication of W.P. from the erronious [sic] and false testimony of Thomas Budd: being in answer to a sheet of his, entituled, A testimony for truth, against error. / By Joseph Wyeth.
Wykes, R. / [1698] The peace of Jerusalem A sermon preac'd before the right honourable the Lord Mayor and aldermen of the City of London. At S Paul's Cathedral, July 31. 1698. By R. Wykes chaplain to the right honourable John Lord Cartaret, and lecturer of St. Mildred Poultrey, London.
Wyles, Nathaniel. / [1696] Comfort for believers, or, A discourse of the duty and priviledge of being sealed by the Holy Spirit In five sermons upon Eph. I. 13-- published for the establishment of weak believers, who are fill'd with doubts and fears about their eternal state. By Nathanael VViles pastor of a Church of Christ in Shadwell.
Wyles, Nathaniel. / [1698] The substance of several sermons, from John, ix. 39 Preach'd at the request of a friend, and now publish'd for the benefit of the publick. By Nathanael Wyles, an unworthy labourer in Christ's vineyard.
Wyllys, J. / [1676] Suum cuiq, or, Every one his own in a short discourse on the 21th. ver. of the 22th. chapt of St. Matthew : first preached, from the firm principles of his own loyalty, then published, to gratify the free proposals of a neighbours generosity / by J. Wyllys ...
Wylshman, Walter, 1571 or 2-1636. / [1616] The sincere preacher prouing that in whom is adulation, auarice, or ambition, he cannot be sincere. Deliuered in three sermons in Dartmouth in Deuon, vpon I. Thes. 2. 5.6. By Walter Wylshman, Mr. of Art, and minister of the Word there.
Wyndham, Anne. / [1667] Claustrum regale reseratum, or, The Kinges concealment at Trent published by A.W.
Wyndham, Edmond. / [1646] A true declaration concerning the surrender of Bridgewater written by Coll. Edmond Wyndham : to vindicate him from some false and scandalous reports ...
Wyne, Robert. / [1672] Elisij Campi. A paradise of delights: or an Elixier of comforts Offered to believers, in two short discourses of I. The confirmation of the Covenant from Heb. 6. 17. 18. II. The donation of Christ from Romans. 8. 32. By R.W. minister of the Gospel and sometime preacher at Tamerton-Foliot, in the county of Devon.
Wynell, John, fl. 1660-1670. / [1660] Lues venera wherein the names, nature, subject, causes, signes, and cure, are handled, mistakes in these discovered, rectified, doubts and questions succinctly resolved / by John Wynell ...
Wynell, Thomas, b. 1599 or 1600. / [1642] The covenants plea for infants: or, The covenant of free grace, pleading the divine right of Christian infants unto the seale of holy baptisme. Against the rusticke sophistry, and wicked cavillations of sacrilegious Anabaptists: being the summe of certaine sermons had in the parish-church of Cranham, neere the city of Gloucester, in Gloucester-shire, with the exceptions of certaine Anabaptists against the foresaid sermons, and the authors answers thereunto. Very seasonable for weake consciences in these unsettled times of schisme and apostacie. By Thomas Wynell minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Wynne, Thomas. / [1679] An anti-christian conspiracy detected, and Satan's champion defeated being a reply to an envious & scurrilous libel without any name to it, called, Work for a cooper : being also a vindication of my book, entituled, The antiquity of the Quakers ... / by me Thomas Wynne.
Wynne, Thomas. / [1677] The antiquity of the Quakers proved out of the Scriptures of truth published in love to the papists, Protestants, Presbyterians, Independents, & Anabaptists : with a salutation of pure love to all the tender hearted Welsh-men but more especially to Flint-shire, Denbigh-shire, Carenarvon-shire, and Anglesea / by Thomas Wynne.
Wynne, William, fl. 1616-1624. / [1616] Morall obseruations By W.W. Gent.
Wynne, William, fl. 1616-1624. / [1624] Selected sentences out of sacred antiquitie, conducing to the establishment of faith and good manners. Gathered by W. Wynne
Wyse, Nicholas. / [Anno .M.D.xxxviii. the .xvi. day of Octobre. 1538] A consolacyon for chrysten people to repayre agayn the lordes temple with certayne places of scrypture truely applyed to satysfye theyr myndes for ye expellyng of ydolatry, [et] to instruct the[m], of loue and obedience. Compyled by nycholas wyse